Nancy Pelosi ends record-breaking speech on House floor

The minority leader spoke for exactly eight hours and seven minutes.
2:03 | 02/07/18

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Transcript for Nancy Pelosi ends record-breaking speech on House floor
To have so many of you here in the course of the day. Real tribute. To respect that we have. Flag dreamers so I accept your applause on behalf of them because it was their story in their words by and large that I told. In addition to the Bible in the Catholic conference of bishops and Pope France include Pope Benedict. And they the all are so many other religious groups that we had and I thank all the UN had basic request is. Honored to House of Representatives. Give us a chance. To have a vote on the floor they're Republican leader in the Republican leader next time. Has gone forward Whitney. Budget proposal with the promise that he will give that opportunity to floor of the senate the senate will work its will seem that they produced. And will work I will here's what we produced but it must be bipartisan transparent. And unifying. And we think that there's been one pound. Cases heard and did is one option and they'll need to and other she. There may be other options that are proposed on just to get the black hearts and minds that that though. Again and I think this staff of the House of Representatives. Of various speakers at the house who have been up there with such courtesy. He smiled. Some most of all let us thank and acknowledge the dreamers for their carriage there opted. Inspiration. To make America. More from there.

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{"id":52917535,"title":"Nancy Pelosi ends record-breaking speech on House floor","duration":"2:03","description":"The minority leader spoke for exactly eight hours and seven minutes.","url":"/Politics/video/nancy-pelosi-ends-record-breaking-speech-house-floor-52917535","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}