Trump to visit Puerto Rico next week

"Puerto Rico needs a lot of money," President Trump said today. "I'm going there Tuesday, it's the earliest I can go because of the first responders. We don't want to disrupt the relief efforts."
2:54 | 09/26/17

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Transcript for Trump to visit Puerto Rico next week
That island was hit as hard as you can hit what you see. 200. Woods and taxes that. Owens. But what you see 200 miles an even more. Which it. A place. And literally houses just demolished like tornadoes like having hundreds of natives who wins. So we've never seen it actually touched as a category five people out there. She. Was dead sent me would be at war and don't forget that we before it got hit by another network rushed it. But that the tremendous damage it. So Puerto Rico has tremendous problems with floods in with. Damage and collapse. Was still looking for people still looking. But I'm going there are Tuesday and I may also stop at the Virgin Islands governor has done a terrific job of he's been devastated but he's done a terrific job he's been very generous with what he said about the relief that effort he FEMA. Folks have worked so hard and we thought after taxes that could take a little bit of a rest. FEMA. What they had it is incredible. So they go from Texas flower. I happen to stop it Louisiana's between. And now. What we it's but they really. So there on Tuesday and perhaps you will be with. Ordering it was very important. Puerto Rico the people who. Fantastically well I grew up in New York so I know many people from Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans and he's agreed people. And we have to help them the island has devastated its. It's up people's. Rent this morning it's literally destroyed. The infrastructure was in bad shape as you know Puerto Rico before this now in many cases it has no infrastructure and so it's. You really starting from almost match but he's a great people that wonderful people there aren't people. They'll be back. But we're helping them. I mean I think we're getting ruling could watch for the work which we are literally listing. Water food supplies and hourly basis and this is to an airport that has been devastated when talking about runways that are open and please let you play he's airport runways devastated and broken at the airport to broke. So those people are very important to all of us I think I can speak for everybody sitting around this. So we're working very very hard Puerto Rico and were also getting tremendous efforts and and we're sending tremendous amounts of supplies to the Virgin Islands.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"\"Puerto Rico needs a lot of money,\" President Trump said today. \"I'm going there Tuesday, it's the earliest I can go because of the first responders. We don't want to disrupt the relief efforts.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"50103902","title":"Trump to visit Puerto Rico next week","url":"/Politics/video/trump-visit-puerto-rico-week-50103902"}