Blind Navy Veteran Chasing Gold in Rio Paralympics

Snyder hopes to win 4 gold medals and set a world record at the Paralympics.
4:11 | 09/07/16

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Transcript for Blind Navy Veteran Chasing Gold in Rio Paralympics
For me is the way to. Redefined the perception. When a blind person for what the disabled person is a lot of batters from the swimming as the conduit that I can kill people on limited capability we all have. Me. I'm swimming I feelings I feel dependent I feel like no. Not struggling when the. I've been swimming my entire life consuming as long as I can remember. Okay. On the morning of September 7 2011 I was part of an assault operation. In the paint where valley of Afghanistan. When I stepped on an improvised explosive devices detonated a short distance in front of me that resulted in the loss of my vision. A local hospital after telling me it's good news is still alive that is is. Kabila seeing it. I'm having that ability to serve taking away from it was was typical I needed a way to redefine that purpose. They lit the same exact time my old when he coached him. It's Alan like comes from pacs. So I thought this is the opportunity this is how I'm going to be of the show people. The capability that I have verses and other things that lives you know he doesn't know me as a navy sailor a bomb attack he sees me us. Know that eleven year old swimmer that's been coaching for you. And. Phone call from the association of blind athletes saying. Who would you like to it has value paralympic around his an opportunity for you recovery has rehabilitate. This absolutely means reality started to emerge where as I hung up my naval uniform. And retired from the service. Asking to have the opportunity to Donna knew when that's a teen USA council on the sleeve before long he I was in London parts of the USA competed in seven different than news. 12 of them most notably a gold medal on the exact year anniversary of the date at a lost my vision. Right now on if I'm ranked first in the world and all the freestyle men's 1510400 freestyle. You know I'd like protect my titles in the 10400 and then I wanna stand up on that podium and I want people looking means say you know he earned it. Opportunity that I've had to participate in the paralympic brown has allowed me to realize a dream that I have a long time ago on that I can never could've imagined would come. It was really neat how this identity started to emerge because for me it was a re definition of purpose. Shouldn't be days. Being a pair athlete. And being able to partner with folks like the Hartford are under armour. Has enabled me to facts have the same job as LeBron James I'm a professional athlete my job is to go to the pool and workout and then go of John Roberts facility and increase my strengths and that I can go to Rio and I can hope. Fully win gold medal it was regional. Not only is really would be professional athlete job. When. But it's another just. An amazing benefits to have the opportunity to take those medals. And take those stories and take those experiences. And related into the community in a way that I hope hot spots. Then in the image of a disabled. Person and then pop culture. Allows us to carry that dialogue to a broader audience. I'm doing what I'm doing to redefine the perception of those with disabilities. Who is trying to inspire the community find other ways to accommodate those disabilities that they may have the same opportunity I had. To redefine my purpose in have a positive.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Snyder hopes to win 4 gold medals and set a world record at the Paralympics. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"41908433","title":"Blind Navy Veteran Chasing Gold in Rio Paralympics","url":"/Sports/video/blind-paralympian-swimmer-brad-snyder-gold-rio-41908433"}