Biden will 'have a robust response' to cyberattack: Granholm

Biden Energy Secretary nominee Jennifer Granholm is interviewed on "This Week."
7:47 | 12/20/20

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Transcript for Biden will 'have a robust response' to cyberattack: Granholm
For secretary of energy, I nominate governor Jennifer Granholm. She's worked with states, cities, businesses and labor to promote clean energy future, new jobs, new energy, cleaner, more affordable energy. I am asking her to bring that vision of faith to America in the department of energy. President-Elect Joe Biden Biden selecting his choice for secretary of energy. The former governor of Michigan governor Granholm. Governor Granholm joins us now. Governor, thank you for joining us. I want to get to your vision for the department of energy. Including this cyber breach. The energy department has been compromised. Have you been briefed on the scope of the breach? What will it mean for you and your team? I was nominated 16 hours ago. I have not been briefed on the scope yet. I know that the administration, incoming administration, is taking this extremely seriously. Joe Biden has said that a day one priority is making sure that the country is safe from malicious cyber cks. This goes beyond espionage. It is something that certainly the incoming administration is taking extremely seriously. However, I would say, George, we don't -- as mark Werner suggested, we don't know fully what happened, the extent of it and frankly we don't know fully for sure who did it. The folks who are working around the clock, the civil servants, the investigators, the scientists doing the investigation they have to be able to come up with the specific answers so we know what the response will be. Joe Biden, I know, will have a robust response once we found out the perpetrator and the extent of it. One of the biggest concerns has to be the safety and security of our nuclear weapons stockpile. That is -- securing that is the primary job in many ways of the energy department. That's correct. The nnsa, the national nuclear security administration has responsibility over that. It's a significant piece of what the department of energy does. Fortunately there are serious experts inside the department looking at this right now and, as in all things, we are certainly concerned about any secrets being compromised. We haven't got that information yet. Believe me, Joe Biden will have a very significant response and, you know, it may be a multi-national response depending on who is compromised. If the united stats compromised, there may be other countries compromised as well. We cannot as a globe allow this kind of action to happen, certainly as it relates to the most sensitive materials we have, including our nuclear stockpile. As you discussed this job with President-Elect Joe Biden how did he describe your mission, what he wants you to do and why he chose you? I'm so excited about this, George. Combatting climate change is such an economic opportunity for the country. There's going to be trillions of ars spent globally on combatting climate by countries around the world. For us as a nation we have to decide if we're going to get into the game economically. Every country is going to be buying solar, wind turbines, electric vehicles and the batteries. They'll be upgrading their electric grids. We can could be producing those products in the United States and stamping the made in America and exporting them around the country. We need to be the leader rather than passive bystanders or otherwise we'll allow countries like China and others who are fighting to be able to corner this market. Joe Biden's focus has been on climate change and taking advantage of the economic opportunity for our people to be able to build the products that help America to lead. I will say he's very focussed as well on making sure that the benefits of fighting climate change, the jobs are focussed on the communities that have been hardest hit by environmental pollution for example or that are the poorest communities. So both environmental equity, the equity associated with energy, opportunity and creating jobs for Americans, that's going to be the mission of the department of energy in addition to the great work they already do. The President-Elect says he'll rejoin the Paris climate ent oncology day one and establish a mechanism to get to net zero. Is that realistic? What would the enforcement mechanism look like in our daily lives? It is realistic. It is ambitious. For example, yesterday as part of our team, one of the people who was nominated was deb Haaland who is going to be the first native American who is in the cabinet, which is awesome. The department of the interior oversees a massive amount of public land. That public land could be used to make sure that we generate clean electricity by putting wind turbines, solar panels, et cetera. Those jobs and that electricity, there's going to have to be a significant hair on fire effort inside the administration to get it in the ground, to meet that goal. We want to make sure that we are acting in a way that allows us to be a leader across the planet. So we're going to hold ourselves accountable. I'll say this too, as a governor, this was something I focussed on as governor of Michigan and a lot of governors and mayors are focusing on how they can contribute to make sure they meet the Paris climate accord. We'll be working at the department of energy with the local and sub national units, as they call it, the states and cities to help give them incentives. Carrots and sticks. The EPA is the place that people turn to for sticks. The department of energy will be working with the whole of government effort to make sure we combat climate change in a fair and equitable way and create jobs in the process. Many Progressives like AOC say it doesn't go far enough. They want to reduce emissions faster and spend trillions more. What's your message to them? Clearly the green new deal was an important framework for what Joe Biden has put on tap. This is the most robust climate change plan ever. The fact that he put together this team of people and that it's going to be an effort that runs through government -- for example, Pete buttigieg was nominated this week. Transportation is going to be a huge component of this and the input from folks across the political spectrum has made this plan the robust plan it is. If we're going to put charging stations across the country so people can drive electric vehicles from San Francisco and New York and be able to stop everywhere in between, we want to make sure our administration is creating that opportunity and those jobs. There's been wonderful input on the part of AOC and Bernie Sanders and the business community. We have an all-in strategy and we're excited to implement it. Governor Granholm, thanks for

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{"duration":"7:47","description":"Biden Energy Secretary nominee Jennifer Granholm is interviewed on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"74828682","title":"Biden will 'have a robust response' to cyberattack: Granholm","url":"/ThisWeek/video/biden-robust-response-cyberattack-granholm-74828682"}