Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko calls impeachment process ‘unfair’

Republican lawyers for the Judiciary Committee plan to push back on Democrats’ claims that there was a crime committed by President Donald Trump.
5:55 | 12/09/19

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Transcript for Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko calls impeachment process ‘unfair’
Represented Debbi let's go old Republican from Arizona she's on the House Judiciary Committee will present a let's go thanks for joining us this morning. But questioned he was won't do we hear from the Republican lawyers to. Well considering had seventeen of the 24 members of the Democrat party and Judiciary Committee already voted to see here. For impeachment Al green's impeachment resolution. I expect we're just gonna hear a bunch of the accusations. Unfounded accusations that we've heard all line. Do we know what exactly the Republican mortgage their their strategy is going to be. Up against that it did at the lawyers for the Democrats. I think they're going to point out first how unfair this whole process has been how it's been pushed to. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want this done by December they don't care if there's evidence or not. And that there is no evidence of any impeachable offenses and that's the bottom line. There's no evidence none of the Democrat fact witnesses were able to identify any crimes that were committed. And I think it's important for the American people to now. That since Donald Trump got elected. Members of the Democratic Party and their allies have wanted to impeach Donald hunt. First they came up with the brush and collusion story which turned out to be not true. Then they came up with you know obstruction of justice. Net and they came up with quid pro quo detonated pulling instead oh we better not use quid pro quo we better use the word bribery but this whole thing. It has been a farce. But even the president's own and bastard the European Union cortisol and said there was a quid pro quo and that's what he thought it might pushing you know exactly that it was that sneakers that there west for the a user you read the transcript of the of the call when the president of Ukraine do you think he was a quote perfect call. I think that there was nothing impeachable at all and I think it's totally justified. For presidents rob. To talk about interference in that when he sixteen election. By Ukrainian people because that did happen no matter what people said their wives interference. Also I think it's notably acceptable. For him to talk about hunter Biden's role in the Ritz mount which was like who brought company known crap company. And even Obama administration's own State Department. What how was concerned about Hunter Biden working for berets not I think that it's all legitimate it's especially when you're giving so much. A tough one can't hurt book but the question is what is Hunter Biden working for a private company Ukraine have to do with. With holding military aid from that country much need military well beret. Out was that no one corrupt company and that it's that big it actually it was the New York Times article that said that charisma. Brought not only Hunter Biden the two other big Democrats in order to influence that so that they wouldn't be investigated against the corruption. I need this have to do with corruption. They were now one two B a corrupt company. Each and Marines got to bets the former ambassador to Ukraine said. Corruption and what is what Ukraine did it. I mean it was very well counsel for the president to ask about who drops him he thought all along that it was a crap company. I think it's totally legitimate for him to ask about this before it hands over a bunch of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine. You said the entire crosses has been biased and politically motivated with no basic standards of due process afforded to president trump. The president has had a chance the White House had a chance to partake in these impeachment here's the house and yet they be refused to do so so when you say there's no due process. Touch me about that what you think that. Yeah let's let's look at it. The resolution. That the Democrats pushed through said that the president could only ask witnesses things in the Judiciary Committee. Not the intelligence committee where all of the witnesses were going through. Well what did we pass so far the Judiciary Committee. We had a bunch of liberal lock professors talk about their opinion what is he supposed to ask that what's your opinion I think he already knows the answer. And today we have a staff. Number a staff member a liberal Democrat. Lawyer who is known contributor to Democrats and what's he gonna ask him what's your opinion I mean he did not have it some. All the good luck to attorneys had just like Democrats today though and you pass and AT and Iraq. Bluntly put when you're from the constituents here. Have you heard from them from premieres at a what are they telling you. Well it's apparent that who talks to me I mean people that support Donald Trump think this is a total travesty people that hate Donald's trap it out. Don't like to eat because I'm supporting something but the most of the people think this is that total waste of time. That congress is not getting anything dad. He wants to work together Republicans and Democrats actually work on things like securing the border lowering health care costs. I mean they just are sick of it quite frankly. The Republicans have argued these impeachment hearings are political theater whereas the Democrats say this is a plausible check on the president's power. If the president is not checked at this point what's to stop the president from asking for more favors as we heard in the impeachment hearings last week from governors or from other world leaders that could be. Politically motivated. It's just look at that's OK you've had Democrat members since the president has been elected. Calling on him to be impeached before there was any evidence any of any thing. Any had seventeen other that the 24. Democrat members I Judiciary Committee have already voted for impeachment why are we even having this hearing why did they just go from. Step one I want to impeach the president right after get elected to let them teach them okay present Debbie let's go thank you so much free time I appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"Republican lawyers for the Judiciary Committee plan to push back on Democrats’ claims that there was a crime committed by President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67596866","title":"Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko calls impeachment process ‘unfair’","url":"/Politics/video/republican-rep-debbie-lesko-calls-impeachment-process-unfair-67596866"}