Amazon to Expand Retail Store Presence

The online retailer plans to open more brick-and-mortar stores.
0:56 | 02/03/16

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Transcript for Amazon to Expand Retail Store Presence
And there's a tec bike to Amazon coming tomorrow here you. The Internet retail giant opened its first brick and mortar store last year. Now word from the mall operating firm is that Amazon is looking to open as many as 400 stores no word from Amazon itself about any such. Plan and what sap has reached major milestone the popular instant messaging app. Has announced that it currently has the one that billing and active users they are. They share 42 billion messages one point six billion photos and 200. And fifty million videos a day I'm tired he has seen finally faced Alexander an app is now being blamed for eating up more than just your time. Some of us thought this was the k.'s tests showing uninstalling the app on your device. Stays up to 20% of the batteries lying in so doing so. Also speeds up your handset overall performance good tip. Good to impede our. Does your tech bikes.

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{"id":36686864,"title":"Amazon to Expand Retail Store Presence","duration":"0:56","description":"The online retailer plans to open more brick-and-mortar stores.","url":"/Technology/video/amazon-expand-retail-store-presence-36686864","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}