Eric Trump delivers remarks at 2020 RNC

President Donald Trump's second son acts as the executive vice president of the Trump Organization.
8:48 | 08/26/20

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Transcript for Eric Trump delivers remarks at 2020 RNC
Good evening America. When I stood on his convention speech four years ago no one fully understood historic changes and that's take place. Which all feeling something was happening. A movement was forming just below the surface. The forgotten man and woman voiceless in Washington DC. Were preparing to rise up. Our movement followed the pattern of so many that came before us first we are ignored. Then we relaxed debt. Then they fought us and then get together we won. From that moment for America came first America started winning again America became respected again. Book every movement there's a counter movement. In the view of the radical Democrats Amir cut is a source of the world's problems. As a result they believe the only path toward its a race history and forget the past. They wanted to story the monuments of our forefathers they want to disrespect our flag. Boren the store to strike to represent patriotism. And the American dream. They want to disrespect our National Anthem by taking me while our armed forces to lay down their lives every day eight to protect our freedom. They do not want the pledge of allegiance our schools many of them don't want one nation under god. The Democrats want to defund. It disrespect for law enforcement. The Democrats one America where you're thoughts and opinions are censored when they do not align with around. President Reagan said freedom is never more than one generation wait for extinction. In must be fought for him must be protected. This is a fight that we're in right now and is a fight that only my father can win. My father ray not because he needed the job but because he he knew hardworking people across this great country were being left behind. The media mocked these patriots and not flyover states in which do it. They ignored the trump flags ignored the millions of magaw banners and Barnes painted in red white and blue. The silent majority had no one fighting for them in either party. They're so called leaders or Al went to China riding ran spending more time warring about how they be received by the elites in Paris. Then how Americans will provide for their families in Pittsburg. Our family lost friends but it only push us to fight harder might bother pledged to every American fare in every city state and town. He was going to made America great again. So began a great American comeback almost immediately taxes were slash regulations were cut. Any economy soared to new heights heights never seen before. We just went through the roof unemployment reached a little historical lows especially for black Americans. Hispanic Americans or women. Trade deals were ripped up and renegotiated. Lights were turned back on. An empty handed factories across our country. Trillions of dollars were repatriated back to United States which had been sitting in foreign lands for far too long. Once again America became the envy of the world. And with that renewed strength came the leverage. The president the main data that our allies pay their fair share for the defense of the western world my father rebuilt the mighty American military. Adding new jets aircraft carriers. Increased wages for a credible many women in uniform. He expanded our military defense budget to 721. Billion dollars per year. America was no longer weaken the idea enemy. The moment president trump or special forces killed some the deadliest terrorist on planet. Did Dave the mighty Moab was dropped on asserting camps. Is he de America took the stance he never be defeated by the enemy. Al bag daddy Sola money. Dated. Over and over issue after issue the economy the wall all the military trade key us tax cuts Supreme Court justices. VA hospitals prescription drugs school choice a right to try. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem peace in the Middle East. Never any wars were finally ended promises made. And promises for the first time were kept. Most politicians spend their entire careers in Washington DC did absolutely nothing accomplished. For example. Joseph Biden. Joseph Biden is a politician who has been in government for forty cent ending years. He's a career politician is never signed the front of a checked it does not know this latest thing about the American worker or the American business. The engine which fuels the greatest economy the world has ever known. This scene politician who has been a total pushover for Communist China. As someone who beat China relief for terrorists who now ten years running. Hiding in being taken out by the most talented military. Known to man. Joseph Biden has pledged to raise your taxes by four trillion dollars. 82% of Americans will see their taxes go significantly. I in his plan to stop border wall construction they give amnesty. And health care. To all illegal immigrants. Despite his pledge to defund the police. You take away your cherished Second Amendment. My father on the other hand delivered the largest tax cuts in American history. Knows if you do not have a border you do not have a country and we'll always support law enforcement and you're right to keep. And bear arms. Every day my father fights for the American people the forgotten man and woman of this country the ones who embody the American spirit. Which is unlike anything else in the world. It built in York city skyline it built the Hoover Dam. And soon. On a my father's leadership. He will send Americans to Morris. He Mir could spear can be felt in the majesty of the Grand Canyon. The shadows of mount Rushmore and the stillness. Of the airy Gettysburg. It can be seen in the wide eyed wonder of every American child. Educate their first breast in the greatest. Country. The world has ever known. It defeated fascism he defeated communism. And his 68 days he will defeat the empty oppressive and radical views. Of the extreme left. While Reagan's quote ends with a simple warning. One day we could spend our sunset years telling our children. What it was once like in the United States were men and women were free. Under president trump freedom will never be a thing of the past that's what he'd vote for Donald Trump represents. It's a vote for the American spirit. The American dream. And for the American flag. To law enforcement officer. Whose beat tax. Betrayed. And whose job they are trying to make extinct. My thought Ferrer will fight for you. To all houses of worship and to all people of faith stripped of our religious freedoms. And religious liberties. My father will fight for you. To the voiceless. Sheet censored can canceled my father will fight for you. To our farmers who worked on to DOS to keep our plates full Mike all of our will fight for you. To every single mother and father tour veterans. Are coal miners and to the Americana worker might bother will fight for you. And to every proud American who bleeds rated. White and blue might bother will continue. To fight for you. In closing I'd like to speak directly to my father. I miss working alongside you every single day but I'm damn proud to be on the front lines of this fight. I'm proud of what you were doing for this country. I'm proud to show my children what their grandfathers fighting for I'm proud to watch you give them hell. Never stopped. Continue to be an apologetic. Keep fighting for what it's right. You're making America strong again. You are making America safe again. You're making America proud again. And yes together with a forgotten man and woman were finally forgotten no more you are making America great again. Dad. Let's make uncle Robert very proud this week. What took another four years. I love you very much. God bless you and god bless the United States of America.

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{"duration":"8:48","description":"President Donald Trump's second son acts as the executive vice president of the Trump Organization.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72611122","title":"Eric Trump delivers remarks at 2020 RNC","url":"/Politics/video/eric-trump-delivers-remarks-2020-rnc-72611122"}