Granddaughter brought to tears as DOJ targets elder scams

A Texas woman was brought to tears at the Justice Department Thursday, as she recalled how her 82-year-old grandmother committed suicide after being scammed out of her life's savings.
3:00 | 02/22/18

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Transcript for Granddaughter brought to tears as DOJ targets elder scams
We are joined here today by several Americans who have had the courage to step forward and share their stories of being victim about Protestants. They've come a long way to be here I want to thank him for that and for sharing their experiences. And insights. We'll hear one of those stories now. From Andrew lust object I'm Houston Texas and would you please share with us on the experiences you've had. I. Good morning every I and my name is evangelists on chicks and very grateful and honored to be here today. I'm here because my grandmother who was a victim of elder fraud. Her name was Marjorie Jones. My family and I loved her very much she had a heart of gold and she was everything that you would expect a grandmother tippy. My grandmother was solicited nonstop. By F roster who convinced her to invest in a phony investment scheme. She was told issued won prizes in a sweepstakes and all she had to do was send and money to cover taxes and fees. The calls to her home a relentless. My grandmother. Ultimately lost all of her money to these people to the point where she had to take outer first mortgage on her home. She cashed out all of her life insurance. She had to borrow money from family members. This was not my grandmother was very out of character for her to. To give money this way. When she realized that she'd been defrauded she was extremely devastated. She felt humiliated and she had literally lost everything she died with 69 dollars and her bank town. It was so much for her it was so much to bear. To. It's so much so and it it it pains me to say this but she took her life. Because of this incidence. The events leading to my grandmother step scarred my family and left is all in shock. The pain and the loss from her tragic death surrounds us all daily. And see the State's incredibly difficult circumstances rustic sex. And it's hard to imagine for anyone that allowed one could commit suicide but my grandmother did. Because these individuals preyed on her and on her good heart. What should have been some of the best years and the last chapter of her life. It was taken from her she was robbed in every sense. The bottom line is this is not a partisan issue it's not a political issue. Every crime as a victim am. And every victim needs help and my grandmother's case she was victimized to her death. There's no amount of money that could bring back what was taken from her she paid ultimately with her life. If anyone is listening to this or watching I employ them to say something to anyone it's it's not too late it's not your fault. You can call this number it's 1877. FTC. Help. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Not a day goes by we're my family and I don't miss my grandmother. I wish we had known how horrible the circumstances worked for her in the last few months of her life. We literally found out ten days. Before she died that this is happening to her. Attorney general sessions on behalf of my grandmother Marjorie Jones and my entire family. And all of the seniors across this nation that had been victims of fraud thank you we're in this fight together. Who. Thank you Angela that is. As happened. Far too often in this country. It is I despicable crime these people are partner and I laugh. About their ability to defraud people on that account of people that we need to be more effective in targeting. He's a difficult case is often the may. The defendants are perpetrating and often in our national and don't live in the United States but we've proven through this now work in the leadership. Route we are putting together and State's attorney general's. Progress can mean I mean tenement more.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A Texas woman was brought to tears at the Justice Department Thursday, as she recalled how her 82-year-old grandmother committed suicide after being scammed out of her life's savings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"53282784","title":"Granddaughter brought to tears as DOJ targets elder scams","url":"/Politics/video/grandaughter-brought-tears-doj-targets-elder-scams-53282784"}