Apple disables Group FaceTime after privacy concern

Apple to issue software fix later this week after discovery of bug enabling callers to access other's mics during Group FaceTime.
3:02 | 01/29/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Apple disables Group FaceTime after privacy concern
Nothing today another privacy concern and new privacy bugging Apple's face time software. Lets you hear and see the person you're calling before the evening and Sarah how scary is that. Will Reeve has delayed its will what is this girl. Each will remain yesterday when news broke that on group face time on iphones which is a new feature introduced with. Twelve god IOS twelve point one that's the software. On iPhone and tens and and it was introduced last year. It turns out that if you go on a group facetime. And then. Act someone wall you're calling them. If they don't pick up their phone is on silence which is conceivable lots of people. At their desks. Or or at work or in class have their phones on do not disturb. If those are the settings you could then. Listen and and use their microphone you of their microphone even though they never picked up the call and then the scary part if you were to press the power button which is the side. Side button here. That would allow what you're trying to end the call your and a group face time in your trying to end the call if you press that button. That as it with this glitch allows. The person doing the group facetime to you. To access. Your camera so they can see you and spy on you without you doing anything and right now. Apple is trying to fix this of course but. Dave in them in the interim they have disabled. Group face times our I wanted to do group face times you know let's stick to show what happened but right now it should basically and it pulled up here on my phone and I would do video. And so I'm face time in you know here's little view of what I'm looking at in this setting adds it's connecting to you if it were on a group face time. I have argued and I just don't wanna talk to you sound right if you ignored me because you don't want to talk to me which is fine I'll let you hear me play today it. I could still hear you and if you press that button to powered off. That then would also allow me to see you which is some scary stuff of course that he's really. Scariest. Well I love faith and I think sent all day every day with and you and you'll answer my face and call what can I do to protect myself. So that I'm are protect people and calling. Right well I think it's as simple as most of the answers to it to technology is just turn the thing off so what you would do. By still my phone are you going to settings it's a little. Who really geared thing you go to settings you go down to face time. And you just there's attack on the top and you just swipe it off. An area out here you're done and they wait you wait for apple to fix it they released a statement recently saying that's what they're trying to do. Okay hopefully it happened since I can keep face timing everyone I know the exact Angel Ortiz I don't know has access to fancy cameras like we do manner. Got to rely on face time there. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"Apple to issue software fix later this week after discovery of bug enabling callers to access other's mics during Group FaceTime.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"60701861","title":"Apple disables Group FaceTime after privacy concern","url":"/Technology/video/apple-disables-group-facetime-privacy-concern-60701861"}