Highlights From Sanders' Victory Speech After New Hampshire Primary

The democratic presidential candidate is excited for the large voter turnout, thanks his supporters.
5:38 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Highlights From Sanders' Victory Speech After New Hampshire Primary
Thought. The polls closed. Secretary Clinton called and was very gracious. Congratulations. I thank her for a Paul. And I congratulated. Error. And her supporters. With a Beck. Vote. And I said. E'Twaun. Clawed its way on death the energy. And excitement. That that number product audit. To succeed. And don't babble. A I. And I do not want eggs but my. Old wells. And I am deeply moved. While more than I can express in words. Like the fact that our walked campaigns. Like yeah actual support. Columns from more than one million Americans. We'll have made more than three point seven million. Individuals. Yeah. Not span outlet that went deep wealthiest people in this country. How old Walt well at the bottom half of the American people. You guys ready for a radical like do you. Look at beyond opponent rebate and economy. That works well although las not just below 1%. My critics say. You know Albert the great accurate all this frieze. How you got up pay for it. I will tell you how we're going to pay for it. We're going to win a tax on Wall Street. Speculation. Oh yeah. Read the recklessness. And illegal behavior on Wall Street brawl hour autonomy. To its. The American people bailed out. Wall Street now it's Wall Street crime that help but middle class. Not only. Probably going to fight to and institutional. Racism. Had it wrong can. Criminal justice and spoke. We are going to provide. Jobs and education. For our young people not Giles and a possible registered. This. Is the promise of America. And this is the promise we must keep a line for future generations. What began last week and I won't. When voters here in New Hampshire. Confirmed tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. Okay and I. And I. It is a political revolution. That will bring tens of billions. Of our people together. It will bring together working people what given up on the political process. It will bring to get that young people what never participated. In the political process and it will bring together blacks and whites. Latinos and Asian American. Native American. And three and gay mandolin female. People who won't Warner and America and people who immigrated. It. Well all of Africa. Say it loudly and clearly. That the government. I'll loan rate nation. Be longs to poll office not kill us a few wealthy campaign contributors. That is blocked this campaign is about. That is what the political revolution. Is about. So who have sure thank you look dead and now it's not. Okay. Thank you don't have yards and now it's on to the Ghana south. The.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"The democratic presidential candidate is excited for the large voter turnout, thanks his supporters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36824520","title":"Highlights From Sanders' Victory Speech After New Hampshire Primary ","url":"/Politics/video/highlights-bernie-sanders-victory-speech-hampshire-primary-36824520"}