President Trump sounds off at Michigan rally

The president calls for NYT to release op-ed author's identity.
3:30 | 09/07/18

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Transcript for President Trump sounds off at Michigan rally
We do want to transition they'll head over to the White House across town in Washington no doubt president trump is watching all of this in the hearings closely but there's something else. That has consumed the president and much of his attention the anonymous op Ed in the New York Times allegedly. Written by one of his staffers let's bring in Karen Travers is live at the White House and Karen president front was at a rally in Montana last night. Fuming publicly overall this Karen. At this with 82 for the president fuming about that. And not op Ed published in the New York Times on Wednesday afternoon in last night at this rally in Montana the president not surprising brings it up and says that. He thinks the New York Times should publish the mean of the person that wrote it haven't really keying in on. The anonymous angle of this he's very upset at the time allowed somebody to go and slammed his administration's slammed his leadership but not put their name on it yesterday. The president called the person that wrote this a gutless power take Ilyce. The latest act every justice. Is the op Ed published. In the failing New York Times by. And anomalous. Really had an ominous. Gutless. Coward is it's a virgin is it treason. Residents and whatever it is it's horrible to him and the White House is now engaged in a frantic and furious scheme who did it there is a scramble to figure out who it is. There's a lot of speculation wit and there's also a lot of finger pointing and it's already a White House where. Early Burton behind their backs looking over their shoulder to see who might be out there with that knife and this is not going to help that. Feeling of distrust that they're somebody within the administration that is trying to abort the president's agenda and can do it in not honestly. There's a lot of talk about trying to root this person out there an investigation there's talk on the hill yesterday about lie detector test. Not not clear they're gonna go in that direction but certainly doesn't mean that the water cooler talk it gonna die down as everybody points the finger and figure out who edits. And Kerry there is a growing list now of denials from top cabinet officials essentially saying it wasn't me who were some of the notable names on that list among them vice president Mike pats. At vice president like the secretary of state the secretary at that and the attorney general the list goes on and on and on it is evident yesterday coming out one by one. Incredible flurry of denials and Italy and they're very much speaking to that audience of wine the president said to be very pleased. That these officials were coming out and denying he was taking great interest in what each one sat so they're Hillary those denials. Very specifically to appeal to the president but I think when you can peel this back up after that initial. Larry on Wednesday when it was first published who is this senior the national it. Likely to be accounted members who could be eaten any many other senior officials and your back and see denials from hundreds and hundreds of them. Who work not for the White House to people they could work across the administration. Agencies departments. Not necessarily right here at 16100 Pennsylvania. And the white asked him more. Who is behind op Ed rather than the substance of the op Ed and of course Bob Woodward's book which is getting a lot of attention as well what the league that conversation for another day Karen Travers thanks so much. Joining us live from the White House we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"The president calls for NYT to release op-ed author's identity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57675499","title":"President Trump sounds off at Michigan rally","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-sounds-off-michigan-rally-57675499"}