Obama Attends Emergency G7 Meeting, Seeks Support in Case Against Russia

The president meets with other top leaders in the Netherlands to discuss recent moves by Vladimir Putin.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Transcript for Obama Attends Emergency G7 Meeting, Seeks Support in Case Against Russia
This is a special room. I'm -- -- New York -- -- ABC news digital special report President Obama. Is looking to win friends and cancel -- fellow world leaders today in Amsterdam. The long planned G-8 Nuclear Security Summit is. Looking more like a G-7 event with Russian president Vladimir Putin the notably absent party. President taking a special interest in Chinese president -- a crucial potential ally in the economic fight against Russia. Here's -- president earlier today in Amsterdam. Europe and America. Are united. In our support of the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian people. There were united in imposing a cost on Russia for its actions so far. So. And Mary what does the president hoping to get out of this meeting with G-7. Good afternoon -- this is all about ramping up pressure on Russia. The president is trying to rally its international partners to further isolate Moscow. As the president said earlier today the US and its European partners. Are united in support for Ukraine and also imposing consequences on Russia now of course. US is -- -- to Russia was sanctions as the president said in an interview published today said Russia continues to escalate the situation. We need to be prepared to impose additional costs so we're talking about the G-7 as opposed the G-8 though is the US prepared to kick Russia out of the group. For good. Not yet not even though the president has called this emergency meeting of the group of seven everyone but Russia of course. US isn't quite ready to kick Moscow out for good. They say there's still room for Moscow to -- escalate the situation and they want to give Russia the space in the room to take that option what is the level of concern right now by the US that the situation in Ukraine could in fact. Escalated that Russia could in fact invaded or potentially start a ground war. Very high that's a huge concern in fact it's something that our Martha Raddatz asked the Ukrainian foreign minister about yesterday on this week let's take a listen. Mr. foreign minister one week ago. You told us on this broadcast that you thought the chances of going to war were quite high what are the chances this morning. They. And growing and we don't -- war between. Guess in his mind and what would be his. The system that's why -- -- and becoming. -- -- -- explosive that if we used to be a baby can go. -- just as the president is trying to ramp up pressure on Russia Russia is actually adding troops to the Ukrainian border. We know that they're now about 30000 Russian troops on -- eastern border and they of course claim that -- there for military exercises now. US isn't quite buying that they say they are still skeptical. A -- intentions and in fact a similar question was posed to the US State Department deputy spokesperson Marie -- She was asked if the US believe the Russians this is the response. I don't. It's about believing what they say it's about judging them by what they -- and what we've seen up until this point -- -- -- escalation on our side. -- they have taken Haskell at -- steps on their side so when we have said not to do things they've done and we responded in kind. So it's not really about what they say it's about what they deal. So we know what they've been doing it but what have they been saying we heard from Russian foreign minister Lavrov he's in making the rounds today in the Netherlands. He actually just spoke inside I have to say we were not able to hear the industry -- -- -- my Russian is a little bit rusty but I suspect they're continuing to hold firm with. With their justification for these actions that they are there to protect. The ethnic Russians and that their troops are there simply for these so called military exercises -- I don't -- talk discriminate -- about what is actually happening in Ukraine right now because. You -- pulled its troops out of Crimea today Russian tanks. Are rolling through the streets at what point does the White House concede and say Crimea is gone it is now part of Russia. Not yet and that the really interesting point and because even though Ukraine is gone ahead and pulled its troops out of Crimea. US officials say that it's not Russia's yet they still. Maintain hope that the situation can be escalated and they say most importantly you -- doesn't recognize Russia's -- to Crimea as legitimate. And they say neither does the international community and so they still maintain the Crimea is not lost just yet. This situation you -- in Ukraine obviously is overshadowing this trip it is really the headline from this. And likely to continue -- the next couple of days and the what is on the agenda for the additional time. While on paper the president is here in the hate to talk about. Nuclear securities of course the Nuclear Security Summit that third one that they -- the president first initiated the summit in 2009. On Wednesday he heads to Brussels to meet with the European Union and NATO allies again of course Ukraine is expected to dominate the conversation there. From -- the president goes to meet the Pope he's going to the Vatican in Rome. We're of course still haven't had very rare it's interesting meeting one on one with Pope Francis and many takes a for a half hour flight to Saudi Arabia. To meet with the king there -- of course they've voiced a lot of concerns in Saudi Arabia. Over over a lack of progress in the situation in Syria so. Quite an interesting array of topics the president has on his plate over the next meeting the the president in Europe but there is also another high profile visit going on right now the First Lady and -- daughters are in China and we were talking about the important diplomatic relationship between US and China. How is their trip and go. Well that's -- start that trip on Friday they have another two days left and it's funny the president sat down here earlier today with president she. Who had a sort of surprising meet and -- with the president or the First Lady and her daughters. On Friday and and the president thanked president -- this morning for his hospitality for showing -- his wife and his daughters -- wonderful time in China. And president she joked at the First Lady -- Her best regards to the president local whirlwind trip for for the entire first family and I'm looking just behind your shoulder there -- and I see a whole row of bikes there. Netherlands that is the way that everyone gets around there is it not. It absolutely had to take this morning -- got a little caught in what I can only be. Sort of describes the morning commute here with it. Heavy on bicycles light on -- I can imagine -- -- well at least it's it's it's clean breathing anyway ABC papers traveling with president Mary thanks much appreciate it. And questioned him over the president's trip in real time by downloading ABC news -- -- this sort for those updates on ago. For now down to an upward arc with this -- that special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The president meets with other top leaders in the Netherlands to discuss recent moves by Vladimir Putin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"23042039","title":"Obama Attends Emergency G7 Meeting, Seeks Support in Case Against Russia","url":"/Politics/video/obama-attends-emergency-g7-meeting-seeks-support-case-23042039"}