New round of primaries this week

Senator Bernie Sanders and former vice president Joe Biden have both picked up key endorsements. ABC News’ Zohreen Shah reports.
1:44 | 03/09/20

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Transcript for New round of primaries this week
We're gonna win this election. Overnight senator Bernie Sanders storming through Michigan. Where are taken on the political establishment. Rally crowds before tomorrow's primary critical for stopping Joseph Biden's momentum. And odd Tuesday. Date if we stick together we bring now friends out the vote we're gonna win it again. Sanders trailing by ending support among black voters landing eight flu endorsement from the reverend Jesse Jackson hurt us. I. Both but by in picking up several key endorsements to including Michigan's governor it was the Obama Biden administration that. Helped out the auto industry in our in our toughest moments. And because of that everyone in Michigan benefited at. And a former rival so join me in this morning's and let's get this done that are -- air is marking titans in ninety endorsement from the once crowded democratic field. Meanwhile president trouble over the weekend picking aimed at. They can't imagine why this reelection. But shouldn't we can only really like don't try. Re tweeting that they deal with the Biden's words taken out of context Twitter and then labeling that video manipulated media part of a new effort by the social media company to reduce deceptively edited videos. But Biden and Sanders may have more than just political attacks to compete with on Tuesday. Rolling fears about the corona virus threatened to deter people from heading to the polls in Washington State one of the biggest speeds up for grabs for tomorrow. Campaigns are also responding to the krona virus of course anything of campaigning you think it candidates holding baby self felines but Joseph Biden is no longer gonna worked the rope lines abortion cans with support.

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"Senator Bernie Sanders and former vice president Joe Biden have both picked up key endorsements. ABC News’ Zohreen Shah reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69479601","title":"New round of primaries this week","url":"/Politics/video/round-primaries-week-69479601"}