Lincoln Chafee's Long Shot

Former senator and Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee is throwing his hat into the ring. Chafee is expected to launch his presidential bid later today, joining Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in seeking the Democratic nomination.
6:37 | 06/03/15

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Transcript for Lincoln Chafee's Long Shot
Another contender steps into the ring former senator and Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee now. Joining the presidential race seeking the democratic nomination his target. Nearly invincible Hillary Clinton hello ever went up high Hernandez in New York. Chief who will officially announces bit later today he'll be joining Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and former governor Martin O'Malley who is announcing his candidacy. This Saturday in terms of run their hats in the ring out here with more on taking entrance. Is ABC news political director Rick Klein hello rec time. Introduce pest who live Lincoln Chafee. He is a quirky guy gets an interest in parts of his his background to explore as you said a former senator and governor he won it and initially in the senate as a Republican became governor as an independent and cheat his party affiliation. To Democrat and then lost his reelection bids he's not currently holding public office. Followed and followed in his father's footsteps in the senate and before that he was mayor of his hometown in Rhode Island. And before that he spent some time showing horses in Montana so a guy who got into the family business efforts and interesting detours. Fiercely independent. Cerebral thoughtful man. An anti war voice in addition to that he was a thorn in his own party side when he as a Republican in the senate. And since that time he's been liberated in terms of his political views to talk a lot more about the issues that matter if you hear him talk right now it's sort of unfathomable think that he was ever a Republican. He talks about climate change he talks about fairness in the tax code and hasn't mentioned the Iraq War the point for him he voted against the Iraq War even as a Republican. In the senate he's giving me. That past opposition a cornerstone of his campaign. So is changing frat Republican independent Democrat is with political expediency but. Also somewhat ideological and he was never conservative republic. He fits better in the Democratic Party that he did the Republican Party although he's initial moves away work very much based on political expediency he stayed as a Republican in 2006 which is a big anti Republican year. Won a primary have the establishment support because they figured he's the only Republican and actor ever win in Rhode Island. But any move to become an independent because that was his path to to bring himself back politically. I then became a Democrat again and it edited. Good political calculation what he thought was good little Catholic but this is his true home despite the fact that his father was a long time Republican senator that despite the fact that he was named after Abraham Lincoln the founder of the Republican Party. We Chafee is ideologically Democrat. One thing you'll hear from Democrats that was that like Bernie Sanders he's never won an election at any level as a Democrat and yet he's now running in the democratic primary against Hillary Clinton. Arts if you're Hillary Clinton are you even paying attention to his candidacy are you there is there any with the way she performer this. Will affect her and where she goes from here. She's not shaking in their boots but then again none of the candidates have put any kind of fear her and thus far as you mentioned Martin O'Malley Bernie Sanders Alex Chafee could be Jim went in that in the mix as well. Taken together or taking individually take the best aspects of each of their arguments you could put together a kind of super candidate. Anti Hillary monster that would potentially challenger. You take some elements of Martin O'Malley in his youth and generational argument the anti dynasty or anything Bernie Sanders and his. Anti Wall Street message in the anti big government are big super pac controlling government message at a news sprinkle a little bit of Lincoln Chafee and the anti Iraq War message. These hits a lot of vulnerabilities that Hillary Clinton passed the problem is that all of these men are running for themselves they don't get they don't get to form a unity candidacy that that coalesce is the anti Hillary force itself. One of these people like it is overwhelming likely to emerge as a choice such as it is in the democratic primary. I don't know whose best positioned the polls would suggest that right now it's Bernie Sanders I think he's got a pretty low ceiling Martin O'Malley may help more of an opportunity to expand beyond his base. I think we can Chafee is the longest of the long shots at a thus far gotten in. Virtually no money virtually no campaign organization virtually no base but he does have this message I think she's gonna have to. Pay attention to him if he's gonna keep lobbing grenades at her over the Iraq War or foreign policy. Anyone else trying to have an Arab descent are we down after O'Malley announces on Saturday so that you as an agent Jim Webb the former Virginia senator also possibility Elizabeth Warren is not going to run and just this week in the last couple days TV the groups that have been trying to drafters the race finally gave up. They're disbanding and saying okay we get it it's not gonna happen. Joseph Biden has long said that he would take until summer to decide we're getting close to that period now. I am not sure what the calculation around his son's death does to his political prospects that makes them more or less like that again and I think most people assume that he is not gonna get in. A busy even talked I think I think speculation based on not much that that Michael Bloomberg the former mayor of New York. A former Republican as well turned independent would get involved in the democratic primary I don't think it's likely I think. We probably know what the democratic to be field looks like and it's probably in its lead include these four candidates may be one other in Jim Webb I think that Libya. I often hear people dismiss politics and the US is a two party cyst you have two main candidates. A lot of these fringe folks do a really add anything at the end of the day I mean we see these people with. Interesting IP is in areas where they disagree with the main ally in candidate but in the end date they never they never make it very far I. I would think about this is two different story line. You have to campaign in of the election the election is who's gonna become the next president and and I think. There's very little that's going on in the democratic primary that's going to determine the democratic nominee's going to be it's going to be Hillary Clinton almost certainly. But the campaign matters a lot. The campaign is what happens every Gainesville what happens on this the beastie is what happens in the ads what happens in public events in interviews. And Tibet to that and there's a lot of that these guys can do it will impact Hillary Clinton she's going to have to make adjustments she's gonna have to listen to what they're saying. Several of the candidates are out there right now blasting trade agreements that she helped negotiate in the State Department and it brought Obama very much want to pass right now where he stand on. Where she stand out some of the social justice minimum wage issues. What kind of issue she chooses to emphasize. That will be shaped by this that will impact what kind of candidate she is outside of the primary system and ultimately what kind of president she would be. Rick I always a pleasure thank you so much for joining us great to be here and keep up with this story in real time including the announcement a little later today by Lincoln Chafee. It gallon eighteen is apps start this story for exclusive opting. Without a tax Tanzania.

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{"duration":"6:37","description":"Former senator and Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee is throwing his hat into the ring. Chafee is expected to launch his presidential bid later today, joining Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in seeking the Democratic nomination. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"31501571","title":"Lincoln Chafee's Long Shot","url":"/Politics/video/lincoln-chafees-long-shot-31501571"}