Clinton: Security Request Not Brought to My Attention

Hillary Clinton grilled on State Department's handling of request for more security at U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.
5:07 | 01/23/13

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Transcript for Clinton: Security Request Not Brought to My Attention
A similar to September the eleventh 2001 there were warning signs. Prior to have been -- September 11 Thursday. April 6. 2012 crude -- US facility and -- Ghazi. On May 22 2012. Red Cross building and being -- hit by to -- PGs. The brigades of the imprisoned blind -- -- sponsor building. For that attack on June 62012. US consulate in -- Gaza was targeted by an IED attack the blow hole in the firmer wall again. The and blind -- brigade taking credit. And then on August 16 we have this cable. It's been widely report a classified State Department cable warning that the -- -- consulate. Could not withstand a coordinated attack in the regional security officer believed our consulate cannot be protected at an emergency meeting. -- one month before the attack on 91. A contingency plan was supposedly drafted -- -- of the operations of the CIA -- about a mile away from the compound. This cable is present to been shared by senior staff was sent to your office -- -- in the NFC. And even on September the eleventh the day investor Stevens was killed he personally warned about a quarter -- growing problems with security ending -- And growing frustration with security forces and the Libyan -- Were you aware of this cables the state this August 16 cable. Congressman that cable did not come to my attention I'd have. Mated to a very clear -- that the security cables. On did not come to my attention or above the assistant secretary level where the are. -- placed responsibility. Whereas I think. Ambassador Pickering said the rubber hits the road now I think -- -- when we're when were you aware -- this case. After the it seems -- I'm not aware of anyone within my office with in the secretary's office having seen the cable within the National Security Council I have no information or awareness of anyone in the National Security Council having seen that cable. Was -- a cable surprised to. You know congressman. It was. Very disappointing to me. That the are concluded there were inadequacies. And problems in the responsiveness. Of our team here in Washington. To -- security requests. That were made by our team in Libya. And I was not aware of that -- going on it was not brought to my attention but obviously it's something we're fixing -- intend to. Honest put into place. Protocols and systems to make sure it doesn't happen again -- I certainly -- I think when -- United States ambassador personally warning. About the situation there and sending this cable to your office. -- if I could. One point congress study that millions -- enables a year come to -- State Department they are all addressed to me they did not -- -- well starting sorted through the apparently somebody within your office should have seen as -- as is my. In my judgment. Cast one last question. But I also I just want to clarify you know. As with regard to that. Security -- requests. Subsequent to the August 16 cable. Our personnel in Libya had not submitted any additional security requests to Washington. At the time of the September 11 attack now there was an ongoing. Dialogue as you know between Libyan Washington. I think it is. Now it's time it is very limited an emergency meeting. Was held in a cable sent out on -- August 16 by the ambassador himself. Warning but what could happen in this meant this cable. Went unnoticed by your office that's the bottom well let's. -- facts the facts as we have them congressman I will be happy to have people give you this in detail the August 16 cable stated that security requests for Ben Ghazi. Would be forthcoming. The IRS so and Ben Ghazi submitted to Tripoli a preliminary list of proposed security recommendations on August 23. But no requests were submitted to Washington before the attacks now well it sounds the sounds very complicated and to some extent it is we're trying to simplify it and avoid the kind of problems that -- -- camp. I get one last question why was invading Gaza on September the eleventh. I'm gonna go now to mr. William -- also meant that -- in writing.

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{"id":18295989,"title":"Clinton: Security Request Not Brought to My Attention","duration":"5:07","description":"Hillary Clinton grilled on State Department's handling of request for more security at U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-testifies-benghazi-hearing-security-request-brought-18295989","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}