President-elect Joe Biden to make cabinet picks

Biden is moving forward with transition plans and naming allies to key posts.
4:49 | 11/23/20

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Transcript for President-elect Joe Biden to make cabinet picks
For this moment to end the politics of the transition and one what's ahead let's bring in White House correspondent Karen Travers for more Karen. You're covering the trump White House and the Biden transition and and I know you are looking into both so. Who else might we hear being named to cabinet positions in the Biden administration what does that tell you about war look at. Big announcements from they president elect Joseph Biden and I think it says is that he is first just plowing ahead even as president from does not conceding this race and he is getting ready to step in on January 20 there's also a sense of stability from some of these picks these are people who have long experience in these positions Joseph Biden says there crisis tested and the people that have ties to hand so let's start out with a couple of not yet out of hand or my work gets kicked to be the secretary of Homeland Security. He is an immigrant's born in Cuba brought here as a refugee by his parents QB the first Latino to serve in that position. President elect is also tapped admiral whole loans to be the Director of National Intelligence. And Terry she would be the first woman to lead the intelligence community you mentioned Linda Thomas Greenfield shall be the ambassador to the United Nations if she is confirmed. And Tony blinked and as secretary of state and complaint does somebody that is a very known quantity here in Washington he's somebody that has very long ties to Joseph Biden you work with him back on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He was a top foreign policy advisor to Joseph Biden when he was the vice president. He later served as a deputy secretary of state so he knows his way around foggy bottom and the people there know him very well these are all very critical positions for national security and foreign policy and Terry of course is you know all of these positions have to be confirmed by the senate. Right in the hands of Republicans so far was together as Georgia run a Moscow and also sent an continuity there I was like a third Obama term a lot of has been coming out of the Obama administration let's turn now. To the current president what he's up to most Republicans calling for president from to concede the election. What are you hearing from the White House. Now the president still has shown no signs of conceding this race but Carey's showing no signs of doing much of anything recently he did for a sentence in the three weeks since Election Day in over the weekend was mostly spending his time at his golf course out in Virginia this of course is coming as there are more prominent Republicans now saying that the way his team is playing out this legal process is not going well just eating a reality there Chris Christie an advisor close confidant of the president says that his legal team is a national embarrassment. You have the Republican governor of Maryland Mary Hogan say it's embarrassing that Republicans aren't stepping up and telling the president. The reality and at blocking or trying to interfere in his own efforts now to overturn his election results. We'll see what happens over the coming days but the president is expected to be very quiet at the White House ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Hidden in more golf no doubt and I misspoke I said most about it does more Republicans like. Chris Christie and others are coming out to trump campaigns cutting ties with one of those attorneys had. That have been organist Jimmy Howell put on quite a show at that press comes Rudy Giuliani last rig making a series of really falls stands crazy claims glued Georgia's Republican governor Brian campus to launch. Trump supporter was all part of a massive election conspiracy campaigns now lost. Thirty tort cases along that around the country how long can this go on. Yeah I mean they're losing ground after rounding court at this point and say you know there'd been some stunning moves by the trump White House in the trunk can't pull. But distancing themselves from a lawyer who stood at the RNC last week with two of the president's attorneys. And saying she's not a part of our team really ranks up in the top five I think and really incredulous moments from this group tied to Sydney Powell clearly cross the line thereby claiming her as a Venezuelan plot to take away the election from the president in the Republican governor of Georgia was involved in this. Are you kind of get this sense that at this point given how much they're losing in court and the ski eating statements from these judges to getting them dismissed. They're getting smacked down in court to get some as just seems aimed at appeasing the president turn the air showing him were doing something. Even if the writing is on the wall that this is not going to go anywhere now how long can this go they can say they're gonna keep piling heroes but seeds are starting to certify their elections we saw Georgia do that at the end of last week. Michigan's board a canvassing as he had their meeting today. Deciding whether or not they're gonna certify that race and we'll seeing going forward Pennsylvania and Nevada Wisconsin all in the coming days will be doing the same. That could be the end of the road for the president and his legal case. The big. Clock is ticking of the gang that couldn't sue straight as somebody said Karen drivers at the White House thanks so much.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Biden is moving forward with transition plans and naming allies to key posts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74366674","title":"President-elect Joe Biden to make cabinet picks","url":"/Politics/video/president-elect-joe-biden-make-cabinet-picks-74366674"}