Could jet packs revolutionize emergency care?

ABC News’ Maggie Rulli goes behind the scenes with a British company testing whether jet suits could be used by first responders in emergencies.
2:55 | 10/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Could jet packs revolutionize emergency care?
And switching gears here talking about jet six yes jets it's could they be used by first responders to cut down those critical moments when life and death hangs in the balance when British company is testing amount. As Maggie ruler reports that hope is that they may one day transform emergency care. He's only real money Iron Man. Powered by a jets do with more than a thousand horsepower at his fingertips and flames shooting. Richard Brown may look like flying superhero now. But four years ago Muhsin history that was crazy. Practically. The psychics believe the news. If you could get a human being to fly but is adding the minimalist amounts of power basically. And use your brain is about a senior board he is a flight structure sounds even still sounds mad right but I just did as a passion project alongside my day job his. Team made that narrow idea of reality and now he hopes this buzz light year tank full hopes he lives. Richard showed no paramedics in Northern England could Jenna that due to rain could give to someone fast in an emergency. In trials the medics say an area that would normally take them nearly thirteen minutes to hike to who took ninety seconds and Jesse. Yeah. Better possibility that we can go to someone in our request from the top of the moment thing. I'm just so why couldn't have been I don't know much he's just our duty. That is incredible. The company estimates that dove flying paramedics will be able to carry at least 25 counts of essential gear with them. Noting four years ago this is a kind of crazy idea that I didn't even know it was feasible even if this season likely might be fun of the gimmicks play around with the deceiving used. At least in a mall for emergency situation is really magic coming to see it's very rewarding its. Yeah Richard says he can normally train people of the basics and a couple of days in this I found that I'm white and learn they strap you into it jet seats in the heat away the student athletes. Get penalized here back. Richard tells me to trust commissioned. He might unbundling. OK so I started off a bit rocky. How the guys with the pulling that trigger and and try and play with leaving the engines aboard the backwoods to move yourself forward to back. You've got to find that stability. But plainly. I think in my group. Only pet food and nor are they say take a couple of days to learn but I'm suddenly easier than I anticipated I. Only give off the rack. I was ready for the people worry that they think this is so much power and heat and grabbing. Especially when your name if SE quite calmly knocking her kidney gentle isn't it. Richard shows us how it's really improved that you can place and what it can accomplish. The matter who we should not removing ABC news London and. Very cool very impressed Liz Maggie blasting off like that.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"ABC News’ Maggie Rulli goes behind the scenes with a British company testing whether jet suits could be used by first responders in emergencies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"73576552","title":"Could jet packs revolutionize emergency care?","url":"/Technology/video/jet-packs-revolutionize-emergency-care-73576552"}