Tour a D.C. Chocolate Factory Making Political-Themed Candy Bars

ABC News' Katherine Faulders learns how the "partisan" chocolate is made at Harper Macaw Chocolate Makers.
22:55 | 11/03/16

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Transcript for Tour a D.C. Chocolate Factory Making Political-Themed Candy Bars
Everyone thanks for joining us on I'm ABC's cap and others usually ceemea either talking about polls or out on the trail with. Either Donald supper Hillary Clinton we're still talking about politics today but in a different way political chocolate. This is pretty awesome I don't know about you guys that I going to be eating that I think for the next five days I don't know how you managed to think so that then I would do. Good idea. I don't become election night cannot about the lockout with a lot of the youth. I wanna bring in the Colin Hartman you are the co-founder at harper McCaw this fine chocolate manufacture it were standing in right now. Tell you a little bit about. About your company annaly you know. They're so like he's ever finds other manufacturers were being to farming that we import cocoa beans. From the top arms at origins like Francis and a hasty import only from Brazil to do with refunds. We and what cocoa beans from farms are easing and of course you flats as much and psychologically sound manner of farming in the tropics. In the stoves run reduce the cocoa beans we add sugar start from the rocking the roads we drive down lieutenant chocolate bars not to be confused with the chocolate. So way. Top tier which is somebody who's won the culinary side in meltdown chocolate and buying bonds PCs and things like that so we're actually obtain raw ingredient in chocolate. We've been open for less than a year so not even hitting out one New Britain theaters December 2015 and launched. So yeah northeast DC and right now we're pretty registered in pretty locals there in DC and in the region right now. Of our viewers we have lots of we have six different types of chocolate bars everything from atop a bar called the flip flop her. To the filibuster perfect for Washington DC and for all of the political junkies others yesterday. I don't know like some like that's what we want it back to this and hop tune that about what exactly is in these chocolates why you decided to go the political route with these. But ours can we get a little bit its allure. Our and it we have to are hacks on by the way. All right so where we now. So this. Pantry kitchen area. This is where we. Mostly to see you at this point you up front where you we. Whenever we open on Saturdays for words that you are they peppered refused it was a huge defensive plays. We'll review. He's shown early bird bigger something like that but this movie moment Roberts. Of course we. And where's the you were restless you'll see we have that continue back. This week yes right now. Red zone killing I didn't mean for. We salads that is the main floor. And holding onto my political chocolate bars here. I don't want eleven gals has benefited. I have. The biggest case back. Where the majority of our processes happen and everything from the grinding the thought that down. Beneath an updated about the card packaging process. That's that's paper's go to scene where we start the whole process within. Pinned its hopes a little bit about which we were chatting earlier about the packaging and then the design right. Process here now of course these are just that specifically geared towards the political bars but even in line. Your your main thought. So we know only make political chocolate the partisan something else was just something that was his base in east in the thought. You know how can lead in this whole concept is being DC showcase needed it created ladders it's been successful that absent. Yes so we get permanent work with on any street east designers that you think task to operate. Whimsical. Sort of like that in me to design. And and we got. Something to you can it be DC oriented some you know you didn't see beyond our regular acting which may use later and just want when people drop towards the so one of them wanted to designers thought hey what we do something like going to put the question is is back mrs. You aunts. It wasn't quite program was asked about election. The union unity wanted to do it I hope we have the Donald Trump and I Hillary Clinton taking off right and so we didn't realize that this election didn't you divorce act. As a but. But we want this Easter we'll be fine to be cute and showcase you know again blanket that difference you see to make packaging that really. Looked on Cuba that also. Went behind it not just of the action but also the flavors. Different. Because millions or or later future use different ingredients that yet sprinkled on top. More that he. Well before those who tunnel to go completely deflated the red state records trickling back to me has is that he got art program exceed. Put operatives. Solved. When it's injured by. It's. Outfitting and act as a planet or teeing up these designs a lot of markets doesn't yet houses lately. He'll update our rating so here we are we only now. Oh look it's accurate you kids know this if you watching this but. I'm you know soured mart I didn't just great here yet so that's the small so cocoa beans are the seed of a of this tree called you from a house. And inside these pods that on the trunk you got the seeds. Those actually are extracted and fermented and it's a natural fermentation process and that's what creates it's really just being a Roma. Which is partly enjoyment if you probably think about the fact that texture aroma or so quaint B and chop it back later. But cocoa beans are seceded how to treat. They gain from acted in drive from instrumentation process than it is natural and then during fermentation process. Alcohol to break down proteins and all these things that happened during presentation you can always new flavored malt flavored. And tell viewers you know these beans and that the connection to Brazil I think that's a yes you guys me. Right so. He wrapped chocolate industry is really subset of the leaders industries it's what. Smaller new chocolate makers are doing Sunday. Source first ball from areas that are our responsibly. Farming so they're using you reach she drowned. Agriculture's. Forestry. Worth's source for matters that are not just right now we also crops that are that bars them more income. It got more different portfolios it's less risky and outline. Crop. They also pay more attention to the genetics fermentation process that results in much higher quality cocoa and in Brazil. It was a huge problems going to be that is the big problem 80s90s. Uncle and that's the age. Decimate the industry having been recovering from their dollars up user and six. Because of all that oh loss of these crops that farmers had no option but chopped down there nations. So then turns you. You know cattle ranching Salim you'll cropping that resulted in the states so my wife Sarah's from Brazil Pope partners that he wanted to do you know. Source from her her native country as we speak what he's good on these lines direct relationships. Which is pretty neat. Lot of other top makers US using central Americans out in public at least South America Ecuador's. Venezuela. We wanted to be used. Because actually resulted net importer of movies. Security a lot of outside. Write books out America. So we wanted to act Jerry Yang will also contribute to areas that suffered what you force station got contributions by. Funny yet so basically donate some gently. Hillary port users. Basically beat the force. Eighties the annex sports. Or preserves and let them. So it's part of what we can do to how the story is that have been you know. Dead degrade me was detonated partially. Birds. Yet fascinating fascinating thing that's rob Coble when you know an illness that broad street the roadster and yes this is we. House on this earth after it quote it. Like Cosby Colin yet it does its various it's very similar. But obviously got story from a tropical fruit then see if that they wrote. From its purse. And you rested in caught. Up your. Word but later which. You know really and acting process goes in one year Yuma. Who roadster gotten back. This case. Temperatures. Were very. The pictures and during this process up. Widget that further developing. Story. That but he. Waiver. And now since launching this political collection line. That the more work for these machines going you are off yeah. Salute yes right where a situation where struck these guys if that's coming up the tunnel Vietnamese. Then anglers and you're really and it's hard not to read an outing animates Africa did okay. So. The ground so yet we're finished with roasting right here how long that process usually take that growth and the what did plant a car going. Every rose profiled different you've got different temperatures different times off that plane and that's what's called the Roosevelt and it really points as the flavor. And then when situations we're so young. And be that we're changing ever so slightly to try to eatery grew that we. One week ago. The last thing in this new would've been do you. To take that snow off of those cocoa beans to possible when dealing we've basically wrapping it back. In keeping with book about it. Which is like that he. Suffice that you. Grind it out actually that buys and liquid so that's like belts and that. Oh that. He. Well that preceded by about this process is basically you're writing a book if putting it. Team that we prices down. Go. So yeah if you and well it will go this machine yes as in night you know this with a couple gigs go it sounds daunting and a nice you know it's like if not it's like a giant he's not under basically about a better yet. He's a very high forty presuming should cane sugars while. But in here from making a chocolate getting dehydrated belt and it. Process and so this is that this is a machine where it is it's differentiating between reading and making it dark chocolate or milk chocolate that's where you add. The different elements that made a difference up but I write about us yet that's that's the recipes developed yours though remain in. You know you've got a dark chocolate 75%. You meet that 75% of we so that's where you being here. Making me in the right but with this book club or talk up for example it's dark. The garden out so complicated and dark no chocolate was butter toffee and see solved my mind is the land where does the butter topping in seesaw haven't that the boys we got. Ice yet. Donna. Of these things start of Disney's high cocoa content of talk but it's really trying to change our perception of not talking tough times because it's handy it's for kids. Not good quality you can make it really really exploding but it's just got more vocal and it more flavorful it's ridiculous and obviously and killed case still looked accurate. Does that take more time to make something like that. The town that really I mean it's. Here you may actually be and it hurts and made it all figured out because they'll be means cheaper than of the particularly when you're paying three times the market the find it. So after we lined up at cocoa but it more finer. It goes into the aren't and that's as it's been mixing up talk that Iranians that the city the good taste and talk we've just done is frustrated and super card it. You want to know that out and make good. How people sitting quietly. Like. Large. You know fuel mixture and it's now that it's definitely not done it is basically beats up the topic walked in the report. There. Everybody here we're giving them final touches today head vocal labor. No they do here is dose that softly into the malls. So what we do here is if you look you've got John. But this horrible thing and suffers beginning at with the job that that's. And process really changing. The temperature from hot cool. Basically here here here. Struck that I'll we'll. But looking to make it. Worse evil so that with the size and at that nice. Guys who attempted to its opposite color diversity talkative but that white actor dome on top of it that is dominant ever. Cocoa butter and federal separate public I think gone bad it's just not right here. I can give you the right flavor and that's what did you know that's tempering and then it goes into office into the mold right here is well and then at this point you're making. But part I'd get over here inexplicable to me that so. Up talking talking which is not with the dark chocolate study by the side. We have got a job that we have the butter topping. Some salt and literally we would it have notebooks obviously and the east Brinkley. So that's where that's done yet this is where we at conclusions than it. Wonderful premiere they'd settle and that would who. The big humidifier bridges with the to make sure that it drives mean the only job with them. That's not a joke but and that's it. I don't know some of these might have about I don't mouth I could have repeatedly it. That's a good thing especially the flip flop yes and he doesn't know what Vivian yet. If is she is who actually it's not like you gotta love this situation going mine. It takes twenty minutes for the chocolate bars again although it here and so it's quite boring you know you guys are excited to see topic. Buying. In very slow. Natalie won't wait here for twenty minute right though are not live. I'm happy that topic is out of that tunnel. Ready to pack. And right now we don't have any sort of sophisticated acting mine thought that by Andy at age. Can postal would hope film that we is that has that some touts into it. We outside of arsons that keeps stealing so that there's still things that they don't absorb and you like weird aromas and outside environment means that they don't get any access humidity it's a gimmick that. And then we drop the names of those boxes the boxes that they. Wawa. Wow that's a little over my head it's more than that while lots off a fire that a lot of the federal moderately it isn't there and so I think the time has come to talk about these political chocolate side. We'll finally show you know the political chocolate bars so let's say you call it the we get to the Hannah that. He's my hat had to you call it the week on the very political collection right yeah I. We actually different things they call it partisan chocolate and as a whole thing like artisan chocolate. Or are now in the chocolate but like. On the peace with partisan talk with. Political action if you buy all six of them will that wrapped in my gun boat called the super pac both. Four Aaron you're an that's really funny and I love that. All right so we have six here riot be of the flip flop ever we have what are we have taxation without representation. The left wing. Explode. Too many ounces red state Tea Party and the filibuster. So six of them there where the inspiration come from port news. So. You know some of them we use. We had names that we thought would be great some of them had flavors that we thought would be made some of them witnessed extraordinary. Extra obviously it Tea Party. It had to dark chocolate and it's one of our world can't see real patients flavored chocolate and then we sprinkle courtroom rate TVs in the backs up that was a little more obvious. You know we did not want to a red state blue state left wing red wings though we did left wing red state so plenty of things. We did actually saw with which one with the people Nazi is that one would toll in. You know ballot but. Yes of the red stated he wanted to essentially back that we were strictly. Freeze dried cranberries strawberries that you open up its got and move the rat race for the on the back. When we decide through the ones one because one. Practice different. Taxes you know and cities not stands orientations of nuts protesting with signs. You know what they're relevant causes that's said is let's because it really becomes almost like a solid one with the talent. Read that he thought that was cheap to do it. I have to think he's a pretty creative yet the red state and of course let's talk about how there's ingredients on the back with the red state is a blend of red berries conservative dark chocolate. And free market capitalism unofficial favorite of the GOP. Filibuster or this is it my personal favorite. Spent hours of uninterrupted bliss with tactical pretzels and procrastinating. Peanuts tree pollen who not what they can this. Yes so. Again are our friends of practice army did its. Some. New York writers. As. It. Oh my god temperatures this way the left defiantly democratic dark chocolate that really makes with socially conscious. And it puts a guy taxation which is sentiments. Dollars it's that. Lives there. It's actually not bitter people think it's eight look. They people think that bidders not bitterness constantly or. It's actually quite smooth. Because it's the opposite navy's rules engine very fruitful but not me that. He uttered. Oh. It bluster. Before you leave you guys I want to talk about you had people vote on yeah that's right and I think the one that you said one look up look. Lott. And you know we it's not necessarily when you package would actually top example. But he put operatives plan. And at that time. Was you know let's continue to make one at least one wins. Officers on the shelves and you know over time we've actually got this will leave notes and actually keep these stocks. She considered keeping action. Is it from that wrecked. But it will operate its best sellers it. Dark chocolate but it's salt it's crowd pleaser it's you know when you're meeting we had when chocolate. You know it's very flavorful the only one being tired. This is the one it's it's difficult like. Take and ones. Can we pay fence. RA how do you openness let's see yes we want to limit salty the next change your opinion with everybody I don't know I have to say the reason is probably one of his might be. A little reminiscent of our election right now but that's just my opinion I don't now. Our anti Islam is the standard for creative mind exactly exact thing. Area RA it's that we tell me again this has what does this have and that. But it so battered in these. Are at our producer Adam near separately have some test. You gonna have a piece of this means. So it isn't this the sign on hair was what he was. That that was what was on the please ask that. And that design of the outside our traditional genres it's actually the it's the same guy basically. Lines and accidentally chocolate now and rise in the mold. Actually chocolates while. You do have to keep these around. Yet are you can add anything is in the days ahead you have to look at you haven't had any job that that you were gonna chocolate. Manufacturing. Factor and I can't supply. Very I get that through so we have a wall of the chocolate here right now how quickly do these sound. Either well probably leaving this yeah right now for a fair. I would say that. This summer it is it's really hot obviously people are now I suggested in chocolate in the summer. I'm not sure it's the same thing like you know line is people won and probably more refreshing. All the talk about this. In the winter it's very seasonable. As you. So right now. We mean he solvency rather shops run inside CEO corporate news in English that. You know and so right now you know having a difficult time to be stopped humans and queen title god ordered them to go rent or. It's it's of course very time. Well I think you guys like figuring if I'm helping Holland. My pledge you this is amazing we're gonna leave you guys here because I'm gonna continue you talk about I don't know about you you're gonna have a hard time getting word it means and a my producer Adam we'll catch you guys later thanks for tuning in.

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