RNC Roll Call Explainer: What Just Happened?

Devin Dwyer, Rick Klein, and Shushannah Walshe explain the drama that just unfolded at the RNC roll call.
9:06 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for RNC Roll Call Explainer: What Just Happened?
Everybody and Devin Dwyer at ABC news lighting Cleveland just outside the convention hall of political director Rick Klein channel lost. We get some drama here they were dancing in the aisles just a few minutes ago on the convention hall. All of a sudden it erupted into quite a seeds of economic I've ever seen before were. Happened yet nothing I've ever seen before either what happened was that never suffers had their last stand and be did not get the boat they were looking for this gets in the parliamentary mumble jumble really fast. Bottom line is the only opportunity for never choppers those are dedicated to stopping don't pump. It to have their say it would be reject the rules package which would have you back throwing things at the chaos it's actually allowed delegates to vote their conscience. They did not get a vote on that on the idea of having they were trying to gather signatures should for the right alongside their trying to get together signatures to force a vote. They were denied and now it is over it. It was political drama at its height it's your right there and I'm b.s that it never trot delegates. Shouting roll call vote Bhopal roll call vote and that of course everybody else that is wields a party and will to Donald Trump. Which shouting back USA USA and the and the chair just went straight past the theft happened twice. To house the rules and what does that mean let's let the kids that they don't get their vote to possibly get the vote to go through every single delegate and that's we could possibly vote on the rules package. And then they could possibly better odds were so many steps mom buying delegates. But the per cent sales. But bottom line this was really an effort to embarrass trump. Those people who oppose trump the whole way and we're just getting started in this thing just literally gavel then a couple of hours ago and he felt united for a couple hours and Mike Pence its election seem to change the tone tenor. But a lot of this has its roots in months and months of back room negotiations and discussions and efforts to try to stop them without and there are a lot of people an unprecedented number. For a convention it's not contested coming here with the express consent or express intent of defeating Donald Trump. They wanted to have that vote they try to get it done the committee level last week that try to make it happen on the floor now we're seeing reports the Colorado delegation has walked off the floor they'll be replaced by alternates. Receive reports of other delegates and other allegations doing to save and I just heard from the RNC counsel's office directly they will not reconsider this it's over. It is done and really this was embarrassment on a national stage to save more embarrassment. They did not want to vote that would have had hundreds maybe even a thousand who knows delegates on the record saying I don't want they'll not be the nominee since that they'll take the shouts of shame shame shame they're going on right now it's just is there any practical impact now that this law avenue and obviously some fireworks here but it sits early. What's your take and what this actually means on the road here. So no actually that's the bottom line is that we've not now and cast this but he shows. The anti truck movement didn't mean anything big but what happened on the floor. We'll be on TV now going on in the first step of the RNC that's win not wait for the tiny victory. Now this greeted delegates movement this is media and only going on for a little bit but antitrust movement that's been going on for months they poured more money into the port. Their time into it finally got a tiny little bit of victory did they win to even get close to winning absolutely not. But that video is Aaron actually beat me I can tell you. The people shouting and roll call vote was not. Not tiny. Keep tiny amount of people on the floor still a lot of delegates screaming roll call vote and so it you know they made their points. Now lost control of his own invention before you start essentially this is that this is the old act and that is going to be the image and the people they were trying to shout down wolf although. They were wearing those bright yellow hats on the floor you saw the video of those were trumped its team they became cheerleaders all of a sudden USA USA to try to shout down. This that the folks and get these are Republicans he's on its Easter party loyalists who went to the process of becoming delegates. Came on their own time all the way Cleveland and they are shouting at each other on the floor to try to block the wrong nominee. So so last gasp of sorts for the never never from people as we get going back one person I have this is how his team trump. Gonna respond to your home and a Fort Drum skimpy manages this morning lashing out at governor case it for not being here. Do you expect any sort of response to these delegations Colorado of course already sitting in the back Ohio on the on the margins but. How do they respond to what just happened right now. All the rhetoric so far has not been conciliatory it's been we've watched them we wine. Never trump is never more according to rock that Paul and a fort the the campaign manager now for Donald Trump they have not been gracious in victory and and it back. This is that the bus that I've been talking delegates all over the weekend about there were opportunities here to negotiate something these guys. That Republicans again they wanna win they want to get this on there were opportunities there were deals on the table. Maybe they you don't blame either side but they didn't wanna get to this moment and instead you have this angry walk out people who are melting down at the beginning of. Put the entire convention into disarray that they had to go in and write a whole new rules package that it's illegal conventional course. On his trumpet in his speech tonight to their very glad that they're moving passes and they can say that they crushed the opposition. But the opposition is still they. And it's going to be of them that the actual wolf Paul that we're talking about is tomorrow and I'll tell you they're preparing for more warfare on the floor then because just because. It did the delegates are bound to have the vote that way doesn't -- individual they'll say I don't want that vote I'm voting for someone else and they'll make noise and whether they're recognized or not it's gonna become. Another distraction again tomorrow so we can guilt at least 24 hours of this before Donald something cleanest and that's about. And a vote just to remind people who aren't familiar that's going to happen tomorrow this roll call vote this would officially puts Donald Trump's nomination. In in place that makes it official of course he had that magic camera and talking about for months while 37. He's got the two of 37 this move would have potentially. But that number and shaking ground. And this movement had been whipping delicate scent calling delegate. And trying to tell them they can vote their confidence. In the roll call that today was briefly to what we expect tomorrow whether a lot of. Everett who is leading this effort. On the ground here and in it where will that person factor through the rest of the week. So there there were a couple of different factions that that that come at the plate and have been dying grant that circles that that overlap one of them was a group of folks who said all along for debt. Decades even that is a thing is bound ballot. They're just standing on the principle right. It's that including the national committeeman from North Dakota are currently hold when he's in it the guys that all right we should always be free to vote our conscience then that is a big group including the hopes in the Colorado delegation who said. We don't want Donald from and we shouldn't have this forced down our throats so because of trump they did this. And and that there's a ragtag group or maybe not erect a group of the cruise forces went like led like includes an Alley. Former attorney general of Virginia was very loyal to take through as it was going to be Cruz's top delicate guy. Mike Lee the senator from Utah when a cruise's closest friends in the world. They were leading an effort that was. Basically to say that the protests against top Al there was some thought the meeting took Cruz to be that guy gets into the nomination prison cell we should note is speaking this week. That's at a distance himself these courses you add up these three different groups of people and all of a sudden you're talking about a significant number of folks from from. Geographically diverse we have the leaders who defeated Colombia from Iowa. Colorado North Dakota people that came together on this point even some folks in Arizona which went overwhelmingly for so this is even separate from the end he just that the pure anti excellent sentiments. And a lot of different forces converging to to make that chaos. And just tickets answer that as well to take a step back and put some perspective on this historically we've seen. Senate outburst sickened if you conventions past you both have covered many. The word is this kind of fall in that's the type of drama we've seen in in the past. Well but we thought today that acting platform and rules committee to rules practice these are absent lately some media bears. Usually don't even cover them it's the only the really want to keep people to hang on to every word so you know women haven't seen something like this in a very long time I've definitely seen. Edit I got a text and a top Republican National Committee officials a democracy in action this is democracy in action. I even it in its ugly aside they needed to let it out there and ultimately. I think even if they had agreed to something that you would have had some demonstrations like this because the the ethics on sentiments of that severe and that's the over lights the party's been dealing with. For the better part of eleven months is that that they write correctly that was the year ago this is what they lose but they have in this last them. And Hughes are usually the plane is absolutely unified it. Round the nominee the presumptive nominee that is not happening and you saw about McCormack gonna see you tomorrow and we have. Three more days intense activity tonight and primetime action has even begun. We hope you join us here at abcnews.com. Slash live you can also join us on FaceBook across all ABC news pop forms. Reclined channel lost thank you so much and stay with us all the rest of the convention live from group.

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{"duration":"9:06","description":"Devin Dwyer, Rick Klein, and Shushannah Walshe explain the drama that just unfolded at the RNC roll call.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40677986","title":"RNC Roll Call Explainer: What Just Happened?","url":"/Politics/video/rnc-roll-call-explainer-happened-40677986"}