App helps to curb food waste, local hunger

The Food Rescue US app connects food donors with organizations who are in need.
1:57 | 02/20/18

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Transcript for App helps to curb food waste, local hunger
We pizza is a bustling restaurant in the shadow of the US capitol packed with tourists congressional staffers. Even lawmakers but like most restaurants at night there's often left over. Food and that's where food rescue US death saying you know where that where the myth and food rescue US is an organization uses. To connect volunteers known as rescuers. With businesses that are eager to donate extra food. It's really simple logon and see what restaurants farmers' markets or shops in your area have food and what nearby organizations are ready to accept it. And for busy people who have if he scheduled. It's very nice to be able to look and see what works for your sketch on spike Mendelsohn celebrity chef and owner of we the pizza. Says food rescue US it's a perfect need we love that it has to someone that and mean that's what vermeil the government has found tens of billions of pounds of food are wasted in American homes stores and restaurants. Community minded restaurant owners like spike Mendelsohn are working to change that and looking the volunteers who can step in and get this week food. To people that need it. Here's the rescue. Them she and her husband stop by and pick up. And that at makes it really easy to dip your toe in to this. Volunteer effort it's a really rewarding thing to do and it makes a real difference to serve at least place centered leaders to the homeless and hungry on Capitol Hill. Program manager she will Wilcox says she's always grateful for whatever donations they keep dat but the partnership with food rescue US means they can get more than just new. A much it. I don't property wonderful but nations. At Thanksgiving we appreciate that but if it. January through December Travers ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"The Food Rescue US app connects food donors with organizations who are in need.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"53221231","title":"App helps to curb food waste, local hunger","url":"/Technology/video/app-helps-curb-food-waste-local-hunger-53221231"}