White House won't say if Trump supports background checks

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump would support a legislative solution to bump stocks.
14:13 | 02/26/18

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Transcript for White House won't say if Trump supports background checks
Either blocking. Briefing audience. Rector recline your like after all there's Johnny republic and a lot of gun news at the end of the briefing here at our colleague Jonathan Karl asking up. Is the president gonna have lunch with Gabby Giffords anytime soon maybe the folks over it's not every town. He's got advocates for anti gun advocacy group because the news today that we learned the president himself setting that he had lunch with the NRA. Over the weekend as big questions remain about what exactly he's war and how he's looking to push it. A couple of headlines they the president vacancies for strict background checks although no word from the White House and what that actually means he's gonna move on bald stocks were told. On its own. But the whole idea of each limits seems to been dropped for presidential rhetoric we'll see if these streets up with these things happen. Eight summit had been dropped and stocks you meant that. I'm used in an amount that's something that isn't particularly particularly keen on he also saw him or knew his cost of these. An increase and mental institutions. Arming teachers that you use on us today from him in those meetings and with the NRA he says he's not going to be influenced by any. Lobbying group in and don't be afraid of the NRA because ultimately agree with. And my proposals right scenes you have these these things on the table on stocks obviously raises a question these threes in the Las Vegas shooting and why was until after it took so long an and why now when. They weren't used in this particular school shooting so you have obviously the government institutions and arming teachers so it's still up in the listening that the White House had its ups and excellent things. Rebecca good thing you cute or conversation you're sort dialog oh yeah when it comes to this issue but. Then when you actually get into specific policy proposals it seems the White House wants to be wheels which counts on these things not exactly sure. How much they want to expand background checks but. You'll see that he nothings like I'm stocks you know that's that's one thing but I think you see the mood in the American public is they want. Significant reforms of all over the weekend from from CNN that's at 70% of Americans support stricter gun once you see there is a lot of movement on this he's seen. You know some movement from from some different Republican governors on this calling for some actions you definitely see. Well the White House is still on the conversation dialogue Mona I think the people. 11 thing that it the president isn't squishy on how he would have reacted he says he would. Run right in there what weapon or not. There adverse our senior congressional correspondent joining us now from Capitol Hill and Mary. I guess we just assume that congress has cleared the deck and it's going to be talk about guns and boating Ottawa to stop this week right. Pat that's a much Brett botanist but that this squishy here at the president is on that the more he. Throws out various proposals and does seem to be. Really backing one clear legislative. Deal. The harder it's going to be for Republicans here to get anything done look Republican leaders have been notably silent. On this issue over the last week while they've been in recess they're they're coming back in. To session later this afternoon but there is no way. You're going to see Republicans in congress get on board with the plan that runs counter to the NRA it's against what their constituents. May may want if the president does not 100% have bare back this year. And so when the president goes out there while there are a range of options on the you're on Capitol Hill the president is pushing a range of options as well until you see the president really driving chayet. It is really hard to see how you're gonna get anything done up here on the hill and act Agassi just say it but it you know under tremendous political pressure. Once again you're seeing these huge halls. For some kind of action once again and once again and it seems that right now it does not look like congress is going to do it. Yeah and the you're right about wants the president is a lunching with the NRA I think we know where they're standing about support today. For the knicks knicks legislation the John Cornyn bill that's a very minor think there's one thing I wanna wanna discuss its we mentioned meeting the governor's. Earlier today it was a pretty extraordinary moment. The governor of Washington. Democrat I've got presents these people look at what. Like. Music grandfather. Speaking as the governors in Washington I have listened to the people who would be affected by that. I've listened to the biology teachers and they don't want to do that any percent. I listened to the first grade teachers that don't want pistol that first period. I've listened to law enforcement who said. They don't want to have to train teachers as law enforcement agencies which takes about six months I just think it's the circumstance we need to listen. That educators should expect me they should not be foisted upon this possibility of packing heat. In first grade classes now I can you have suggested this in. Kathy from that we've listened to people about it maybe they don't look so good later but it does suggest we do little rest reading here a little more listening. Let's just take that opportunity when we'll. Let's reading or listening to coordinate its I want it was from the state of Washington I can tell you geez someone who. Very much has higher local aspirations he's talked about as someone who could run for president point one and you saw him they're taking advantage of this moment and really take you to the president. On this issue of of arming some you know school personnel arming some teachers that the president. Really seems to be returning to you on a regular basis it's kind of you know potential picks for this situation but. It's an issue where you don't we saws and Republican governor is governor grandstand evolved about it governor and his years on a over the weekend say even here on comparable to that issue so it's it's hard as he went four. And ethnic. Yeah lest it and that's not like Powell's yeah yeah exactly. Please this is only went down. The one at when he hit a couple of topics here the White House was asked for the first time about the guilty plea. Rick gates the other former deputy campaign manager under other pulled out of fort presumption note while operating with the parties. I Alex now a little over at the White House this is another big name another guilty plea now at least three top officials have admitted guilt. There were involved in the in the campaign it seems to me that the White House at the ship there explanations. As Mort dominoes fall this investigation. Yet now her explanations there Sanders said today was that most of what repeats. Was involved with what was involved with what the FBI was essentially. Investigating him for was it was this stuff that happened well before he joined the campaign so I guess then the question to. To follow up on that is what was their vetting like you had I mean these questions about home airport a lot of what about his foreign dealings before that he he even joined as the campaign's chairman. And and those were kind of open questions and in still really I came to light. During the campaign but I think there's one thing that she didn't mention is that his guilty plea to the FBI. Was made after his time on the campaign and after he was a member of the inaugural. Committee so his is guilty plea last week to lying to the FBI. Was actually after everything so. On that it's definitely interest in to watch though they're shifting explanations here. And guys another another thing we can you for the White House today on directly is that the issue of Jared Kushner security. No comment very direct no comment from from sour Sanders on this question of security as the deadline that John Kelly. It's has passed so if he was almost every security forces as we've reported we don't want it. Presumably they no longer have it five Friday wreck that's still the big question you know is. Does he still have something that we did to his portfolio that exit that. That unknown here is now obviously the deadline. One on Friday see the area and haven't but they come mountainous honored by usually that it would they say is a top security clearances and Connie hearing anything from them on record that is. He speech and it's. Another quick quick headline for over the weekend with bits of present at a very tense phone call the president of Mexico beat it in it yet so. The consequence of which is there is not what you visit by the President Bush is reasonable law honey we're told in this one the president has brought up again. Even know the Mexicans and I think its nuclear went up. All we've come a long way from that and presidents or that candidate comes trip tonight receivers with. Great relationship with president needs him and it's one of those things were I was that's the pact last week and during president's speech still Hugo's chance of old law that use that throughout. Anyone that you know this is something and the president's made two baskets and it worked but both. Funny blah the president. Keep saying expelled me from the well and will be paid for by Mexico in a matter what they say the end of the day we could see this evolution from the president himself inside the administration. How are we gonna pay for this actually different in two. You know different. Forms of visa it's it's just totally unclear obviously this next on Leah. Have not law there isn't. And if so this a little while funny just like there is no solution 01 week from today. He's the deadline that president himself has sat for the expiration status of the so all three of 800000 individuals. And we heard from the Supreme Court today that opportunity. The challenge is this isn't good news Barack essentially White House as on the one hand you lose that worked out what this round of the court battle on the other hand. It gives them a little more flexibility as that deadline of march 5. With a little a little squishy to begin with but Mary Bruce because they're not doing this week clearly doing doctor Wright didn't get this. Raked her over to my breath. I've got I wish I had them more action to talk about it here but it really remarkable when you think about the fact that just a couple of weeks ago. Democrats shut down the government trying to force some kind of action. To pass protections for dreamers and now one week from today it seems that march 5 deadline going to likely come in go without. Any concrete action here on the hill now you mentioned of course the court acting today that that does in some ways I'm more time in the sense that. They now are allowing that the lower courts to work through this issue challenge. The president's actions are trying. And the dock a program but bottom line just means that you still have nearly 800000. Young man people who were brought here as children undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children who are still in legal limbo. And move because the hill is not acting this week things are likely going to stay there for many months. And BBI's all around on a president felt what he does next on a whole bunch of issues near rivers. Let's sort whip around what you what you are today big takeaways. Now man wedded start the act you know I'm not by the fact that you know the president. Think there was pretty strong on on the stock residents and look at congress and act on it and on on on on my own while department doesn't the president actually do that. Experts and lawmakers need to agree that it made no matter what the president intent is. Want to ban on not seen most likely going app actually. Work with congress and and also that the president seems to think that he would run in in an emergency situation. They can't. Which regardless of whether background attack at what expired firearm in the pat how much of that. At a marksman needed they needed he feels confident that he would be able to rise to. If forget having. Our teachers that president felt that everything absolutely leaders here that the. All right thank you Mary Alex Allen over the white house of some final thoughts here on this Monday. Yeah I think that one thing that I learned today is just kind of reiteration. That this is a president who is immensely skeptical of executive power during the campaign. When he saw Obama used the panicky constantly call them out for. But this is a president who now after you know having so much trouble trying to deal with congress is saying if I need to go around to get something done. I will do that and that's what he believes he can do I bought stocks but it looks like he might even run. Is Mary mentioned in two of a battle in the courts but that so he might come up short just as we've seen him. And several times that he's been confronted with the limits of the court system so it just kind of be the easing of his concerns about. What exactly executive powers I think it's been an interesting kind of trend to follow. All the way up. And then about 5% hands and saying the president thinking that he couldn't Russians in the school and they did not quite sure how that's going to go over especially with it's their Sanders equating that to leadership and I'm yeah. Relative it's obvious this probably now granted these ideas and legislation and needs to be that there's still listening and it's still not clear what exactly. Yet well I'm I'm McGovern's and again I think one of the things that I mean keep in is that is through moderate Republican governors are argument this is she your principles. Your early speakers. In your time Kate's ex who's who's kind of wants to clearly be out there is someone who. An independent voice you know in the Republican Party state party. But I think there is really interest in Republican figures to watch. Lead on this and I struck you know watching this week or so both yesterday and Ari spokeswoman that collapsed on. It didn't seem concerned about the fact that president of says that he is not ready to take on issues like these limits and any background checks. Now learning why they just. That weekend to have top Harry officials logic I think the president. We know that this president above most. Is influenced by people in the room you know how that conversation and the president's confidence in Hillary. Yes as a witness. Without. All right that doesn't for this edition that repeater thank you for joining us this Monday are at fault Johnny burg hoping we thank you so much. Don't forget don't look at ABC news app and we will be back here next time with another edition of them if you.

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