Senate holds field hearing on Georgia elections law amid voting rights battle

Sen. Mitch McConnell called the hearing a “silly stunt” and a “partisan circus.”
8:19 | 07/19/21

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Transcript for Senate holds field hearing on Georgia elections law amid voting rights battle
More than 140 million people in this country are pull or or one emergency away from economic ruin including. More than seventy million women according to the poor people's campaign now today in Washington DC dozens of activists. Took part in the woman's moral march demanding action from congress to pass all provisions. Of the for the people's act let's listen. And I came out of my two little girls have had tags. Mourners. Then again and again Marmara typical Smart people that and this largely discriminates against. Larry and women and people. Congress and the filibuster. That the and it wouldn't have the for the people act. In signing the voting rights once and for all the national level out and leaving at this stage some. Did it I is too much CNN's Larry and why has been limit voting right and then I think it's. Voting rights across the board at national. So honest conversation founder and what we need to do business of making. Secure and more secure. We got to make an old saying in class and it's coming your vote at least you can. Zeke easy voting rights today is taking center stage on the ground in Georgia and in Texas as well as DC. The senate rules committee holding its first field hearing in twenty years focusing on Georgia's restricted voting law. That cost the state. The MLB all star game meanwhile Washington DC and in the Texas capital voting rights advocate. Rally this morning while Texas Democrats kick up their second week in Washington trying to stall a vote. In their state five of them testing positive for coated despite being vaccinated. Joining us now a Tosh brown co-founder of the black voters matter find. Who is in the state of Georgia and Virginia Solomon is the president of the League of Women Voters she's on the ground there in Texas let's watch a let's start with you and talk about this unusual hearing in Georgia Mitch McConnell. Is blasting it as a silly stunts a partisan circus saying in a statement you have to ask yourself why democratic politicians across America. Are this panicked and this hysterical. Over a modest ballot integrity measures like voter ID which big majorities of and dignitaries and Americans rather support. So let's start beginning your response to that. We you know a couple of things is really stressed how disingenuous he is and it's and as he continued to allow people who believe its bottom line is. I question I think for meat would be. Why wasn't she opry. Well it's a Democrat and I'm Simonsen that Republicans eating cheering every hearing what is wrong with actually listening to all and about when. I happened to. Grab hold these what about federal legislation that is needed to protect and make sure that we protect. The ballots he knows that so really in in in. What do you say and another aren't being black and continuation of the blacks really focused on the issue in which is the voting rights of people are actually be an attack are now what was CNN Georgia museum all across. The leading we have here understanding. Of Regis beats voting suppress and deals are all is the fact that the bad Democrats can't leave from. A goal all the way to DC speaks to how intensity is back and he got class people lynch and all races and ages that are leaving were that are coming to DC. Are testing that. Is really stressed that he fuel refused and not. Here's an urgent it is because quite frankly it's a. Are that crowd are both suppression. That Virginia Texas Democrats themselves say they can't stay in DC forever and they don't have the numbers to block this legislation in Texas. From passing once they do returns so what's the point of this rally in Texas today. Well in hand is about is there legislation which is just so. Egregious that big acts it's great big has gambled seat legislature is all do our country so it's really legislation in search. And not. Next and to date we. Saying it's time to hit three star and in the jets and Eddie boaters these Republicans and Democrats we're seeing June Nazi are rolling right away if you do you will the. And Virginia on the federal level Democrats already tried and failed to move forward for the people's act. That was supposed to be democrats' solution to these state GOP backed laws now as far as the Texas democrats' efforts. I did have a chance to talk to Republican lawmaker. Representative Travis Carty and he said it's a matter of when not if the GOP bill gets passed take a listen. Are expected to come back the special searching go. Romo or call a special session will ease we will act on these priorities. And there's more creature or two people tax so my hope is. That this can be done peacefully. And that they rule the originally to waive taxes then we'll be back York. Virginia sound like Democrats are pretty stuck so what the next month. We'll eventually get. Back in there are going to be Shuler and attendants you continue some good is legislation forward but we're trying to urge to. Being Republican legislators to change their right. It is not least change your mind you write that voters are they won't face the wrath. Voters the ballot boxes and you know again this is. Over but who light and a how. They have the Republicans. To be assumed entrenched themselves in June leadership in power with amnesty because they seated demographics are changing and we hope that Republicans and Republicans of good will will come to their sense should. And know that the voters do not want it and this is again boulders where Republicans and Democrats we're seeing we don't need this. So politicians want it but the bulk. There is. Don't so you know they're ended the problem that we're seeing here is far greater than just what's happening in taxes it's happening around the country and we will continue to fight. This good fight because he knows every person should be able to have a voice and your vote in this country. Let's hash. And the president gave a big speech on this topic I know you also met with the vice president last week. So how do you feel that how the administration has handled this issue so. Our. You know I would just be honest and has gotten so we have federal legislation. You know the bottom rank is what she right now was attacked on all levels. Pristine state legislation. Ideals we ask we're seeing and saw Kristi and that the Supreme Court rulings. Come literally had taken away this read a section to the bottom right. And all we're seeing this for situation. His big black so we'll buy everything at it this article at the question is 30 let's just about above ID. This album. This is litter around. And I think I'm administrative process actually undermine people's access to the bass. And what I want to see is I want to see the administration. Every tool possible do you all wait. You know the president to really be able to push for federal legislation that's what we need in our court. Litigate ourselves this is to my seats frankly. I'm here to. And Natasha brown Virginia case Salomon we appreciate your time today both thank you. Thank you for happens.

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{"duration":"8:19","description":"Sen. Mitch McConnell called the hearing a “silly stunt” and a “partisan circus.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"78933920","title":"Senate holds field hearing on Georgia elections law amid voting rights battle","url":"/Politics/video/senate-holds-field-hearing-georgia-elections-law-amid-78933920"}