Jeff Sessions expected to run for his old Alabama Senate seat

The former Trump attorney general reportedly plans to jump into the race for Senate.
2:13 | 11/07/19

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Transcript for Jeff Sessions expected to run for his old Alabama Senate seat
A bit of blast from the past today on when was the last time you heard the name Jeff Sessions while the former attorney general announcing a run. For his old seat in the senate in Alabama. So want to bring in our political director Rick Klein to discuss this. Rake you know those sessions was highly popular when he was running. As senator and Alabama in the past but now you have trump who ousted him and how that panoply incidents. Well it's been exactly a year since he was fired a year to the day right after the mid term elections so that may be less time you heard his name. It is bandied about in political circles quite a bit tomorrow is the filing deadline in Alabama and ABC news has confirmed that he plans to announce. His candidacy for the senate today a couple of issues here one is he's not the only candidate in the race there are others including Roy Moore. Who famously lost that race and 2017 despite having president comes backing. A controversial figure he also have a sitting congressman without with a pretty war chest a former university of Auburn or Auburn University. Football coach so that there are others that are in a potentially very crowded primary in the big question is how trump will react when he sees Jeff Sessions name in the headlines. Yeah it's it's kind of controversial. Interesting race I mean you mention Roy Moore who was credibly accused. Most sexual misconduct. Does either one of them have an edge. Well I'm Roy Moore. As a dedicated band of supporters in the concern among some Republicans that I've talked to last 24 hours is that. I Jeff Sessions will draw enough attention away from the other new more establishment candidates can look this is Alabama all of these candidates are very pro trump that isn't the question in the Republican primary. The question is what what your name recognition brings to you in the concern is that sessions. As a low held the seat for twenty years could draw away from the other more establishment aligned candidates. And maybe boost Roy Moore that someone could squirt through the primary with 30% of the vote say. Roy Moore has that kind of dedicated back in that's gonna complicate president trumps. A decision making now is if he decides to attack Jeff Sessions he certainly doesn't want to vote does support Roy Moore is erasing all that. Does he get foursquare behind someone else knowing this could be a splintered primary. This is the number one pick up opportunity for Republicans dub Jones as a Democrat Alabama knows that he is a target on his back politically. And Republicans very much want to take that seat back.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"The former Trump attorney general reportedly plans to jump into the race for Senate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66823611","title":"Jeff Sessions expected to run for his old Alabama Senate seat","url":"/Politics/video/jeff-sessions-expected-run-alabama-senate-seat-66823611"}