Gov. Rick Perry Introduces Navy SEAL at RNC

Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell seeks to inspire the "next generation of giants."
9:57 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Gov. Rick Perry Introduces Navy SEAL at RNC
Totally. You know back in 2006. My wife and eat in. We had this extraordinary. Experience is great pleasure of touring. A naval base in San Diego. Our guide that day it just happened to be this big go tall drink the water navy seal. Who's recovering from combat related injury. Now. Is a Texas boy. He was pretty plain spoken and respectful. And his love for America came through loud. And clear. As we. Departed. That day. I it is only candidate passage if you're ever in Austin. Combined cius. Now you know some people might say that. That meeting with his blind chance. Or twist today. Aisle today it was by the grace of god. And he and I can't even touch. Over the course of the months. Through a tour that he had NI Iraq. In in his return to Texas. And aren't needed to show up on our doorstep of the governor's. Mansion on a now. With nowhere else to go. We welcome the and our. We help dean. Get the care that he needed. And today. He's like a second son. Now many have you know. Steve fought in Afghanistan. But too few the no the battles that he. And thousands of veterans dislike. Face when they come home. Tonight. Our commitment is this. Making America great again starts but taken care of our veterans. Oh. And I. And I. Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome an American heroes. The loans are rider Marcus Latrell. The it. Oh. None. A I don't know you and I love coming on here. Thank. You. Thank you. A a thank you. All right. Night. All right. Thank you thank you again for having me back. For those you just did before and the pass it's a pleasure to do so again. Those of you I haven't stood in front of thank you for the privilege to do that and he really I mean from the bottom are. Okay. I was fortunate happened and live to be born from a patriotic family. Taught me love this country in the people who maker. Unconditionally. To die for any woman and five's side any man. Without hesitation. Or hopes of individual achievement as a way I was raised and that's what I still. Want my life. For generations the men and women in my family serve this country proudly both at home and abroad. A father served in Vietnam. And although he was shamed out of his uniform. And only solidified his resolve to raise his boys me in my twin brother. To be patriotic and love this country and its people more than we loved ourselves. That's ten years of my C navy seal career the first first and was in combat. Next part of it I was travel around the country. States states it is city town to town armed only with the memories. I've your bravest fighters and story of how are they fought to protect our way of life. And because I was willing to completely open up my life and speak about the worst week of its. I was blessed with a meeting and seeing. Well the greatest people America had author. And I think it's important and I think it's important to say that. We got to make sure that the that held the veterans return from was not fail to come home to a gain. That's what was promised and that's what's deserves period. It also speaks five about my generation and I love my generation Generation X. the X-Men. It was an honor a final on amounts not only half. But I don't want a system doesn't take care of our boys citizens' step up start foundations and programs to help the wounded and families of the fallen so from. The bottom line hard. And literally please know that I and every day on my knees thanking god for free all of what you do it how you cut it. My generation of veterans coming home. I got a chance you up. Though the you know he not only talk about stuff that. They have experienced usually on the worst out of it invests out of Atlantic had a chance to actually spend time on this trump and I know he understands. What it's gonna take him to fix this. And you know we're gonna keep America sages have elite military right. Okay. A. Made up of the warriors. And prepared by the toughest training that we have to offer. Supported by the best equipment and backed up by the nation. Well the puts those people in harm's way. Everyone of assess to step up in some way. We need our leaders to lead by example. Pace and student. They need to lead by example and show those. The American public that each and every life underneath the flag should be stammering and treated accordingly. A moves over and. I'm so used to speaking from the heart when I have to read this thing goes wrong so I was gonna go your reading. Not only do leaders have to step up its support us but the family those of us in here we're all family we step up we've backed down month to not only that we hold them accountable for every position and office that they hold. Either way. Either way the only way we survive this is together not apart. In order for any life to matter we all have to matter that you send. The in. To my generation that was free all to the next generation this is for you. Your wars here. You'll have to go searching for it. Your people are afraid. I stand among you walking. Puzzle other war of the giants time. And now we're looking for the next generation of giants who among you. We'll love something more than you love yourself all right to a mall you're gonna step up. I'd take the fight to the enemy because it's here. Jones all of you to fight for this country and for each and every one of us look the world. Outside of our borders is a dark place a scary place America is the light. And her people or the goodness that grows from that. She'll always be worth fighting for it was my greatest honor to fight for her everyday of my adult life I and. And I. Others wanted to come out there and thank each and every one of yet. From the bottom of my heart for allowing me to serve you for two winning years. And honestly swear to god I must spend the next morning mania back. And I.

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{"duration":"9:57","description":"Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell seeks to inspire the \"next generation of giants.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40683378","title":"Gov. Rick Perry Introduces Navy SEAL at RNC","url":"/Politics/video/gov-rick-perry-introduces-navy-seal-rnc-40683378"}