Sen. Graham booed at event while defending Kavanaugh

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham told the audience that Brett Kavanaugh was "treated like crap" during his confirmation hearing.
3:14 | 10/03/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sen. Graham booed at event while defending Kavanaugh
If he's listening right now what would you say do better performance last night with disparaged person whose public and accused victim. Of all that. Supreme Court nominee assay action figure this out. Everything he threw it was factual he's frustrated nominees in. Trees so it was a personal degrading attack on someone well you know private citizen now here's what's personally degrading. This is what you get when you go to a true apartment hundred dollar bill. I BC this is not the first time this happened. That's actually a reference to something somebody's in our policy mostly owed to them. The bottom line is I know what can happen to a woman comes toward equipment arm. Dot report up was treated respectfully this Mitchell. Am glad she did it she was born born okay. So I have been a prosecutor most of my. The defense attorney and judge before I got this business for every woman that comes toward god knows how many never say a word. Take the paper. Sometimes people accuses them they did. So president trotman who is factually addition to that and take who like you know Elena. Not helping. But it can be works you can actually heal somebody's cat and part of their tires to get them to show so. You know. What he says I don't even if that means well and don't remember Kathleen Willey Juanita. Roberts that you don't I don't remember that thing about the cavett what what's the weather apparently and I don't look the point is that Donald Trump criticism and even worse it was only thing double and is that we've come a long way. We kind of a long way ours 99 are Erica is trying to find its you know what would you like it or not I really don't cater. Here's the point I've seen what happened to these one in 1998 aching for. I don't like with the presence at last night the first person to say winning here from doctor forward. I thought she was handled respectfully. El camino was tree like crap. Yeah we'll looters. Here's what I I. I would ask you I'm gonna ask you to please voters I was conversation we get capitalization. Right have nothing. I really believe. That Brett Cavanaugh is not a gang rapists and sexual predator are stumbling bumbling dropped. I really believe that and I don't hear we believe it or not I believe because I've known him for twenty years think the accusation. Was made. By doctor Ford and listen she was hurt. I think she was treated respectfully cuss everybody deserves that. I back up and say what have I can't have a location acting at the time of cooperating witnesses. Don't validate declined to actually go the other way. And everything else in the record I know about Brett have denies he's not bill Cobbs. And he's not Harvey Weinstein. This is about power easily do. It's not about sex. And accuracy or rapists and the gang rapists and drug when highs disease we don't get over it. So what this is about is power and every woman in the workplace that has ever been. Two provides a brick have has nothing to do things to say so it doesn't add up to me.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham told the audience that Brett Kavanaugh was \"treated like crap\" during his confirmation hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58258706","title":"Sen. Graham booed at event while defending Kavanaugh","url":"/Politics/video/sen-graham-booed-event-defending-kavanaugh-58258706"}