Trump talks gun background checks

At the White House on Friday, President Trump said there needs to be "meaningful background checks" for guns to not get into the hands of "insane people, mentally ill people."
3:30 | 08/09/19

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Transcript for Trump talks gun background checks
It's good to have you with us here we're gonna begin straightaway at the White House president from left. A short while ago we have some fun racers in eastern Long Island but before he departed he spoke to reporters about a number of subjects including China but mainly. Guns and what he believes is possible. On background check legislation. Our line that it is hard line when I bet that I'd say that is a positive way hardline the Second Amendment. They understand. We don't live in same people mentally ill people. Bad game. And the world table I think that. The Republicans are going to be rated believe that god along with the Democrats I booked yet. I thought I'd vote in job humiliated break off that no president. That Neal Boortz strongly about the Second Amendment that I do however. Background yet. So that. President trumpet the White House just moments ago and so let's stay there with ABC's Jordan Phelps who covers Taurus that Jordan does the president's remarks their sudden move the ball sort it all on legislation. What would did move the ball word with Mitch McConnell yesterday saying to one of our radio affiliate that heat doesn't tend to follow the president fleet. And to move for legislation in September so that's the real heightened political move they are that in terms of making this move forward. But what's significant here is the president continues. To express this strong support for making progress on background checks. The president was asked what's different this time here is you. Now while the president has called for bold measures before it's come to nothing he said he thinks that this is a unique moment he thinks. That he has not changed but the moment has and that he has more influence in the party and that Republicans are more ready to move on this issue. And even if they do move what their what they're proposing Jordan is rather is rather modest significant in that anything would be done legislatively after a mass shooting but. The background checks by themselves are a rather modest proposal that. Absolutely just talked about red flag lot that's those are a lot that would allow authorities to take guns away from people were shown checked pose a threat to themselves or others. But what we're talking about here is potentially something like Amaechi it means and to me. Dell which is very limited and looks at closing loopholes for gun purchases so that background checks are applied. I too gun show is anti online sales where they aren't. Currently sit that's obviously a very tiny six but Aaron even something like that. Was unable to get passed back in 2013. And is being you know dead at her scent so. It's me it's something that is small but it's significant because we haven't been able to get even not ours so far. Jordan what we have you want to ask you to about some of the president's remarks on China because that the trade war has been moving markets this week president said. Will see what happens as he often does. Yeah but the president also took kind of an optimistic town is as Sally skies saying that unites cases in a very strong position and that China is in a weak position. The president you know is basically playing a big game of chicken here Aaron is you know he has banned. And he says that he might even have to cancel those plans negotiations with China. In early September that the United States is not satisfied with what's been offering right now and so he's really pushing ahead with expect very much confident in where things are right now. ABC's Jordan Phelps live from the White House Jordan our thanks to you.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"At the White House on Friday, President Trump said there needs to be \"meaningful background checks\" for guns to not get into the hands of \"insane people, mentally ill people.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64884106","title":"Trump talks gun background checks","url":"/Politics/video/trump-talks-gun-background-checks-64884106"}