Pinatas and Politics: CA Primary Means Big Business for Pinata Makers

ABC News' Rachel Scott goes inside the LA Pinata District where Clinton and Trump pinatas are being made and sold.
19:28 | 06/07/16

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Transcript for Pinatas and Politics: CA Primary Means Big Business for Pinata Makers
Everywhere and Rachel Scott here for. A California. And I am hanging out and that can you not district and these guys look familiar yes that is Donald Trump mrs. Hillary Clinton and Kenyatta and then aching and I hear I didn't even Kenyatta head and they are kind of know. For the guys are credible. They have been making and not at all political season. With the candidates and it's pretty awesome so I'm going to energy issue guy. Cutler rent but that they love you're not alone in this world and I just before we start I wanna show we got. Because it's huge. Like I said beer and that Pena hit districts I didn't even know there and this is being and that could not district and there are hundreds and honest here everything and I think you could be right there at the American yacht and nothing. Back my hot and mean and here we have a Donald and nada. And so in California primary learn how come up with the idea to start making. Not. Around candidate. Actually had been at the man customers had followed him since last summer we had been inundated by phone calls. Required request in Donald Trump yet passed so we had been actually workings and Skadden. And that late quite popular. We had. We inhabit the spring styles we have let agent Mary style with she's much more CPU without custom made what is required for Atlanta and forgo processed meat in them. And in her life there and funny in what it's unique up. Our products he respect each wine because it's handmade so and we all. Make them so did not it is one of the precincts each warrant is they'd be for an independent how what we're live our view unions and parents we get rightfully say here we. Make him a lap. You know that seeks full alert you. Mark had entered the city facility parents. And used the actor thing you can customize and so are you then use the about port Donald Trump did not right there. So it all on what the customer one has anyone and I think I'll I need a donkey they both company. And making member independent what. McCready request but you've been getting actually he faced the dark days wow and so cool your type of customers and people that dislike liberal talk. Or is it people that just kind of want to can not happen. I'd been there. It's been quite interesting and we have been crappy the only CN. That I'm me. People from NATO I would assume that 24 to thirty far right. Why eight agent dated him meaning elect highly educated and are. Burke to a request like custom orders in the ballot because though the price in the cock quite a bit more and in the generic. Until we see people and their meal like me now from eating fine five. We seated in the airy being spilled fuel opt out neglect at both the board. And they ECB they canary it much more to have farms destroyed and wrecked and fat that after warns that they could be people who are pro. Out from four again in back they just don't active breakdown or acting Kiet do. Cooking with you give these ads yes and Diane he she is she. Not. Some tissue paper how long do you think he egging me. In the profits. It because it's. So I think he's about a couple of days accompanying get made you can start from median into and and people just order wine or ordering. Or act went or angered at it at a time. 500 hang on that why he not idiots we had him yet actually recently. Aaron that a that was the last one ordered that they went 500 and what. I sort of demand I imagine that you have to hire more people healthy and I'll I was talking felony record high Jeep that the earth and into the end yeah. Not an odd that he is and so I felt that the Hilliard an opinion on have you been getting orders her Bernie's standards as well he hasn't. But not nearly act that I don't front you know what went but I that we had seen in its. You know usually we do sell at a port. Children that peck are different characters yet if and when they come here with their parents and exceeded on the tram and they change their minds at all. I think I haven't Donald Trump and that is. Carrick and that they're looking to purchase port which is declining interest in in. Like at nine year old is expected want to have doubts from its its very funny and interesting. So everything is made from tissue paper and getting. Close up look here out of there working on this Kenyatta even everything from the hair. The jackets. And ties I just grabbed yellow paper and packaging paper in there and get things have been shocked Donald Trump's hair. After hair I fear for anything with an ironic pattern it is and. It's something that. I am there with last year it was incensed that I and he gets I had. Immediately west and I went if and when we tried the values he. I'd active art. In the half men have been doing this could happen but I don't. I turned fifty. BA would do director Wanda Cooper write them of the work. Still I independently try didn't just start working deep green it needs with the patrons when it just. He's got you know discount laughed till I if recipe for you enough how we have had been ebitda com. Lee's own Lou that the longer. I added today we lack I think Donald Trump would maybe be happy with his ears back here here's Alan Dublin got. So what is belong it's part of this process that is it for acting mayor get faith in the cheek this guy he's all that. You know because let me see you can see on that particular winds. That that cheeks and this one here well. Ha yeah. Crews can see that so we we make that takes. And ends is that in all of that -- and the valiants an island. That takes from them what kind. And everything it's got them I think even the now looking at different lists on all of these Donald Trump hasn't hung out there all of either. A little different and then of course and cannot forget Hillary Clinton here and well. And yet you can my. Oh yeah well yeah. And we have to happen. That epitaph for more. VA payment yet Betty. We've got a book about nicer 1%. And happy. Triton and this idea. Kate you know the idea of creating. I know you're one of the Kirkland to do it in the not district Berkshire went back to back part. That what sets apart in the appeal that level he'll again be down. Got the border are and he did like him. And that is he lying just and in doing that still hold. Actually in each that we work on. And I put that sepia and it's fun it's fun to do to see something to come on my phone. They favored in cardboard and self. I have to act is the California primary duty after Borough idea at half. And do I've been around 5 o'clock it. And so do you see yourself keep selling going to continue he signed it and knocked around it and different abatement. But he heard me you know like it's the unity the art thief that he had really got to end. Have the approval to open at Latino. A bullet quarters. We have actually had me in the AFC. It's yet to see all this stuff that yes it and insults to the community so he's not we're right back. I didn't even seen any of that women who are labeled with where he aptly. And being in you know the community here are your and you know offense you can district. A lot Latino. In the community what are they found about the election what are they saying about the California primary. Well when it's added that with the law in and who through the world and you would have their eyes on our region he feared the it means that it becomes morning company. You know an angle along the the process and we have gone through and no one actually fees that it was when he gets little. Markey the election. And I use that I mean an and that only makes it can be found that makes it that Alan she's Colonia and she's born here. In an earlier when one is united in it people and this is not what he thinks we aren't unique 58. We march 30. Let facts fifth that is you know what I'm Fred this month of and it. Say you're pretty surprised by how fine on you don't front yeah I'm in Atlanta before it pretty scary. And don't when your customers come into our top prospect that I know the one thing that you got an out and I am at me they a lot of people in the plot that we let let. By talking about you know Soledad the civil ways as saying yeah out. Got something setting me peace accurate you know and then full or I agree with certain being fat I don't want to see him. But what is surprising is when they do with PM surveys on the night he has come way ahead. So my interpretation that is that people may save them the Indian Latino being oh part of them itinerary. And leave here at present. He wakes don't know via apple exactly. They will take it all wacky Cecile that be speaking that that's what we wanna hear. But and you can maybe they're not be supporting him so you know so it is very interesting to pull profits. Her arms and it indeed. And so at a business level I have to ask you FY and it Donald Trump went for Hillary Clinton wins will you continue to sell in not yet from. Yeah yeah. So you could be your thought that the probably money maker for you aren't yet public hearing me yeah. Definitely I am not staying in the hands on to become pregnant bank these. The it's going into the election. He will each had item. And it definitely seems like it is I just want to kind of stay on the shot here. He is making it an oddity combined you cited does take a long time and right now she's working on the face an ace at this is one of the hardest part about greeting Quinones and making sure the space. It looks great is this going to be you can not an act any special designers are the big goes maybe the cot that she upon our. It I mean and it doesn't take a while at the long process and everything is hand made for those guys and eating Jess joining us here. We are in the Kenyatta district at a meeting and got and they are known for creating an audit of the candidates I'm throughout you can eat we have them working on. Adonal truck pinata as we speak. There are. Opting out of right behind the net and their number one back dollar. I do it actually goes some evidence and I think that also hear the ambient house and a and so we got those. Now we under the protection. Out foul it. And we're sugar even Kenyatta is hanging. From from the feeling out you can speak. These are smaller. Truck could not is that they're going to be shipping and obviously the larger ones Dallas here if you did it in order to make a grind day a huge trunk. Kenyatta maybe like five the do you think you could put a lid on the it and it was when you bigger than the quiet and eat it can be now. How did and that's incredible act the and we do we have these and then steals and not only that let the people that we work we act like we do that. A national props and actually that most Obama V god come from commercial truck tour. Mobile. So we used to do in large items so. That eight to ten feet in some in that would manage it well and you show them. No they want it letters from them protection and if someone wanted to order Y and all packed with half half staff and news. There was one item that was almost. 700 dollars just issue that overnight due. Not to beatings going to be here I'm via. The just a shirt that she being cost. And happy you're I know this is the Kenyatta districts are those of you that have not been for the not a district there are the yacht store it all up and down the street. Conduct that it's really beautiful to see actually the collar I bragged he had been very color all it's very lively. And people still are caught on the idea of making and you know. Can not and. The actually. Regional though I look at it that may do so in makes its idiot who wrapped up with that being and that they had. In that last summer fat eat eat this do you. Over a fever and that's one she. Jumping at the wheel or possible where I mean no one but making that maintenance Macbeth as we do that's the border and that's what and that. And that. When you have someone assessed are saying you avenue Kirk on the team now that's probably in the making would have been what Indian I think you do that either item construct being aching. Pinned on I would advocate. You know we will record a process that acting bat in in that case. This young lady in Manhattan that she's an excuse and she's funny and all 89 we allowed people that would get it from project so these these death. Capital aspect and more people that we work with. Still in this game with with her act she just happens it is her nature still she uses a ladder that ideally the dukes press hurt south. An addict and makes it is that seeks certain way back titles that you heard the ideally he'd who do you use her own imagination. So that makes it. Egypt in a unique necklace in each one needs deer in the Brendan. Well there's. Because it so when I found him. It just you know we give them the basics he spent finger on it managing agent you on our teeth. Think consideration to come out with items or who finished practice. And it is paper and shape ray so all you were amusing to creepy and cool little. You started. He didn't. Our poll and decently. And how could they say if you didn't any and then. That we soul. And it's still you know five years and still pretty act. You have to say they sign we. Pay C. How many have soul. So party. Can't exactly you back I eat an average hike and (%expletive) and we probably need to win. We had gone through different speeches being last year richt actually. In out me and told completely. OK and completely. Pump. And we have. Clinton. We album. And they I think that you're examining bear perhaps let me be at least six or more. A month which is that lets them in any hand me parade still back we have been in an EB forty feet deep among. I'll also imaginary and asked him maybe about twenty I truly pan with. So after she puts us on an actor Matt would come to paint you know yeah BP in its EP in DC good that the shall be pretty that congress and we live here in the plan is aimed at. But it is obvious you you've got it right. I have to say this process it is extremely incredible handmade. You know trump pinata with Clinton on and I use that not represented. I don't know when they could be coming in and of course you got to be willing to make I wanted to thank you for giving us kind of the behind the scenes look at how that how this works and how that happened. I'm gonna show our viewers what I love this of the trumping audit and making your act and meeting Kenyatta and like I said before it even happened out of your views will be smaller truck and odd as that they're going to be shipping out to people that I requested. Andrews and here hang an out we have that Hillary Clinton Kenyatta. That they will be finishing up soon and then just weren't trampling on he's our air bass. Sellers. And you know one person that I didn't ask you. It is how much all these more don't than. Highs range from thirty that I did there 200 anti dehydrated and whiny depends on how much details. You know some of them one within. They makes me anybody if you think American graves made America great yeah hats that six that still can be big and let it go by their parents. Well Laura and I just want to thank you so much for giving them time to look at me and obviously being you guys are making thank you I'm mission you got one last look at the store. I would just you know they just specialized in mean everything here is Kenyatta and Paula Earl Woods beautiful we're in the Kenyatta districts. Here in. Down on the Angeles. Urged. Timed in Thailand he. To say that I I love it here it's amazing and beautiful and so colorful oh. I would always driving here I was just looking outside and I just couldn't believe how many out of her comedy Arthur actually in the not a district. It is California primary day. Sell everyone in California is going to be voting today there are six primary being held today and these guys are selling it means that these two are on the ballot guys we have Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Bernie Sanders. So I sign up right here next that. He's got. ABC new vision all I'm Rachel Scott.

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{"duration":"19:28","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott goes inside the LA Pinata District where Clinton and Trump pinatas are being made and sold.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39681105","title":"Pinatas and Politics: CA Primary Means Big Business for Pinata Makers","url":"/Politics/video/pinatas-politics-ca-primary-means-big-business-pinata-39681105"}