Retired Lt. Gen. of U.S. Army: 'Wake Up America'

Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn tells RNC crowd that "crooked Hillary" should "leave this race now."
26:31 | 07/19/16

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Transcript for Retired Lt. Gen. of U.S. Army: 'Wake Up America'
Please welcome retired united states army lieutenant general and former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Michaels flame. I don't know how you follow and act like they want and wanted to rob who's going to be in. Next first lady of the United States of America another big round of applause for. A unbelievable and what an exciting night. I am here tonight. As a determined American who loves our country. And my message CU is very clear. Wake up America. There is no substitute for American leadership. Accepts heroism. America should not fear our enemies. In fact. We see clearly define our enemies. Face then had time and then defeat those that seat. To threaten our country. And our way of life. It darn right that's right good field. Tonight tonight. We stand together. As proud patriots. Who deeply in love our country. And believe in the principles. Of freedom. Democracy. And liberty. USA you darn right get it going USA. USA. USA get fired. This is about this time jury this is about those good future of our children. We know we know. That America. Our nation. Is their greatest country in the history of the world. Let dad never be a substitute. For America and let us sustain a conviction. That are contrary. Poles a unique place and role. In American history and American exceptional ism must never fade. But now. It is up toss. And you cannot sit this election now. I stand video as a citizen. A veteran. A patriotic. But more important. As an American. To tell you know. Sit tell you know that the destructive pattern. According in the interest of other nations I have are owned land. When Donald Trump is president. Trump trump may go. From this day forward from this day forward. We must stand. Tough and stronger together. Within unrelenting goal to not draw a red lines and then retreat. I do never be satisfied with reckless rhetoric from Obama clone like Hillary Clinton. Or. We must draw from a rich foundation. Of our founding fathers fight. For democracy. And lead our friends and allies. With Marty termination. They never reform. Let's come Dixon. With conviction and our beliefs. That pierces zero. The ideology of any people. Or any nation. That attacks America. America's way of life and are proud heritage of fearlessness. Encourage. Tonight. Tonight. American city of those one. Let's strengthen confidence. So overcome the last eight years. Of the Obama Clinton failures. Such as bumbling indecisiveness. Well follow ignorance. And total incompetence. That is challenged the very heart and soul of every American and single handedly brought continued mayhem. Murder and destruction. Into our neighborhoods until world streets. OK. You can. Okay. On this day are in this day. We start. To begin today on a new American century. Time when return our heads forward. Was persistent and relentless focus. On protecting. Our communities. Our families. In our country. Without our feet firmly planted on the ground. Am I holding individuals accountable for their actions. Equally and fairly. Our new American century does not risk his future. I'm political correctness and senseless hyperbole. Eat a. USA. You got it you got it. Maybe that's exactly right it's about this country it's about this country. That's right. That tie aimed at a time is now the time is now. To recognize our obligation that we have so world. An obligation to lead the world was unwavering integrity. Renewed strength. And on apologetic resolved. And with Donald Trump in the White House we all may tell America break out again. Are. You. For. Americans once traditional. I'm just being role as world leader is now in jeopardy. It's in jeopardy folks. The Obama Clinton duo. They failed are contrary. By defining America's exceptional ism and betraying our nation's history. In our founding fathers revolutionary. Spirit. That established America. On the principles of freedom. And democracy. American. American except symbolism was a core principle. When the United States led. And one our battles. Under this doctor and we let me allies to victory in World War II against Nazi Germany. USA. USA USA you have remained not help us. Get fired up. You are right. I love it I love it we. We are the first country to put a man on the moon we and. We ended the Cold War we ended the Cold War and we stopped. We stopped communism. We stopped communism's quest for world domination. As as Ronald Reagan's sad. As Ronald. Reagan said. And I quote. If we lose freedom here. There is no place to estates who vest. Is the last stand on our. US and I love it. Guys are great. Hey. Hey centerpiece. Of American foreign policy. Was once the protection of the United States and its people and dress around the world. Sadly. Sadly. Under current leadership. That is no longer the case this. Cannot stand. Perrier. Okay. We must recognize. We must recognize that America. Has enemies. In our homeland and abroad. And our military needs to be capable. Of protecting the nation. Vice finding and capturing our enemies. Though president must have the tools to deal at all threats that this country. And must have that got us to put than an action whenever necessary. It's. Donald Trump is that lead our. Miss it again. Donald Trump is that leave. We mosque re gain our ability to draw a leak. Crushed car and amaze. And our soldiers. Our soldiers deserve to hear from their leaders with clarity and precision. Too often. Waited too often. Our troops barnes' day bought are distracted. By trivial matters. Truveo matters about what words to use. What terminology. Is politically correct. And what bathroom too hard open up. Okay. My god. My god. War are. War is not about bathrooms. War is not about political correctness. Or words that are meeting let us. War is about winning. War is about one. There is no substitute. There is no such thing as a runner up and there are no consolation prizes. Our commander in chief. Does not draw our red lines and then reach juries. Okay. America. America does not back down from anyone. Or any thing. Okay. Yep that's right USA's. USA USA. You got it right maybe that is exactly right. Get fired off. This. Is about this country. It's up mount park monitoring. We are tired. Oval bombers and this. This has caused the world to have no respect. For America's word. Nor does it see your arm might. Let me be clear day. Todd Lang and displays of empathy. Towards terrorists. Is not a strategy. For defeating these murderers. As Obama and Hillary Clinton would like dostum the wave. Okay the in. And releasing. And listen to what I'm about to say. And releasing terrorists. Will not end this war. Okay. On the contrary. It's simply emboldens. Terrorists and it prolongs the war. Under Barack Obama. We have no coherent strategy to protect our citizens. And under Hillary Clinton there will be more of the same. You got it right. I. I am infuriated. When our president. Dan's criticism. On our. Enemies. I am certain. I am deadly certain that we cannot win this war unless we are free. To call our enemies by name. Radical islamists. And sad old tyrants. A because. Because of Obama's ill advised actions the world. Has lost faith in American leadership. And not threats are mounting. Radical Islam. Metastasized. Seeing throughout the world. Lack. A complete lack of American military readiness to face multiple fronts. I'm told cyber threats. They struggling. Pay struggling United States economy. Aren't able to compete with a burgeoning Chinese economy. Growing nuclear capabilities. Of China. Rush job and North Korea. And lost some respect. And confidence. Around the globe. Have become the best enemies and no worst brands. I'm gonna say that again we have become the best enemies and the worst brands and act passed a change. Okay. These next forty years these next four years will be consumed by it apparel is that we now face. And this so called red lines or reset buttons were utter failures. Any Obama Clinton failed foreign policy list goes O nine and and. We need a commander in chief. Who understands these challenges. And is willing to do whatever it takes to meet them head on. Our adversaries. Must never again mock. American will power. And we must never give them a reason. To doubt our resolve so when. The most the most damaging example. The most damaging example of the president's failure to understand the consequences. Of putting political expediency. I had. Of national security is the emergence of a crisis. We cannot continue down this path. More lives are at stake. Our very life. Our way of life is in jeopardy. Our very existence is threatened. What keeps me up at night. What keeps me up at night. Is this sobering realization. That evil exists. The radicalization. Of Islam. And it's barbaric cars. That uses modernity. Did influence potentially millions. Around the world to join their cause she keep us all up at night. We mosques we mosques. Take seriously. The possibility. That these enemies have weapons of mass destruction. And intend to use them. That's a very serious issue. We mosques. Understand and define our enemies if we intend to defeat them. America. And Americans deserve no less. Because Obama chose to conceal. Because Obama chose to conceal the actions of journalists. Like Osama bin Laden and groups like crisis. And the role of Iran. In the rise of radical Islam. Americans are at a loss to fully understand the enormous threat that they pose against us. Now is that time for a leader that is honest. And strong. A leader. That's exactly right. A leader who'll stand up for America. And make EA ego and make absolutely. Clear. And make absolutely clear that if you cross her past you will pay them Bryant's. Okay. Gotta. We and we do not need a week. Spineless president. Who is more concerned about issuing. Apologies. Than in protecting Americans. We. Really do not need a reckless president. Who believes she ism. I'm no long after. Oh. Locker room and it's right. Yep that's right locker room. It's unbelievable. Time believing. Now I use I EU's past tag never Hillary. That's what I news. I have called on Hillary Clinton. I have called on Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race. The George CC. Point our nation's security. At extremely high risk. Where their careless. Use somebody private. And I. Watson wrote locker room. A. You guys are good. Damn right. Yet he exactly right there's nothing wrong with that. And you know why and you know I know why we're Samad. We're sand out because if I. Our guy who knows this business they have spy did attack. A tenth of what she did I would be in jail today. And so. So. Did Hillary Clinton believes this race now. Season ago. Boasts more. Before I hand. Before I end. I won't repeat. My belief. That Americans exceptional heroism is very real. Let. Let us not fear what we noted the true. Let us not fear. What we know to be true. Instead. We should always remember that our country. Our country was bildt's upon Judeo Christian values and principles. A and instead and instead let us remember. The sacrifices. Of those who have gone before ops. America. Is unity. America is the greatest country in the history of the world. So. You darn right. So get ready America yet ready that now is the time to elect fresh. Bold leadership. Rob trump trump let's go come on. Get it going. We are just begin in. I promise you I promise you that Donald Trump. Donald Trump knows that the primary role of the president is Dick keep us safe. He recognizes. He recognizes the threats we face and is not afraid to call them what they are. Donald trumps the leadership. Decision making and problem solving abilities. Will restore our America's role as the undeniable and on question. World leader. He will lead from the front not from behind. He will lead with courage. Never vacillating. When facing our enemies or our competitors. And he knows he knows. That the advantage. Donald Trump knows. That the advantage. In life. In business. And in war time. Goes to the competitor. That does not plants and does not broadcast. His game plan. A they. Donald Trump. Well execute. Don't fundamental Tenet of peace through strength. And there well today. And there will be no apologies. For our American exceptional ism or leader sip standing. Around the world. So once again. Once again you wake up America you can not sit this one out you cannot sit this election out. Get out your houses in get out there and vote. And instead. Elect Donald Trump has the next president of the United States of America. Sank. You very much and god bless America.

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