The weirdest robotic animals ever created

Prepare to witness the weird and wonderful world of robotic animals.
5:45 | 08/10/20

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Transcript for The weirdest robotic animals ever created
When it comes to robots and those of the humanoid variety seem to get all of the attention. But just as homo sapiens are only a small chunk of the animal kingdom humanoid robots to represent only a tiny portion of the U robot can. So today according to on a robot safari. Prepare to witness to weird and wonderful world of robotic and I'm Andrew Pringle and this is robots everywhere a sure we chronicle the slow but steady takeover of our future robot over. And show you how they're making their way into practically every facet of modern life. OK so broadly speaking the kingdom of robotic animals can be broken down into three filings. You've got robots inspired by specific parts of an animal book don't necessarily resemble the entire animal. Then you got pet and companion robots and finally robots that are basically just fall on mechanized re creations of the human. Let's start with the robots inspired by specific parts of animals. There are tons of these out there but the best ones without question come from Fastenal. A German company that specifically designs robots and other machines that mimic the movements of real biologically. Just a heads up I'm going to be including a lot of Fausto robots in this video because the animal but that they make are straight up of amazing and you need to see. This one for example known as the by chaotic handling assisting is a robotic arm modeled after an elephant's trunk. Susan doesn't have the traditional hard elbow style joints that you see on most other robotic arms it's far more flexible and extras. This same concept was actually later revisited in taken a step further a few years later with an octopus preferred that instead of hard clams used a soft tentacles to grip objects. My absolute favorite though is the reflection river which is designed to mimic the grabbing action of a communes Tom. Thanks to its unique dripping technique this single factor is capable of grabbing you. Huge range of objects regardless of how they're shaped or what they're made all without damaging them in the process. That's extremely difficult thing to pull off with a rigid clan and festivals solution is easily one of the coolest examples of my room and agree that I have ever see. But enough about robotic animal parts let's switch gears for a minute and talk about computer side of the spectrum. Pat robots. I'm just gonna blast through these ones real quick and give you a straight adrenaline shot of an electronic adorable this. OK so first and foremost we've got aibo do you robotic dog from Sony that costs about 3000 dollars but also doesn't proved that you and your shoes or dragons buckle across the carpet. Worth it. Then there's also the home box which is basically the same idea but designed to act as a companion for elderly folks that are no longer capable of carrying forty real animal on their own. What's still won some form of companionship. This concept of companion robot has actually taken off in recent years so now there is also a cat robot and even the seal robot for all of those rebellious octogenarian is out there that want to defy the rules of nature and the single prisoner in their living. OK so finally let's talk about the last category of animal parts be full on mechanized ones meant to be re creations of animals. Now we did this violent there's also to sort of different classes there's an electronic spots which are often used in movies and wildlife research and focus more on looks. And then there's the not an electronic ones that place much more focused on accurately mimicking and animals locomotion. The panel truck class is by far the most hilarious you see them and a lot of movies sometimes in big budget classics like Jurassic Park and jaws. But also in a lot of low budget B movies. My personal favorite of these is black she. Not the one with Chris Farley and David spit I'm talking about the 2006 horror flick about genetically modified sheet that hunt humans and turn their victims into what we zombies. I'm honestly thankful that robots exist singling because they paid such a ridiculous movie possible. Now outside of movies and electronic robots are also used quite a lot for wildlife research. Take these robotics by guerrillas for example which thanks to its reasonably lifelike appearance and built in camera helps filmmakers get extremely close up footage of the growth and those same filmmakers actually pulled off a similar stunt within an electronic wild dog puppy and also we robotic tortoise. The latter of which we must not of been lifelike enough because it was almost immediately crushed and destroyed by a pack of elephants. Last but not least there's been on an electronic class which includes some of the most incredible robots we've seen today like the infamous dog inspired robot known as spot from Boston dynamics who can do stuff like walk up and down stairs. Asked Bruno Mars songs and even public hearings with Adam savage it. What spot is really just the most well known example. There are loads of others out there now like MIT's cheetah bought which as you guessed it is designed to mimic the world's fastest land animal. There's also Cassie from agility robotics which has the same way configuration and movement abilities as an ostrich. And of course this being it would not be complete if we didn't include fast it was amazing robotic and we. So to bring this robotic safari to a close all season. While the robotic animal kingdom isn't quite as diverse and dynamic as the real animal kingdom. It's definitely the biggest and most exciting grange the robotic tree of life. And because of the Baldwin so quickly much faster than animals doing nature there's no telling when things might look like a decade from now. Who knows maybe next time you visit the zoo were going to nature walk there might be robots everywhere.

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