FiveThirtyEight breaks down latest Dem. presidential candidate poll

FiveThirtyEight elections analyst Nathaniel Rakich explains the latest polls for the Democratic presidential candidates following the ABC News primary debate in Houston.
3:54 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for FiveThirtyEight breaks down latest Dem. presidential candidate poll
Turning now to the race for 20/20 in the next chapter in the democratic presidential primary after last week's ABC news debate. I downing Houston I want to bring in a Nathaniel wreckage from 538. Which is out with a new analysis today on who the winners and losers were in last week's. I debate and opinion it's great to see we talked on Friday about some of the data that you pulled together or naive and have a clearer picture. Who came out on top but I give us your your update on where reroute that. Yes we partner with it says to you all the same people both before and after the presidential debate and we finished that hole in the region so the results are in now our final. Previously determined that was that Warren had asked why she increased mustang minerals among people whose and they were considering voting for the areas. And on the other hand Astro. He worst probably is no theater really rating which is the number. Hugh likes him minus the number just like him. Decreased by and most were and it can increase there is decreased by 10%. Is not under. And let's tell viewers. What we're looking now we've had a couple of slides up on the screen pulled from your reporting non Nathaniel. Which he details. The percentage of people that you poles with that sews. On whether or not they would consider voting for each candidate they were allowed to say they're considering multiple candidates we should note. But what you're looking at here on the screen is the before and after this is sort of did did from. The smarts of the 530 A project here if you will this was before the debate. After the debate same group of people. And as you can see they're just at the top business venue Hussein Joseph Biden before the debate 56 point 6% said they would consider voting form after that went down a little bit. Whereas with Elizabeth Warren it went up on this particular slide you see Warren Buddha judge of the only two. That emerged as net positives but it I was struck on the Daniel as we go to the next slide that everybody else in sort of that lower tier with the exception of Castro also got a bit of a bump. Art of the debate strong showings for work poker game Klobuchar. Exactly and I hate anybody who saw the eight knows it was little bit of a Wahoo and the planes are a lot of these minor candidates stood out with good almonds for example Amy Klobuchar at that moment on health care and or Capital One becomes psych each side to her prestige thing I'm gonna take a look at these guys I'll whereas eight of the top IE IN Sanders. Actually had you know been decreased can Warren kind of caught up costs. Where news within ten percentage points I interns and our people are considering moving around and it looks like she's holds while Sanders reportedly are tied and now she's. And last thing before you go in the thing I want and just ask you about McConnell Harris. Who we've talked a lot about. Over the past few weeks she came out of the gate of course of the great debate performance down a Miami. And then never end to some trouble in Detroit we saw as you've reported her numbers sort of slide after that. I'm sure we take away from from this early snapshot from the third debate that perhaps she stopped the bleeding and and could potentially hang in there a little while longer. I don't think that the numbers show that there are unfortunately her campaign she actually experienced the biggest decrease in the number of Democrats say they are considering Denver even bigger than buttons and Sanders. Are additionally she didn't have the strongest me aunt and you as you mentioned birthday she has her strong secondary. Spikes in Bangkok as money's worth an act meaty long lost son and groceries in the Danish but of course there's a sound that it's congress I went right or. Nash is back in any tents instruments and they war chest she sitting on top of this well Nathaniel rickets a factory thanks so much Daniel great to see you as always.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"FiveThirtyEight elections analyst Nathaniel Rakich explains the latest polls for the Democratic presidential candidates following the ABC News primary debate in Houston.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65650199","title":"FiveThirtyEight breaks down latest Dem. presidential candidate poll","url":"/Politics/video/fivethirtyeight-breaks-latest-dem-presidential-candidate-poll-65650199"}