Former officers speak about police and communities amid nationwide protests

Two former NYPD detectives discuss morale within police departments after the Black Lives Matter movement reignited conversations about race and policing in the U.S.
9:45 | 10/01/20

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Transcript for Former officers speak about police and communities amid nationwide protests
Let's take this conversation to our virtual roundtable today and we're happy to be joined now by mark Claxton. With the national black law enforcement alliance and he's a former NYPD. Detective and Robert Boyce former NYPD chief of detectives now on ABC news consultant thanks. Both for joining us both veterans that police force that great police force in new York and let me begin with. Robert Boyce. Or so we've heard for Rachel and and from some of the voices there that side which is. Capture the country and so many intense ways. How is morale within police departments do think if you look at police departments across the country in this moment house morale. I think is is there were cops probably worse and see. And this is not only NYPD. And that's where Gary trump the the American at least he's X. And his reaction shoes cost on the you know from the protests so we look at I see you laurel run or two x.s and sees it. So we have to come really political leadership to send us anyway it's important for us. It's like and you taxis Earl cross country people and people in an endless war and they're really concerned and exit. So this test is change we need leadership and ultimately. And Robert ominous start my question to you that Margaret and also want your take on it as well that do you think there is. A systemic problem with policing in this country and what kind of a role if so do you think race plays in that. Well I think this is senator congress. And in an area. Like you used. Yes there is a recipe when I'm when we got to have a strategy to about it. I think we can trading with the escalation training and rather nicely mental listen street. Oh yeah we get into it mindset where you'd be. To be balanced clearly street we going to mix and I understand the concerns. Protests hasn't in what is. But we need we need something. Political leadership. Across the alien don't people solicited. Right now in what people do not trucks. No matter. City Council and also lose its news. Oh mark your thoughts. Significant problems. With the trusting their departments let Cooper communities. And I think our that probably the last four games aren't you aren't. You want me at air and arms discussion about what role that race week. Any enforcement throughout the auction will eat eat beef early season around the around clergy and their oil from tar sunrise this isn't sure. And utensils. Lot of issues through peaceful. But I think we all we can be lit by our individual. Organizations there to teach you being. Remote as being beat problem or injured in many cases. Those whose solutions or eat crow. They include cleared an important part in pursued in the movement sort through all those discussions. Dethroned. A polish or at the news but admitting ways no. Keep the main. Oh blocks to eighty. Who the eagles' first single stations that are. Planning. City government. And if I could follow about mark and and Bob as well. This moment had brought to us because of this rising in the streets this black lives matter movement. And all of its ramifications and demands there's also a blue lives. Matter movement that has risen as well it's always occurred to me why can't both be true but how significant. Do you think that is blue lives matter in this equation in this moment. First it below or else. Borough it is ridiculous. A movement in Jackson didn't mean who would induce the importance significance. Let rob will be so much matter. Look just who the human he emulsion if aren't. Statement of black. Arnold. You know bigots asserted that when people are who you police sources. But Sarah CB queen. The processional positioned there employment. Would be no entity it seems so black people so the first bidders go who. Blew their job. Glad you are so that people let's human beings need my own server. So it is significant. And important in our possible. Well police and community in new gear come to grips. You deal with some harsh reality based in progress. But keeps you there we're trying to create center sub center. Look different races people who just the separate just so the people who clicked sir protect. Well said I learned something every day that would let let me ask Bob about that how do you feel about that. I think I think we usually see organizations like look man you see people's Syria. Beaver. And I think and don't think anything can in law. Rule singles. Went equity society and would fairness. And so that's where that's coming draw. ICCO. Three homeless hopes ended in the last couple months on these protests so I'm I think that's voices coming up Griese or. I don't dismiss. I think coolest thing at all went well we opposite book and sent right to establish. We need to regions released the we need leadership medicine Lenox plays when we needed it and we see that happening now it just how. And hopefully this will. Something possible. That don't want to fourteen. Sober person or two whose murder. I don't want to see these crimes Ecstasy now. A law almost since the shootings and 40%. These are real people do more experienced this we need leadership here the rupiah fall. So all old what's her through. And market seems like at some level there's a lack of humanity here were some people see someone with a uniform a badge and gun. And they don't see that there's a human being wearing that uniform that at the end of the day is gonna go home to their family and at the same time. I personally have seen police treat people in front of them as if they are not human and not worthy of any respect. And that feels like it feeds on a very negative cycle so how do you fix that. Well first book aegis program in unity. It could work with cheap horses in the case. Is this sort that that is to see each other human beings look it's the that are seeing what vulnerabilities. And exposures. Indeed willing. It's really expression can marry you indicated that some heat really drilled in as a police sources as well look. Just as we are we wouldn't what are your homes any. Use solo artworks are. Serious who we're posting eighty current personal but it gives these sources. The dangers that are engines built into the job that so. I was sick to her wisdom in diligent and professionalism weasels. What are the singing little. Compassion sort civilian population. Ito bar suits my sons my daughter who's sort of remind they. So much as I told you support of the bar. Respecting their professional police slow gross. It into. Email in the request for an immediate use a black matte respect our email you well know what does he placed an excellent law and human right. Our number one belongs well before police sources use protect and preserve human. All human life. I'm. And defund the police that is one of their demands that is a rising out of this movement you see it. In politics being talked around about and people saying that there's been too much money flowing into essentially the weapon as they should be and the militarization. Of police force in the United States too many problems try to be solved and that kind of force. Robert Pelletreau what do you think of the defund the police call in do you think they've got a point. Even it is not be funding but did resource have gone too much in one direction. To solve some of the problems police I was asked deal with every day. I think the only two police who say right now. You're reducing at least she. Uses three news your view. As much as you can understand and didn't. Beat out. At least which you do. So I think it's Ed program and policy. I'll I think big not hiring. New classes to take place mostly right now isn't really its so is that the idea. It's it didn't lead through. And that's that's who we are right now it's an even if you see news until someone steps. Leaders and this is enough this hour here. Turning yeah.

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{"duration":"9:45","description":"Two former NYPD detectives discuss morale within police departments after the Black Lives Matter movement reignited conversations about race and policing in the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73371453","title":"Former officers speak about police and communities amid nationwide protests","url":"/Politics/video/officers-speak-police-communities-amid-nationwide-protests-73371453"}