William Bratton Delivers Remarks at Slain NYPD Officer's Funeral

Funeral for officer Rafael Ramos held at church in Queens, New York.
13:16 | 12/27/14

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Transcript for William Bratton Delivers Remarks at Slain NYPD Officer's Funeral
Vice President Biden cover Cuomo. And applause hill. On behalf of 50000 members. But the NYPD. In the tens of thousands of our colleagues. Who have come from all over this country and Canada. To be here today thank you for you what your grace. Compassion. Understanding. An inspiration. Two senior pastor Mike older so. Thank you sir for your words of encouragement. And your words swallows. They're each permits him to police officers show. I have attended way to many. I always pray that it will be the last. But I know it won't. To watch the casket carried past although salutes. I wish it weren't real. But it is. Innocent look into the faces of a loved ones left behind. Whose worst fear has been so suddenly realized. I silently hope. Never again. Here we. But first we shall it was 44 years ago. But September 24. 1970. Boston Police Department patrolman Walter Schroeder was ambushed. I have violent group of anti war extremists. Shot in the back as responded to a bank holdup. In 1970. Boston. Like America. Was a tumultuous place. Protest the civil rights. Anti war demo. Tritium its anti government demonstrations. Anti police demonstrations. Divisive politics polarized the city in the country. Maybe that's loans from the him. The murder of officer Schroeder shook the foundations of City Hall in the Boston Police Department. It's owed goat and she among offices and citizens alike. We warned. We vowed never to forget. And we move forward. To end here we. Here we to celebrate the life police officer. Three Obama hopes into warning him. To memorialize a sacrifice he made with his. Today. With this partner now for all time. So when Jihad and move. Here we. Judy number. Remember what it means to take the job those of us who have privilege to call ourselves cops. No other profession will give you as much. Sometimes. Take as much. The job to reward you like no other. But one day it might demand from you. Everything in return. I almost feel it today is that day. And here we. When a city struggling to define itself. Where people search linked searching what they stand for in line. We people who claim to know best what it's like to be everybody else. But we know who we. The men and women who Wear that blue and win that bitch. Because we know who appeals Ramos was. He was a father. Who's son a brother and husband. He was a new Yorker. He was a new York city police office. And he was. He is the hero. Can do. The Philly home of the day it was when I visited the sister Cindy told me that because their dad died when he was an infant. He took on a father figure role for the family as he grew. Cops who serve of them said you can see that in the way he worked. Justin. She ate and got the chance to Leo and the way heating get to know his. You got to learn from and the way he taught others the way he taught you. You aren't so that you did do a little bit of everything. Is willing to let you know it. The amount said he was the type of man. Which he set his mind on something. He went forward and he did it. All the cups of the same thing. Became more mature older affair and we man street spot. Ruling. He knew how to handle people. And the younger cops were comfortable. If bush were to serve to test and he never complained. He should be so proud of him as we all in this milieu. But over the last week you're seeing of the memorials in this journal have been about more than just showed. And how strange it is so comforting on the one hand. To have the whole apartment the whole city indeed the whole nation in mourning with you. To feel that solidarity. We know that we'll never would you be alone again. That we you and we know. To us as we were it is. But a burden to. Having something so private. You'd be so public at the same time. Because. Here we. We are here because your idea was assassinated. It's a different words inverted. Which is awful enough. Speaks of the prominence of the person killed. It makes the crime intentional. In this in the symbolic. Nor did was assassinated because he represented something. And that shrew he did. He represented the men and women of the new York city police to. He was the embodiment Obama auto Davis mortem. Faithful unto death. He represented the blue thread. That holes city together. When disorder when disorder might pollute. He represented the public safety that is the foundation of all our democracy. He represented the best of our values. As anyone can see by looking at you in that you have family. But he was also you did. A good me. Who tried and sacrifice. And had a desire to serve its service department is city. His family and certainly his gullet. But DHL close one employment two years ago that desire listened to a new duo with a schools' safety division. And that we lucky that he did. Where his assigned to the rock roll Laurie intermediate school. Named for another officer assassinated with his. Gregory Foster nearly 43 years ago. Like offices Ramos and Lou. Those offices were killed for their column. They were killed because they will blue. And that desire to serve let into the hands of the police academy at 37 years of age. You among city come home pretty tired. Competing with all those younger recruits. But he passed with flying tell us. Where in the gold braid for being in the top of his class. No small feat. And that's aside to serve went in to study to be chapel. And a privilege be able to tell you that today. The name appointing him an honorary department chaplain for the 84 precinct. A posthumous member of that Chamblee within gambling. Administer to us renewed reticence was in that time of need. Also Ramos was assassinated. Because he represented all of us even though we need to uniform. Music good men Nugent. And maybe that's our challenge. Davis to reason for the struggle we're now win as a city as a nation. Maybe it's because we'll all come to see only what we represented the center of who we. We don't see each to please. The people are angry at the police the people who support us but want us to be better. Even a mad men to assassinate that you men because only to see was strewn uniforms. Even though there was so much more. We don't see each other. If we care and if we can learn to see each other. To see that I cops of people like costs of Ramos and officer Lou to see that I communities of don't people just like them true. If we can learn to see each over then when we see each other we will heal. We'll he'll listen department. We'll deal as a city. We will heal as a country. And wouldn't that be the ultimate. He ultimate. On. Offices Ramos as low as did deaths helped us to all healed. But as the BCS is cheapest easiest as he teaches. The US has time to every purpose under the heavens. It is time for us to mourn about BO almost. It is time for us to remember. Remember him. In a few days. Will be here again in a different place. That is to say to celebrate the life Oval Office a move. Many of whose family members here today. There will be a time for certain issue. But some day that she is ruin. The memories we'll look. We never had. And we never will forget. That's Sunday at saint Patrick's cattle Dolan spoke to the police. Is to people funded with prairie he says. They asked me to tell my offices. We love them very much. We mourn with them we need them we respect them in we're proud of them. And we thank them. As police commissioner of the city of New York. I am so proud of each and every one of them the stories they get to tell. I. Proud none more than the stories of police officers and Ramos and Lou. Both of whom I promote today to detective first grade. Thank you photo of applause for them. Applause applause so thunderous. That they will hear it at the gates of heaven. That officers Ramos and Wu an outstanding guy and but it's Justin Jason Julian Cindy. Here we today. Surrounded by a sea of blue. Here we. Tim we will always be with York's. We don't forget. Huey and here we always will be. For you for the city. And god bless the new York city police department. God bush you all of you who are here today. Certainly god bless our fail. His life in Lugar out of the schools and streets of the city. In death. He gets the heavenly gates with Michael the archangel. Patron saint of police offices standing with him. May god grant humorous. May god grant him peace.

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