Obama Legacy Will Be Recovery from Recession, Affordable Care Act

ABC News Digital panelists Farai Chideya, Amy Holmes and LZ Granderson give their thoughts on how the Obama administration will be remembered.
7:40 | 01/20/17

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Transcript for Obama Legacy Will Be Recovery from Recession, Affordable Care Act
As we. Watch the obamas departing Washington I'd love to hear from both of you amien for eye on the Obama legacy. What do you think car hit the victories. That he'll be remembered for and we're in fall short. Well I think fit the whip with President Obama is tenure or. It's important to remember where we start. We started when he entered office after that was pretty. Gut wrenching fiscal crash that threaten the entire stability of this nation. So he stepped into a dumpster fire a lot of people called the selection dobbs dumpster fire but. Greg yes. Yeah but but President Obama walked into a dumpster fire. Holding a fire extinguisher and whether or not think he did the best job turning America program we could have easily gone to a depression and a lot of people forget that. They forget I mean I was out on the road. Consistently during the Great Recession and people were losing their homes had grandmothers sleeping. Just desperation. And so it's important to contextualize. These jobs recovery I mean it took us ten years. To get back to do. Real household is you know inflation adjusted. From the bottoming out of the Great Recession but it could've never come back and I think that. President trump is inheriting an economy that is functional perhaps not physically as some people like but this is. Functional because President Obama put in a certain amount of work and and so I I certainly think that the Affordable Care Act. Used up president Obama's. Early capital. And and I think that one fork in the road is should he have gone in harder on jobs rather. Turning his political capital to the Affordable Care Act after after the Affordable Care Act was passed it was pretty much straight out war between the GOP. Am President Obama and he he had one window. And he used for the Affordable Care Act which now may be repealed. But I do think we have to remember how desperate this economy took office. Any what do you we're no longer looking at mr. mrs. Obama but what do you think if we as we turn to the post modern mortem on his presidency. Wins losses. Triumphs failures. We'll certainly pass into the Affordable Care Act was an early win but as Fries thing. There is you know some sense that perhaps at least strategically. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that it was in the state. To do Obama care first incident she entry to the economy. We know from this election from exit polling that the economy's the number one issue facing voters as it's so often as. And so what you president Obama's legacy I think. A lot of it will sort of depend on what happened to the next four years. How much of it stays intact but I would also say that I remember 2008 being here in New York City. And the streets being just you know flooded with joy and and quarry at the election of President Obama. That was a wonderful moment for this country I was in Washington DC for his inauguration in 2009 and I don't know if you've got through there I mean the streets were just team being. With people it was absolutely electric and again I think that was such an important moment for our country. In moving forward on a number of issues and to see the first African American first family and the White House. And seeing those little girls grow up and to these you know lovely young women. I think that's part of his legacy as well at preventing. The unity intact strong healthy successful African American family. Is and image and and a goal that we won't soon forget. Every year. I'll figure it is then that meant. It its food back. Just you know thanks for Graham connected. Part of our. Actually there's people kicked it Edmonton parties that is dumping here we've been talking about it. Obama like how how it actually. You know project and you're down there on the line how do you look back on the last eight years we've. I was forced an it's been. I've lived in Chicago. During his presidency immensely fortunate because that's his home town and that's where lot of these projects are. There are my brother's keeper represented there there is becoming a man in mentoring program that is there. So when you. Talk about his legacy two years forward. I always start where we've he was presented to was good news. Community organize the man of the people. We fully expected to return to that. What what becomes of these individuals that he's been awarded it's encouraged other men were successful to go with me so. What becomes of them because that's in these are beacons for the legacy principal problem. How he influenced younger generations to get politically active debate become community organizers to begin Friday way to make the community better. Terms of policy on a national level. I go back to where we were as a nation when he took office losing hundreds of thousands of jobs every month. He's he's now worth to reflect consecutive months of TARP rope. Obviously they're not necessarily the type of canes aren't that many Americans looking for nonetheless that human. Twenty economy is something he's should be credited for. And whatever comes a report picture. Where there's repeal and replace what is not repealed effective that this is the president that got us to this particular report. The past fifty years we have talked about Health Care Reform. But this administration's the one actually got something done. So just to play what people look at that here this is Andrews Air Force Base. That. Can't we all remember yes we can. And I noticed the first former First Lady go blue. Actually very pointed because I think she was choking back tears she would. She's someone who can kind of hold it down but it seems to me listen guys it's. That's. Very understandable this time. Lights are not as. President Obama's legacy a lot it will also asked him. That he is staying in Washington DC and I think there's. That if he becomes. Sort of it if he comes viewed as just too partisan to be partisan. That that could tarnish his plea. If eastern toward all things you're talking about it could only help him grow. In his post officially. Got a fine line to walk he recently said he you know he's he's very young. Ex president 55. He said it views and around the house plans to build who has his wife as word of that would be good for anybody so he's going to be out and engaged in the world in these maps and questions to wrestle with the bat I engaged he he wants to be about current events that would that would break with precedent Lee's recent president we're. Don't forget Jimmy Carter and he's been a very active he has an active at present but not really not not if not jumping into every single current events issue of the day in and totally into national not to absolutely so look at distinct does battle right says you know his legacy if he's watching his legacy be dismantled. Does he speak out having these are really interesting questions. Jimmy Carter. Left with a sub 40% approval rating in it was a one term president.

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"ABC News Digital panelists Farai Chideya, Amy Holmes and LZ Granderson give their thoughts on how the Obama administration will be remembered. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44927003","title":"Obama Legacy Will Be Recovery from Recession, Affordable Care Act","url":"/Politics/video/obama-legacy-recovery-recession-affordable-care-act-44927003"}