Fiorina Will Keep Going

The Presidential hopeful said she's "not going to sit down and be quiet."
5:03 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Fiorina Will Keep Going
I we have that if the truth we've sort of fallen in love with New Hampshire. Live for your guys exactly let me be in. If I made by thanking Ugly Betty we could not have asked for a better state chairman and co chairman. Bedie of course as is frequently the case Betty figured it out first. I keep cry over it along thank you both of you for all you have done. Thanks to all of you know as weak as frank and I can't walk through the room here tonight. It's so wonderful to recognize everybody here. You've all become friends I said we've fallen in love with New Hampshire that's really true. You'll have become friends and supporters many of you have come up to both of us over the course of the last year's. He going keep going. You really have given us the energy keep calling you are giving us in our back tonight we have a long way to go in terms of knowing how things are exactly in the settle out but we feel very encouraged. You've given us and our back and so as I said to many of you as Watson tonight. We are going to keep our. Perhaps you've heard me say many times. It was New Hampshire that first got me started thinking about running for president. When a man in a Rotary Club luncheon said to me that we don't think of ourselves as a nation limitless possibility anymore. And we can't settle for that we know that we can do soul much butter. Then our politics today and our government today and a lack of leadership today and we can do so much better. By remembering who we are and restoring us this government once again to this great nation. I am convinced this is my highest calling is a leader. And you have given me the energy and the determination. In the window or Macs can to continue this great site. But I have to say as we travel and fell in love with New Hampshire for the last since we started in May when none of you would ever heard of us. Really most of you would never hurt us and everywhere both of us land. You are so welcoming and so warm and so. Intent. On hearing what I had to say. For that I am forever grateful. And I think we know. I think we know what's at stake. The passion and the energy and determination. That you wish. To lift this campaign. From. Where nobody ever heard. To. Even when they try Ainge matters everybody knows. And new okay. I'm not going to sit down and be quiet. And neither are you. I'm not gonna settle for the way things are. And neither are you. Okay. I'm not NO accept. A system that no longer works for us. And uniter you. And so our fight is just beginning actually. This flight is just again. So. Friends. Citizens. Are great supporters here in New Hampshire. Frank and I won't hear you in our hearts for the rest of this year any. And it will be not the last time you hear me say. Tonight will be the first of many times you hear me say all throughout this nation. And science that the EU. Stand with me. Fight. With me. Both warned me. Because citizens it is time we must make our country back. Okay.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"The Presidential hopeful said she's \"not going to sit down and be quiet.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36823294","title":"Fiorina Will Keep Going","url":"/Politics/video/fiorina--36823294"}