Jeb Bush: 'We Can Fix These Things, But You Need a Leader To Do It'

Republican Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush talks race for the White House with ABC News' Jonathan Karl.
13:05 | 11/04/15

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Transcript for Jeb Bush: 'We Can Fix These Things, But You Need a Leader To Do It'
Here on the Jeb Bush campaign bus governor bush thank you for my in this on this your first television interview on the bus it is I'm looking forward to the conversation. Today with you. So so tell me and he. You're you're you're trying to restart his campaign. And you looked pretty. Darn energized last some hours ago almost like new Jeb Bush what what what what's going on what are what are you trying to do I get this thing back on track. Just keep keep. Have a dialogue with people that we're gonna decide who the next president's going to be people in New Hampshire and Iowa and South Carolina really have a disproportionate say and so were spent a lot of time here. I don't talk about the process because people don't care about the process and talk about how we can fix some really big complex things until the job story. So people over the past could be prologue that we could fix these things would need a leader to do it Kansas and another. Loud voice or another person from one side of the capitol moved to the other side without any proven record of experience and I can tell my story in a positive way which is world that's in conference. Look at where you all are mean you've all gotten here the news this morning 4% did you ever think it these I don't even care it's not it's not relevant. We're history is is full of examples of people who were high in the polls dropped out there. Good examples of people that were along the polls it and went well. As category I'm gonna do it would join my heart have bundled. Are you haven't yet there were times you know what you're well not a lot of fun at first like viewed as an honor probable longer to do this got a great team. We've got thousands and thousands of supporters that are helping fuel. That gives me a lot of confidence it makes me you'll extraordinarily. Fortunate. And I enjoy this a particularly enjoy campaigning in Iowa New Hampshire where. The voters actually care what you think. It's that awful idea is sometimes you would be left with the impression that it's it's about. Discouragement or about a funny tweet horror and insulting each week. Or whatever stuff that really isn't most voters earlier kind of get tired of that one oh. What's in your heart you have a spine. You have a record that gives people confidence you can fix these things it strike you watch. Your dad you talked about the record in Florida and even Samir harshest critics now say you know you worry solid conservative governor Florida. Felix which Holmgren was a long time goes something that we talk in the decade looks tenure now though you do go excuse me as things look noted that as well as. But I mean is is how relevant is that few to support in this. Really relevant when you consider what's happened I mean think about it Hillary Clinton in ten years in a six three bills that she sponsored became law. While I act I want to run against Hillary Clinton and compare that record my record of cutting taxes every year. Bouncing eight budgets reforming schools. Taking on powerful public unions teachers unions the plaintiffs' bar. In Vietnam. Beat until Paul. I want to tell that story because we need a fighter in Washington DC that can fix these things talking about it. You know what's it done. We have senators that are on the State's talented politicians they've had to their 33 running. To their name they have to bill's that it become law that they sponsor to. It's a record of accomplishment that I think people are hearing from. It's if they feel that the governor's that a broad and Scott Walker had a record of accomplishments were sparked a pair of concern parry and you know John K sixth at least in Ohio he sees low in the polls and you mean. And and the people the top. You know or different record of calm. You know and Carson I'll throw them. Well I think I think that as you're closer to the decision point witches and every word for reversed an Iowa. And shortly there after here people want to know who's gonna sit behind the big desk is gonna make is gonna make the right decisions who has. The leadership skills the spine. To say no when you're supposed to say don't say yes when you have to. To tell people what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear mean there's there is always this process there's nothing different this time than last time as it relates to. How people go about this. What's different is Washington is more broken for sure what were divided this country for sure people legitimately more frustrated. But I can tell the story of disrupt. Capital where I turn voice upside down to do that Washington as well. Basra dramatically. Show that. You've hired I'm ready immediate halt coach Hugh interviews made what what's that all interviews him advice okay. Looking good at duke coach on this particular training wheels off which you're fired but you've hired this media consultant help you with debates. Yeah that one meeting with the guy going to be better tell he's elevated the me. Only owns. What I believe. We need a consultant. And it. And now. Probably not my problem in the debates after a train myself to answer questions. It's it's actually should ignore the questions that the you have to pivot toward what she wants it. And look at it and learned in rockaway residents like it is presently. Getting you to garner the east you go yet. Talk about what's important and I'll do that an. Announcement was roll right now. Was it a mistake free to go after review the wasted. No I just looked. And now we got to show the work just like everybody shows that the work you've do you decide what. This all your brother missed all comes at a time when he was governor of Texas he wanted to get a record of accomplishment you missed time due to campaign for him when you I worked my tail off. No one can say that I did that took time off work sixteen hours today but let me look what you went campaign to let me you know. Go check the 500000 emails that I responded to well it was on the campaign trail. If your gun carrier all for sure and people whatever record accomplishment you can take off. But people expect. You think there you as the record. I don't think people running for president. Ripple shows up to work. What makes him he's running for president not doing too well palsy. Because he's not campaign. Maybe the the simple fact is that I have a record of accomplishment. That's the that was the point I got erupted to get to the final the close of this which is. Should we. What will nominate someone who doesn't have a record of accomplishment or should we run someone who does who can post up against Hillary Clinton and point out she doesn't. But but I and her and her record is one of failure. Look at askew was five years ago this week more rubio won that senate race you gave an incredibly emotions and the guy is yet gifted politician cities the most principle centered leader I know. And what you know more career rubio was the right man for our time you still stand by what you said that he's a gifted politician he's. And I stand by what I what I believe about this is not a double to center leader you know. The media. You know Dan Webster there are other people that are equally as good. He's a gifted politician and he's my friend the point is. You get elected to serve. And it's about service. Public service it's about having a service heart it's not about your own ambition that's the problem we have today we have a gifted leader Barack Obama. It's all about him. Anybody that disagrees with him pushing down there are all part of the death to America Europe we don't need ambition to drive public service. And I think you can do both you can run for the highest office in the land and also serve the people that you got elected. So so what about this now famous PowerPoint presentation that was done by your top campaign. About Marco Rubio going through. You know all the area say he is it risky bet what. Have seen it democracies and focus I think I got right. Foot but but but this is your top. Campaign people at compiling stuff one part of it it's not. I'm running for president is I believe I can fix some big complex things laid out an agenda related to tax reform regulatory reform. That's the purpose of my campus for a wake up beat Dave with real enthusiasm for this is we're gonna be prepared for all the candidates is a contact sport. I'll be attacked. Will defend. Will move back to the message that we can lift people up. But do you disavow this I mean this as those who have looked at Marcus back in the past that concern other people decide that based it's I think there are other people will decide that I'm like where your candidate is now. Other people besides you all you want your job to do that you'll do. The most vetted candidate probably in the field have been given out with 33. Years of factory for your tax returns are given out all my emails. I've been vetted like it's in every candidate will go dancing process and you guys are professional journalist who was distraught was attacked him just. Just again yesterday about the courtship the credit card. And in his personal computers are don't throw market you're looking at what level throughout our. We've talked about but Iliescu won trump question just yet just sort contests Iowa guest is yeah. He put this tweet out last night it showed a picture of your family next race lost. Well. And he's got he's got in turn prompted by going that and fired another internment what drink at night and Eddie that they acknowledged. He did it themselves. They said that he didn't notice the symbol of what she did. Now. But I mean what would it. We need to stop Sweden I think and advice for. So let me ask you but before you go your family. Your Brothers obviously been through this you helped him when he ran toys. What we're kind of devices beginning. Be patient. The core. Always and he's living proof that. He's gone through advertising campaign bumpy times. Look whether he's. You know he has the skill of being incredibly on message was we'll probably on mrs. candidate in modern times we drove you guys not steer the same speech over a period. I can learn a lot from him are calling a lot to gives advice. That's got to win in the second Alaska when it's pretty good person and wonders and he takes your stolen it was totally convinced that. Radio that you would drop out of the trial. No way way we're now. Right. Candidates getting better each and every day we'll cool book. Other you're throwing shoes at the TV when these musical and look he's not in the advice business is just in the that business. What did well. Good is that mayor content you are. Now watching reruns of C aside. The chosen used to watch it watch him now he's watching the shows. You you are told me that we. Your Father's Day few years ago when news it's when you launched in nineteen or order and dad. That was when you park. That's always hard it's harder on me when he Austin 1992. It was him. This thing was how we're tight loving family. When that happens in your family it's harder when you get attacked. Never bothers me that people attack. But it you know. And. It looks like the great lives. Important. I he won't win and we all regret. It'll just want to live. That life. A look the fact that people now. Power. Incredible. We're celebrate. A lifelong. The reflect on the fact that the great. People like him. That. Lived in the ordinary life. I certainly. Look at her. Old life street. It all right thank slot they care.

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