SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy rocket on its 1st test flight

ABC News' David Kerley is at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
7:22 | 02/06/18

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Transcript for SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy rocket on its 1st test flight
I'm David Curley ABC news at the Kennedy Space Center and behind me you see SP six's falcon heavy there on the launch pad. Less than two minutes away now from launching. In this space hopefully for SpaceX this is the biggest rocket. To take off from American soil in more than three decades back the last time we saw rocket this big was a Saturn five which was carrying men to the moon. This is of course Ilan mosque attempt. To get any deeper space rocket off the ground and into space. Now the key here is that it's taken three of his falcon nine rockets and strap them together to make this falcon heavy. And the cargo they need this test something up in the cargo hold it is a red roadster a test like. Red roadster that is going to take off here. And actually be shot toward Mars bad Tesla going to the red planet. And if case. If it does work. That Tesla will actually be circling in orbit for up to a billion years believe it or not according to the folks. Here it SpaceX that we are getting now down to that last part of the count. And it has been a delayed launch here so far at Kennedy Space Center to worry worry. High altitude winds that window opened at 130 nick kept them being pushed back push back they started fueling the rockets. Several minutes ago and it appears that they are. Ready to launch on listening to the SpaceX communications in mind here we are at T minus thirty seconds and you can hear a cheer. Some of the SpaceX employees who are watching this this is very important there was just an order to go for launch. So that means that winds to die down enough ominous step out here we earth fifteen seconds. To get this rocket off and you can see already. Thick clouds starting let's listen. Now can Camby is involved in padding. What I'm thunderous noises though. When he seven engines and in three different ends. Into line. There's been now a slight pop. Day yeah. Max. Act on the structures. They just said throttle back job. I'm the clouds as the three. Thing is you may have heard in the back down from SpaceX. This side of the rocket. Man apparently will detach. A sex is hoping to land all three of these first stage rockets. We've kind of lost view of it here we're hoping you're giving their view this have throttled down right now from SpaceX. What it. It is what Elon Musk is trying to do with this rocket is reduced the cost so if he can read. The of these first stage rockets it would be rather remarkable two of them are gonna land. Here on land dissent. Adds a hard. Early this raw. From. You. Ears of SpaceX employees that are so happy that not only did they launch but still far. It has been us. And we should head detachment of the two side rockets here. Momentarily. If you heard that they have successful separation of the two side rockets. Rockets are now. Are now going to power themselves down back here. On in a land at the Kennedy Space Center. And the center rocket which is now I'll basically a falcon line it is pushing the rest of this cargo further up into space. Within detached. Then come down as well. So they're getting ready now for the center separation. There was great worry from Elon Musk whether this would be successfully though there might even be a 5050 chance that they would blow up on the launch batter. Surely a none of that has come. To bear. Separated and although I can't see them. Should be coming back down here to earth. The and for SpaceX and its employees. Are what has to be a huge success. In fact. Those employees are engraved on a plaque. Which is on the structure that's holding that Tesla in the cargo hold the civic names headed in this space as well. Elon Musk told reporters that he was a giddy about to happen. And while this is a very big move forward the biggest rocket to take off from here in Kennedy Space Center. In as I said more than three decades plus. Yet on buses actually got a bigger rockets in the works and plans not even to try and put humans on a rocket in heavy which we've just seen. Head off into space. But in his other rocket. Our big. Falcon Rocket he plans to. Full. What appears. Launch here for. SpaceX. We'll bring you the latest cents a pound. Car. And whether or not these two other state party and here if I could see them we stay with you. But for now we're gonna and ABC news. Live at the Kennedy Space Center. Pour ABC.

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{"id":52886538,"title":"SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy rocket on its 1st test flight","duration":"7:22","description":"ABC News' David Kerley is at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.","url":"/Technology/video/spacex-launches-falcon-heavy-rocket-1st-test-flight-52886538","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}