Melania Trump spoke to reporters while in Egypt

She is in Africa on her first solo overseas trip as first lady.
4:28 | 10/06/18

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Transcript for Melania Trump spoke to reporters while in Egypt
80 yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah if you're planning an event so far. Enough and what isn't much different forum on behalf of your husband the ministry could regret. Look at it and Cleveland also notes that he Hancock. 85. And taking some of them as. And that sold himself whether he can. You plan to push for more funding crazy about. The difference ask your husband remarked I don't get back. We we good happening and didn't. That we can get countries and we would you two helping them. We continue to do so he's just trying to give you that you're kind of consent that comment that you wanted to who. I was nauseating halftime. I would I wouldn't come back to give them and he derogatory comments reported about African countries. Well you tell him in a response back and did that come up on your trip did anybody that's got that would you. Nobody discussed at me and I never nineteen saying those moments. And that's listen Adams collection would leave it it's. Background therapy needs to be your husbands have I'm her man given my clearance coming on children in girl's life you agree with them. Plus I eat. But it will shave minutes. But we can't keep him out. This being polite and good to us you know. I think he's high heat. Tried this in court. I'm glad that dad. Doctors' orders. And I'm glad that's. He dynasty days it was done he's competed and senate. If you believe this keyboard. We'll that and king you know it. The victims didn't we need to have with the victims. And we'll be viewed they had. It's. I eat them again and you know the abusive side. Can you describe your. Rule advising their husbands and people interpret them of the decision to leave that just coming to Africa. Does your tweets and the way it's sort of not if you're undermining but looking at him a little bit I didn't like him he described that. Eliciting much it's. An attacking that keeps them honest opinion and I missed that nice. And sometimes he sends them sometimes he hasn't but I am wrong place. My opinions and it's very important for me that lead. It thanks. But sometimes you are trying to scare me up that fight in the republic of stores and through. Make you feel a little bit more significantly. In my opening its feet and maybe it in some of them need them. We don't want me he would do he. Acted so. As events that we. Every political talk about it yes this could. I hang out it. That's an entire track yesterday you know but today he will be completed an amazing achievement you were invented Diana movements through my lab. Treatment of pets here everything each day I want to talk about my feet. And it's not what I man. And that's very important what I don't let me doing pizza US aids and what I did Chinese students and at least its focus on what I do. Not bottleneck. Yeah there is a world championship is wrapping up on the last day what was your biggest accomplishment you think you're in the continent Africa. And you can beat it beat them and thinking did have this team. And they're all day lure them and welcoming. And I saw a successful programs that some US aid to. He's providing to the current cease and dad that'll be helping them fully. Funded me full assessment items. Clearly you don't matter at Morita who have certainly other Internet. We like. We need. Another line. I keep thinking that they.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"She is in Africa on her first solo overseas trip as first lady.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58326217","title":"Melania Trump spoke to reporters while in Egypt","url":"/Politics/video/melania-trump-spoke-reporters-egypt-58326217"}