Kushner denies colluding with Russia, says Trump ran 'smarter campaign'

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, publicly denied that he colluded with Russia during the election.
7:17 | 07/24/17

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Transcript for Kushner denies colluding with Russia, says Trump ran 'smarter campaign'
This is an ABC news special. Now report. David Muir. Hello everyone we come on here because president trump summoned laws since senior advisor Jared Kushner is that the microphone let's listen to run for president. I served his campaign the best I could because I believe in him and his ability to improve the lives of all Americans. And now serving the president and the people of the United States has been the honor and privilege of a lifetime. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work on imported matters such as Middle East peace. And reinvigorating. America's innovative spirit. Every day I come to work with enthusiasm. And excitement for what can be. I have not sought the spotlight. First and business and now in public service. I've always focused on setting and achieving goals. And have left it to others to work on media and public perception. Since the first questions were raised in March. I've been consistent in saying that I was eager to share any information I have. With the investigating bodies. And I've done so today. The record in documents I have per rock voluntarily provided. We'll show that all of my actions were proper. And occurred in the normal course of events have a very unique campaign. Let me be very clear. I did not collude with Russia. Nor do I know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. I had no improper contacts. I have not relied on Russian funds for my businesses. And I've been fully transparent. In providing all requested. Information. Donald Trump had a better message and ran a smarter campaign. And that is why he won. Suggesting otherwise. Ridicules those who voted for him. It is an honor to work with president trump and his administration. As we take on the challenge is that he was elected to face. Creating jobs for American people. Keeping America as safe. And eliminating barriers. To achieving the American dream. Thank you very much and I look forward to taking questions from the house committee tomorrow thank you. And there you have it president trump summoned Lloyd Jared Kushner now of course a senior advisor inside the west wing heading back into the west wing of the White House right now we know he spent. Within 2 hours this morning on Capitol Hill meeting with staffers. Would be Senate Intelligence Committee not the senators themselves but the staffers but these are high level staffers who are doing much of the investigating. And the gathering the fact finding if you will. Before the senators at some point if that point comes will actually question some of these principles as they investigated possible collusion I do want to bring Amerigroup shoes. On Capitol Hill for us you watch Jared Kushner both go in and go while this was as I mentioned more than a two hour meeting but Mary wasn't expected to be a grilling. More with fact finding mission. That's exactly right David and Jared Kushner was all smiles here is he walked into and out of this meeting here you mentioned more than two and a half hours. With staffers on this committee isn't the first time. The congressional investigators had a chance to question a member of the trump family. About any possible ties to Russia now of course. We don't know what questions were asked or what answers we're giving because this was all behind closed doors but we. Did see that eleven page statement that Kushner put out overnight. And now hearing his statement now he says point blank he did not collude we know that he is. Four interactions he had with Russians but he says that none of them were in proper the question now going forward is whether the answers he provided you're going to be enough. To satisfy investigators and it seems that while this is the first meeting that the big Kushner is having here on the hill in May not be the last. Already we're seeing some harsh words from members of this committee senator Ron Wyden from organ has come out in said that commissioner's response that paper statement. Simply is not enough he says it raises far more questions than answers. He and others are calling for pushed her to return to the -- returned to this committee testify in open before the American public. Already calls for him to return Mary Bruce thanks for your live reporting there on the hill and as Mary just mentioned he said I did not collude. He went on to say I had no improper contacts with the Russians and I did not rely on Russian funds for my business I do want to bring in our chief White House correspondent. Jonathan Karl who was at the White House that was quite extraordinary to see him he. As head of a somewhat of a low profile. Since his father in law became president and he said he's never saw the public got but. He's at the center of the storm job. But he sure is and he has had an incredibly low profiles a couple of months into this administration before many people had ever even heard his voice Dave it. But on this one. He is making a point to be out there to give the impression that he is being fully transparent. Before he went unanswered questions today that Senate Intelligence Committee. He released an eleven page statement of what he had said and that we learned today the first appearance. At that White House stake out where you've seen so many other officials and visitors come out. Chair its first appearance there. And he said the bottom line I have all of my actions were proper. And of course as you mentioned no collusion eager to take part of it and he didn't know of any clique and I tried to ask him as he was leaving. Whether or not he would be willing to testify in public and under oath you cannot answer that question but that is the demands that we are hearing. Up from some on Capitol Hill specially from Democrats to come off in public testify and under oath. Did not answer the question but of course as you point out it is the question looming Jon one more question for you. In a sign that he knew his boss was watching the president he said Donald Trump ran a better campaign had a better message. That's why he's here even Jared Kushner out there today trying to turn the focus off of this Russia investigation. And what. Really irritates the present we are told that I've heard this directly from the president. Is the notion that the Russians somehow. Tilted the scales in this election and that his election victory was not legitimate. That is the thing that angers that is the suggestion that angers the president more than anything that's why you hear him push back so strongly against this investigation call it a way charged. And still repeatedly. Invoke Hillary Clinton it in those responses. And again today Jon Karl the White House but our live reporting John thanks to you and the merry Bruce Jerry Custer saying it went very well today. On Capitol Hill when asked how many questions and you answer did you answer the questions he said I answered as many questions. As they asked but as Mary Bruce pointed out already calls for him to return to the hill will have team coverage coming up later. Of course our coverage continues throughout the afternoon at abcnews.com. And ABC digital and to get text alerts download the ABC news out. Of course LC for world news tonight until that. Have a good day. This has been a special. For me he's.

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{"id":48819045,"title":"Kushner denies colluding with Russia, says Trump ran 'smarter campaign'","duration":"7:17","description":"Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, publicly denied that he colluded with Russia during the election.","url":"/Politics/video/kushner-denies-colluding-russia-trump-ran-smarter-campaign-48819045","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}