Dan Senor Answers Viewer Questions

The former Romney campaign adviser on life on the campaign trail.
5:19 | 12/02/12

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Transcript for Dan Senor Answers Viewer Questions
Hello I'm -- -- of This Week with George Stephanopoulos and I'm joined today. By former Mitt Romney campaign senior advisor to -- And because we believe all politics -- -- here at this week we're putting some of your questions from FaceBook to welcome to make you -- into it he can't. First question comes from Brenda -- Although I didn't vote for -- I thought Romney worked hard to -- how disheartening is it to work so hard to win only to please what is -- -- after the loss like. I've been on the side of winning campaigns have -- on the side of losing campaigns. And I will say that the low of losing. Eclipses the highest winning man is a lot harder -- -- particularly because. You know if you're you're you're deeply involved with with the campaign at a pivotal time for the country. All of us were involved with campaign felt the stakes -- so high for the country. That we really were and this sort of you know pivotal moment and there were real differences between these between these two men and you know we felt strongly that one was better -- the other but. We lost it's still our country rug Obama's -- president will continue to do. What we do and make our case and hope that there -- some common ground the can be found. Between the two parties but but it's very disappointed. Well it sounds like that there's a lot of time on the road -- that community taxing sex -- questions from Robert Evans. He asks when did Romney Paul wake sleep. In terms of you know sleeping he would. You know get a regular night's sleep to try to do his work -- a subpoena NBA coaches became would become legendary tries to do that every morning. Long C dot all of -- sleeve and is working on in he could actually power through extremely long days. Well actually people seem to be very concerned about sleep and Deborah Sanchez asks how well did you sleep not -- not -- Now -- -- hour and no diluted and it's like over two nights maybe. But other questions about the campaign check out what was your favorite stop. -- that's that's it. Trick question. I have honestly I have. I have so many and I don't know offended. Particular state fair over another -- I you know that there are some viewers them -- memorable moment to think that night in. Cincinnati. That this Friday before Election Day. We had some 30000 people out in that stadium really cold out. For both Romney and Ryan. It was it was one of the most exciting rallies -- I was. That they were they were interest in moments in. -- every you know I can tell a story about every day on the campaign trail. Favorite local food. Oh cents substance that is similar request and that. You know the famous Cincinnati in a -- additives that's legendary. Favorite local diners who -- -- diners I know every diner in America. The best -- well this is one diner -- calling -- the name those who it was and losing Kentucky. And we went there the morning after Ryan's date. I'll find out the name for and that is great diner in Kentucky the morning after Ryan's today. We -- -- this family. And I can't figure out whether or not the food was so good. Or -- used to release. That the debate was over was there are the most surprising thing you like about it on -- -- Ryan. And when you're not involved with the campaign you have this perception of what's involved in the campaign so many pieces to it. Media strategy -- the debates there's the fund raising the public rallies. And there's a whole other -- depressed doesn't have access to which is the family then. And you know campaigns are very personal for the candidate and their family often it's harder on them -- is the candidate because the candidates out there all the time they get that good and the bad guys and -- You know there out there with tens of thousands of people cheering them on thinking for running them telling them telling you know hole in their hands at rallies during rope lines -- -- are praying for them. They get all that positive energy sometimes that's the spouses of the Stanley. Are not on the trail. And it is read in all the bad that -- read in the bad news clips they don't get that positive energy out. On the campaign -- so I think it's it's it's very hard for families and even in the best of circumstances even when you win. After all of this thank you ever run for -- -- talked to my wife. I highly IR IA I doubt it I will stay involved with the process. And that you know like this that I. Seeing America through the lens of the campaign like this gives you actually does -- hope for the country disapproves of how engaged Americans are -- -- to be involved. One way or the other no matter what I do I have -- Plans to -- Well thank you so much for continuity -- And they tell you that -- your questions remembered a follow us on Twitter at this week ABC and -- -- -- FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash this week ABC.

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{"id":17861783,"title":"Dan Senor Answers Viewer Questions","duration":"5:19","description":"The former Romney campaign adviser on life on the campaign trail.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/dan-senor-answers-viewer-questions-17861783","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}