Texas Tech and Virginia face off for first-ever title for either school

Both schools are set to play in the NCAA men's basketball championship game Monday night.
3:00 | 04/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Tech and Virginia face off for first-ever title for either school
Our and so on the men's game is there is there any thing that we should really be excited for tonight I mean. I admittedly don't really keep up with all of this but you're there what should we be looking for. Anything to be excited about you that I have to get too excited about the men's final four than you all you had your way past hope right now I help you. Michael try to help you get locals understand. Is the men's accountable our business Texas Tech against Virginia. That's my selling point that's the threat that I thought I got for you. But this is is really about. What has been a yearlong redemption tour for the Virginia Cavaliers are number one seed again but last year they were on the wrong side of history becoming the first number one seed in the history of the tournament to lose in the first round loss to a sixteen seed they were the laughing stock I was talking to some of the of people from Virginia dispute going through what the kids. Went through last year army getting death threats and getting to hateful things since their way for almost the full year is what these kids with a group to come back now the very next year and to have a possibility. Winning the national championship that's really redemption tour in a story like none other really in the final four but you do have Texas Tech which not a lot of people expected. To necessarily be here very defense of minded team but along an athletic. This is their first final four so this will be their first championship. As well so both of these schools in these teams have a lot on the line in Texas ticket this Kimberly. This goal is so excited about what's happening here. That the kids at Texas Tech back and public. They gave them the night off from classes tonight and they have the day off from classes to mall win or lose so that's how serious it is. IRA and so I just have to ask you TJ you are always getting these amazing assignments and getting it done in these big sports games what does it feel like since no airs tonight. Kimberly it's exhausting is what it is it's just. Has a tough tough gig haven't run around to bottle law or an NBA finals Super Bowl moment. And then the World Series it's exhausting Gemma that was the money would help me. Take some of the load off of going to all of these events look leagues are. These are really great for the cities the cities are real some great host cities up into over the years but coming and seeing the fans and what this means. To them just bouncing around town here for the last few days and seen defaults and I'd lost but Michigan State fans are still here. In great numbers Obama and to see the Texas Tech folks in the Virginia folks. Just take this experience. In and isn't really really cool to see the game is the game I can watch so much cal tell enjoy watching in the arena I'll enjoy it. But the really be a part of the experience and the people who are here is always on and and again to visit another city where you're just couple years ago for. For the Super Bowl in Minneapolis so already went to my favorite breakfast spot this morning's I got places around town so I got the system down to them. Eighteen today NLD have that in the past. This time I'm excited for you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Both schools are set to play in the NCAA men's basketball championship game Monday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"62252297","title":"Texas Tech and Virginia face off for first-ever title for either school","url":"/Sports/video/texas-tech-virginia-face-off-title-school-62252297"}