Rubio visits Colombia, addresses Venezuelan military

The senator spoke out against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.
1:26 | 02/18/19

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Transcript for Rubio visits Colombia, addresses Venezuelan military
The countries that support material not surprising. None of them none of them all of them throughout. Another Amazon is a democracy and many of them are owed billions of dollars that they want to get paid by the corrupt regime. In terms of the solution there absolutely is the solution it's a very simple solution it's called free and fair elections. It's the way the majority of the countries in this hemisphere and decide their leadership. And sometimes they elect people I graduate and sometimes they do not. But they elect them and they change them and that's the solution that's the solution called for in the constitution of Venezuela. And the reason why they don't have free and fair elections it's good Monday could never win a free and fair election even in his own home. One thing is to see human suffering. And other things to see an up close and personal and to meet that he won't hear the stories. What is happening here today. What is happening in Venezuela is a man made crisis of epic proportions. Not cop by natural disaster but by man made one any criminal regime and that is willing to start until its own people before gives up power. We are inspired by the people Venezuela. They remind us how valuable liberty and freedom it's. They remind us how important it is always preserve. And why we should be willing to fight for no matter how long it takes. I hope the people Venezuelan though they have inspired us in the world over fifty countries. Stand the people of Venezuela. And we will not abandon him so long as you on the side of freedom alerting the world and America to stand with you.

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{"duration":"1:26","description":"The senator spoke out against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61150606","title":"Rubio visits Colombia, addresses Venezuelan military","url":"/Politics/video/rubio-visits-colombia-addresses-venezuelan-military-61150606"}