Republican Greg Gianforte delivers victory speech after winning Montana special election

Greg Gianforte was charged Wednesday with misdemeanor assault for allegedly body-slamming a reporter.
8:32 | 05/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Republican Greg Gianforte delivers victory speech after winning Montana special election
I've had the great pleasure. Of driving over 80000. Miles all over this great state. Every one of our 56 counties multiple times. And we stayed your homes. Together. Tonight. We won a victory for our treasure state. Okay. Tonight we want to victory for all Montana ends. Tonight we won a victory. For our coal and timber families. We won a victory for our farmers and our ranchers. And we won a victory for our men and women in uniform. And for our veterans. Thank you. We won a victory. For our Montana seniors out. And we won a victory for our Second Amendment. We also won a victory. To keep our. Public lands in our public hands. We won a victory for every hardworking Montana family. Because their voice hasn't been hurt. And for a month tenants who have been left behind. Tonight. Montana ends are sending a wake up call to Washington DC establishment. A I. Wrong. Mott ten instead. Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi. Can't call that shots here in Montana. Okay. My tenants said. We're gonna drain the swamp. And we have a lot of work to do. And hard work is the way we get things done. And sometimes. Hard work. Is born out of hard lessons. Last night. I learned a lesson. And no place. I need to share some for my heart here and I just. Ask you to bear with me. And when you make a mistake. You have to own up to it. That's Montana way. Last night I made a mistake. I took an action that I can't take back. And I'm not proud of what happened. They should not have responded the way that I did. And for that I'm sorry. And. I should not have treated that reporter that way. And for that. I'm sorry mr. Ben Jacobs. I also want to apologize for the Fox News team that was there. And I'm sorry to each one of you that we had to go through this. That's not the person I am. And it's not the way all lead in this state. Rest assured. Our work is just beginning. But it does begin. With and me taking responsibility. For my own actions. You deserve a congressman. Who stays out of the limelight. And just gets the job done. Oh I promise to work hard to protect our precious way of life. I promise. To be open. And accessible. And based on Erie and put. I'll be your strong voice back in Washington DC. I've always considered myself more of a workhorse than a show horse. And that's why promised you. I'm going to Washington to get things done. To drain the swamp and fight for Montana families. I will bring accountability. To Washington DC. I'll support term limits. And and banning members of congress from becoming lobbyists. And I'll hold the politicians accountable. If they can't balance the budget they shouldn't get paid. No ballots budgeted. No paycheck. Washington won't like it. But it's time for America. And Montana to come first again. It just seems like people go to DC they drink the water and just kind of slither into the swamp. That's why we're not moving to DC. How can you. And be back here traveling to every corner of the state. As much as I can. Albeit all 56 counties. So that your voice is heard. You've always been on my side. And I pledged that I'll always be on your side. Montana sent a strong message tonight. That we want a congressman who'll work with presidents route to make America and Montana. Break I again. Thank you. Now I feel a deep sense of obligation and duty. To this great state work Susan and I raised our family. And built our business. Thank you. For your support. And this opportunity. To serve. Good night. God bless Montana in this great United States of America.

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{"duration":"8:32","description":"Greg Gianforte was charged Wednesday with misdemeanor assault for allegedly body-slamming a reporter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"47656293","title":"Republican Greg Gianforte delivers victory speech after winning Montana special election","url":"/Politics/video/republican-greg-gianforte-delivers-victory-speech-winning-montana-47656293"}