Strait Talk With Matt and LZ

Two proud Detroit expats talk politics, pop culture and more.
0:58 | 10/09/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Strait Talk With Matt and LZ
ALC got a new show straight talk which Matt and healthy looking forward. Get straight to the matter demands palsy was greasy Detroit. Gestures or from our previous conversation review. For people. Our concern for right now purpose Spielberg service industry driven. Aren't manufacturing urban guest we would like to see some more manufacturing error and I agree with you that we don't want justice be retail. But I think the biggest hurdle is we have to get people to move there and state air. And families to raise kids there and I think of big impediment to that is the schools so they can expect I think that would be the biggest change Detroit street that it was sort of repeat sort of critical of Brazil's first corner from our parents. Oh.

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{"id":34378619,"title":"Strait Talk With Matt and LZ","duration":"0:58","description":"Two proud Detroit expats talk politics, pop culture and more.","url":"/Politics/video/watch-strait-talk-matt-lz-34378619","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}