NYC Gov. Andrew Cuomo Delivers Remarks at Slain NYPD Officer's Funeral

Funeral for officer Rafael Ramos held at church in Queens, New York.
10:37 | 12/27/14

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Transcript for NYC Gov. Andrew Cuomo Delivers Remarks at Slain NYPD Officer's Funeral
Good morning to all of you he. First two senior pastor Michael there are so thank you for the this celebration. And the honor of being able to address you today to Vice President Biden. You honor us served with your presence we know how busy you are we know how much is going on right now. And from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate your being here means a great deal thank you very much vice president part. Committed by zero to senator. Stay Carlos. To the Ramos family. To migrate south to just in to JD. We want to ignore that we honor your sacrifice. And we want you to know that as the vice president said we will be here. Not just in this hectic aftermath. But even more in the quiet times for the rest of your life. For office are Rafael Ramos to being a police officer was more than just a job it has debate. It was a calling. Being a police officer was his life's ministry. And he was preparing to be a chaplain. Now you can tell a lot about a man. By the children that he raises. Rocked by Ellen Moritz are raised two beautiful young man. Justin is on winter break and will be going back to Bolton college. Which is a very good school. In the state of Maine. Of course it would be a better school with who was in the State of New York part. Nonetheless. It is a good school. Jay and his thirteen. And he'll be at home with his mom. Over these days despite all the chatter. Jay in for our own the essential truth when he reminded people. That police officers are the people you poll when you need help. And they always show up true words were never spoke. Now just an engineer didn't know Matt's friends. Which tells us a lot about them. It means. They are really tough. And really committed. And really really really loyal. Marisa will be working in health care where she tends to the needs of others. Ramos family. I say we thank you and we honor you. We watched the way that you are managed yourself during these difficult days. And you won't represented yourselves. Your father your husband. With pride and dignity. And we will all proud. To watch. Your actions and hear your words please join me giving the Ramos family are round of applause. Thank you. To of the NYPD friendly. Which lost two Brothers. I say you were a force of true professionals. Who protect our people with the highest level of skill and dedication as the vice president said Norman New York's finest. And you'll probably the finest nationwide. The NYPD has done and especially. Extraordinary job these past few weeks. I watched on television the scenes of people hurling physical objects. And verbal insults at the N mark PD and I frankly was amazed. At that discipline and professionalism. That the NYPD demonstrated. BM RTB. Protected the right of freedom of speech. Even though they themselves were the target of faults and abusive chants and tirades by itself. What a beautiful pass them for that perfect. And it. Union wide. Yeah new York and. And we want every grand mart PD officers who know. That they were not alone when the NYPD stood in formation every New Yorkers stood with them. And every New Yorkers stands with you today. Remember as individuals members of the NYPD deserve respect and support but there was also something more. When you put on that edge as a police officer. You're no longer just a man and a woman and a citizen of New York you represented public safety. And law and order. And then attack on the NYPD. Is an attack on all of us it's an attack on how system of justice. We are nation of laws we are a state of laws we are city outlaws. And you represented those laws. And no one. No room is above the law. And no intimidation. No threats and no politics will ever change that. The threats against New York that threats against. New York's police. Are an insult to the law abiding New Yorkers. And they will not be tolerated. They will be investigated. And they will be prosecuted. And I want you to know. That 75000. Police officers and national Guardsmen statewide. Had your back every step of the way. I missed the vice president. Thank you for being here today this is a difficult time for the nation as we deal with questions about our criminal justice system. And racial and ethnic tensions that seemed to go from coast to coast. Now New York knows these topics too well New York has long been the entry point for our country welcoming people from across the globe. The statue of liberty stands in our harbor lighting the path. We know the difficulties of dealing with different races and ethnicities. But we also know the joy and the success. And the richness. That it has brought to New York. While some states fear diversity. We celebrate it. Yes we have questions that have arisen from recent cases we will study and reflect an answer these questions and we will restore the trust in our justice system. And we will resolve the differences among us as we have many many times before. Because that is what we do as New Yorkers. You hand us adversity. And we turn it into opportunity. And we will grow this stronger for it. We lived and breathed a founding principle of the U flora Bossone. Out of many one. In New York mr. vice president. The knife of the vision. Brakes on the rock of unity. Mr. vice president. New Yorkers know that we are all emigrants from different places. And we don't forget where we came from. We bring our own language is our own traditions our own cuisine our own customs but we have all joined the same family. The friendly up New York. So police officer Ramos are Latino. Sapna patrol car with his brother office so little an Asian. Members of a force with officers from over their fifty different countries who speak 64. Different languages who protect us cities with people literally from every country on the globe living unit. Nothing what ever defeat or divide. Our New York friendly. 9/11 couldn't do it. The liar lives of officer Ramos and loan paroled that dedication to it. The response of the NYPD. Eighty proves that and the outpouring of love from people across the state proves that. And with a name. A police officer Ramos is either. From now foreign let us bow our heads. Wish him and his family peace and remember the principles he'd died four. We respect the rule of law. And we protect each other. Because at the end of the day. We you all worn. We are one people one city one state one community one family. The family up New York. It's almost all in all some muscle and home so most soon. God bless you and keep you and you'll be forever in our prayers thank you.

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{"duration":"10:37","description":"Funeral for officer Rafael Ramos held at church in Queens, New York.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"27851554","title":"NYC Gov. Andrew Cuomo Delivers Remarks at Slain NYPD Officer's Funeral","url":"/Politics/video/nyc-gov-andrew-cuomo-delivers-remarks-slain-nypd-27851554"}