Rep. Martha McSally takes reporters' questions after town hall

After holding a 90-minute town hall in Sahuarita, Arizona, Rep. McSally takes questions from the press.
3:00 | 02/24/17

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Transcript for Rep. Martha McSally takes reporters' questions after town hall
A a foreign and some of it was whether people agree that number not. Specifically deleted scene border security and those that are have committed crimes. And we in the country. And I think provides a window for us to be able to solve some of these issues together. Woodson also. That's my hope and working closely with my colleagues and Michigan house and sent him to see if there's and we forward for us to agents of me. More difficult issues. The address some very legitimate. Issues. So bill Walters if so partner compact. Campaign. Do you think age physical all products and our ethics. So I noticed that many times in the past even before presidential was elected. Barriers have a role where appropriate of the 2000 mile border thirteen hundred. It is a river. In some places. Natural barrier and heavy like I mentioned to us on will be Grande valley yesterday is coming that is actually help slow down here. In the community that I represented an eighty miles of border. Some of the vehicle and pedestrian barriers that have been put up have created an obstacle that impacted me illegal activity. So where appropriate. Combined to be better strategy of technology. Sensors. Manpower at the right places and to be able to detect and respond. And deter. Cartel activity. That's my focus and so there are some areas that need some additional their ears and and I think we need to work between. Congress and the administration. Where those are and making sure we're good stewards of our resources that would ever investment making that's focused on Warner security. Addresses all these other issues related to strategies and it still isn't stopping cartel. He's you were concerned. Natalie this political. And nine months. The only filly and ambushed and I've been through the if peace fifteen and hearing from my constituents human hair faster and yelling. Is certainly not something minutes. Is in the top 100 of the typical candidate and their lives and at the moment in the military I certainly don't lot of hostility and so. I think having a dialogue and discussion we're we can actually speak back and forth it is. Important you. Over the last two years in many different ways we're gonna continue to do that. I think in some ways. Some people really want to cut off some steam some frustration that they're feeling and what am I on the front that I can hand again but many fingerprints and everything and that people want to take out there. Frustrations at that president. Kawhi programs of the government. Responsibility is to legislate my responsibilities. To move legislation forward and institute tax. Seven. And we've shown immediately it was two years. We're the opportunity to me today. With you know them. Rowdy at times but appreciate. Some individuals trying to keep isn't. Going into the town. A sign and if the individual. This thing. And for over an horror these. And we decided to move forward with this request that they use. And for Lincoln is meaning for the in fact aside the audience some. Testing is an individual's mind or isn't and they need these in the best we're actually in the we look. Ward again continuing to eat it individuals ever present that are very diverts in this heated. Again what use are represented here today that there are many sincerely hope you. Exactly opposite of what was hurt when people in the crowd. And I represent the diversity of the district is an event and make sure that people don't think it. Everything presented is that this is totality of the voices here just. In many different settings we hear her writing. And the frustrations and paints that you hear the hurt and people today. About half my sister was feeling that way for the last eight years whatever president and so this is just the diversity of at a community center present and we need to hear from all use and then move forward in my role as a legislator. Do you think that I can do that. Last us. So there's a lot of people that are concerned about their health care can you guarantee that repealing the U before Blair pack that they care act no one's going to. Be without health. Care for certain amount of time so I can promise you that those people with preexisting conditions are going to be able to get access to health care than any replacement this word is going to keep that. In place. People preexisting conditions Pakistan can. Under lifetime caps and leave it. And that we have a stable transition period over several years for those who have been able to get Medicaid expansion in the subsidies. But as we move towards different models provide them access to you. Health insurance and health care. That they'll be continuity and predictability and so this is certainty especially for those that are certain cry from its. I think diseases. That is than the major points in making to our leadership in our meetings are planning meetings and listening sessions is. But with all of its flaws which are many we do that individuals that have been able to get on Medicaid expansion and subsidies. And we've got to make sure that there's a Steve offering for that over several years and I'm searching for. Three years I think that's about the great number we can take another look at moving forward. So that we they get it a better to a better place and actually having better insurance and better up here is just because you have insurance does mean you have health care talked to many people. Who live in alien insurance. But they can't afford to co pay they can't afford the deductibles and east Texas or the networks are so small that they can't go to a doctor anymore and so. Our approach moving forward. Facing. It's providing more choice more flexibility. More affordability bringing the costs down. So that individuals can happen here that works for them and their family when they are in employer sponsored plan or they're in between jobs. Are there retiring early or they're setting up a small but whatever that is it's those individuals. Previously couldn't get access to care that has to be the focus and I mentioned that's like 6%. The a totality of individuals every. And the market is collapsing for that 6%. So aren't here is collapsing under its rate. And we are and rescue mission in order to transition to something better that house choice. Competition transparency in the community and health care needs continuity of colors.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"After holding a 90-minute town hall in Sahuarita, Arizona, Rep. McSally takes questions from the press.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45699973","title":"Rep. Martha McSally takes reporters' questions after town hall","url":"/Politics/video/rep-martha-mcsally-takes-reporters-questions-town-hall-45699973"}