Rep. Linda Sanchez on new immigration reform bill presented by Democrats

The California congresswoman discusses the Democratic push to provide a pathway to citizenship as part of their latest comprehensive immigration reform plan.
5:37 | 02/19/21

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Transcript for Rep. Linda Sanchez on new immigration reform bill presented by Democrats
Today Democrats introduce a -- immigration reform bill three of the biggest focuses of the bill are pathway to citizenship attacking the border back blonde head on and continued improvements to border security joining us now he is one of the leading members of congress behind this bill California representative Linda Sanchez congresswoman thank you so much for joining us today now this bill which whereas a lot of what president Biden laid out during his first day in office is one of the most wide ranging immigration Roloson we've seen in decades what's the reality of this getting enough Republican support to make this into a reality. We're here. Asking me but it carried a reality that we can't get what you're well for themselves in the last congress and were able to pass a number. He isn't immigration reform legislation which Republicans scored I think this Diller told my legs yeah. And I think once it happens conversations. Yeah me who wins in the well and why our country safer stronger and more our hearts are. It's just a matter to me outreach and cancer question and trying to address these parents clearly gets is the certain. No piece of legislation. Oh start looks like but while he's at legislation. Will vote and I he isn't getting very democratic process. There's absolutely no reason why did he hear her who took her. That's and you just said that a it earlier during a press conference and also just now we all know that when you introduce a bill often times the end result is not the same as the starting result given everything that's going on in our country right now between komen vaccines in the economy would you say this is the best time to present this bill and and how much of the original proposal are you willing to separate. Fights aren't just say tennis this is a common sense solution to immigration reform. There Harris played our immigration system for decades narrow it certainly had time. Most of the people who will be applying for citizenship through this process. Are already living a more coherent and united say many of them are essential workers who. The mood sort of broader Arab sounds that are purchased are innocent women who have helped us here for the elderly nursing facility. Who has. Pop music nations that are not strengthening our consumer who people who work there aren't perfect. The hearts of our community here he broke for her many families. And they error somewhere. Don't you ask any economist Baja grow our economy really are so yeah now it's time. And the bill lays out a pathway to citizenship over the span of eight years how to you reassure the undocumented community of eleven million that there information is in safe hands with the Biden government. Right now he's only elected to serve of course for four years and on the other side of that argument what kind of vetting will be done to make sure the people. Granted this opportunity are truly deserving of it. Well they're ever earth application process obviously there will be her background checks that are company. He knew he should. They're little beyond her parents are critics are concerned that the sorts she on the path of citizenship. There are currency reflection including with the Nextel and Sweetney. Yeah I'm most of the choke points. Of our legal immigrant son Angel and so are other problems that. We can't she ran from being separated from decade for decades or already hate serene look on. And this bill also includes a focus on the factors that cause people to migrate the price tag on it would be four billion dollars over the span of four years. Could provide oversight of that money to make sure that it isn't placed in the wrong hands of the very foreign government officials who share a huge portion of the responsibility for the conditions of these countries. Chara. She us. That is to perform any immigrant should help prior think it seeks to address the root cause it's one reason why people come. Can't create a plan she used. You know collaborated with the international community worker credit sector. Chief pretty. Benchmarks. And how governments try to review seems like poverty and violence corruption. Establish rule of law I don't know democratic institutions and it's okay. We aren't yet every continent's. Car and he's he will lose income nor we can't stand much tighter immigration. Yeah Blair who administration they. Try every school in the air and Britain outreach to make immigration. Sister did I didn't grow this onslaught and not more. Yeah we we heard it once again on a ball and that's not a solutions Marley crop. This number. And there aren't ambitious. Soon he should be sources have 18% share or anything. She that we are able to manage our horror and bring that that it it more prominent cruise. But yeah your confidence I think. It right. Six common sense. Policies. Well how six that's not want the ball all right so we'll see if you're closers are able to make it happen congressman Sanchez we thank you so much for your time appreciate it. My pleasure thanks very yes.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"The California congresswoman discusses the Democratic push to provide a pathway to citizenship as part of their latest comprehensive immigration reform plan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75984855","title":"Rep. Linda Sanchez on new immigration reform bill presented by Democrats","url":"/Politics/video/rep-linda-sanchez-immigration-reform-bill-presented-democrats-75984855"}