Gingrich Says Biggest Worry About Trump Admin. Is That Members Might 'Lose Their Nerve'

Democratic National Committee interim Chairwoman Donna Brazile and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich reflect on the 2016 election.
7:56 | 01/01/17

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Transcript for Gingrich Says Biggest Worry About Trump Admin. Is That Members Might 'Lose Their Nerve'
To 4016 was a brutal year for political operatives are all sides with deeply divisive. And highly personal battles. I recently got together with two of the most prominent combatants and when he sixteen. Democratic Party chairman Donna Brazil and former house speaker Newt Gingrich. Donna Brazil Newt Gingrich thank you for joining us so. Here we are just just weeks away from the inauguration of president. Donald trawl. Nick Denton anything you. Thought this was gonna happen early on I funny or serious but I would have told you that he was inevitable. Anyone know when there's a very close election people forget how many of those had a change in Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania. Was there a moment Donna where you look to what was happening. And thought this is more than just a celebrity. Phenomenon that this is that if if you'd actually tapped into it legitimate real movement. I think that my early indication was back in the some 2015. When. Just a few weeks after his announcement he's already drawing big crowds. That he was already dominate and the electoral landscape in terms of the media. And I think he put. And begin in the conservative movement on on notice and then the Republican establishment. But at the end of the day I agree with knew that it was a close election 1121000. Votes. Mean that that's the real margin and Donald Trump broke the blue wall. He cracked it and then he broke it wide open and he siphon up enough votes would disenchanted Democrats independents and others that allow him to win the electoral vote. He wins in Wisconsin which Republicans haven't carried since 84. He wins in Michigan he wins in Pennsylvania these are states that happened in Iowa these are states that haven't gone high. Republican and independent generation or else you know the Republican who. And who could've carried it because it because they would have run normal campaign these were not people who were Republicans are not people who are attracted to Republicans. But they had a gut feeling that his his years of working blue collar workers in building buildings which is memories on a financing. He actually built buildings and ashes now with blue collar people. They had this gut sense that he was somehow. Hopefully he would he was a sign of hope the somebody catered. You know way that I don't think any other Republican couldn't communicate twice 1600 dollars a year with a rules change. Everywhere I went and Blue States especially so called blue state and I kept phoning back to Brooklyn hey guys don't trump posters all over. All over the place and I kept sent this is Doug don't make fun of it because that's a sign that's a sign that those the people working for Donald Trump of the people volunteering. They're out in the community Clinton and yard signs communicating with people. Nontraditional campaign given credit for that that says you have to give credit to the campaign that had Dayton consistent message a 100% and it's. Make America great. Okay again at a slogan. That became the message that became the song and you got a song you gotta Melanie. Let's get to the issue diaries the popular vote but what percent that's on how we elect presentation. But isn't an issue. That three million more people almost three million more voted. For Trump's upon now so you're telling me that if Donald Trump had won the popular vote by three million votes and lost Electoral College to. You wouldn't be raising questions about what kind of a mandate Hillary Clinton. I'm Italian I am them saying that the rules of the game as they were played understandably international president when your president. Your president you have the mandate of being president now whether he uses that mandate to unify the country and bring us together which he should. Is not a function of the size of the popular vote to function of what what is a good president bill the president tries for a present all of America. We'll continue to return for two I think it is willing mean they reach out. Trump has not been in the news and Thompson Ashton dude George W. Bush George Georgia not of a boat George W. Bush came into office. And promptly reached out to Teddy Kennedy who wanted an education bill that Teddy Candela. Now if you are conservative that horrified you didn't make you feel better. While it is it's my way or the highway. Then what what you got to see you again is another. Round the gridlock in Washington DC you don't see retribution. And retaliation. He has an enormous opportunities as every president in the first 100 days to to show that. You know he. He's eager to find common ground. Two to meet with you know Democrats tapped Hume. I'm except human nose Donald Trump both in the caucus. Have a mobile for breakfast have a mobile the for the afternoon today and and see if you can find some common ground. Soaps what do Democrats do today. Stop trump today today street fight him tooth and nail on everything or to the tri. To reach out and try to work with. But all the pens looked as a tiger bolt from a pioneer I hear a lot of we're gonna fight him he's not a legitimate president not my president. We're gonna stop him at every turn you hear a lot of that from Democrat no question I mean look her from Elizabeth Warren I've heard from burns and is that her from a number of Democrats. That will fight but they're all sold. You know up the Democrats are saying look put some on a table let us work together we get there we have a lot of. They have a lot at stake in terms of the economy President Obama is is Lehman the White House and leave and the economy in a much better shape than. What he founded back in 2000 we're not image in a 100000 jobs among we the economy is one albeit not as fast as most Americans will likely to. But let's see what Donald Trump will will propose let's let singled you'll what we he will propose on education let's see what he intends to do. And terms of obamacare will he just repeal it went out. But now alternative that most resonant or will he went continued to you know to say I'm on you know just get rid of it. We're gonna turn this around a little bit. When you look mister speaker acts. The prospects for the trump presidency what do you fear the most that they will lose it and are. They didn't look that they arrive in Washington. And for them to be successful. They have to stake out positions that Donald Lamar like and the left will hate and my deepest concern is are now arrive. And you're gonna have the greens going crazy over the EPA and interior. You're gonna have the government employees going crazy about civil service reform you know the teachers union going crazy over school choice. And and these are pretty non negotiable I mean if you're serious about school choice there is no agreement with the teachers union superior worry they get squished. I'm worried that when that when they realize how big the problem is. That they that they decide that they are just gonna do the best they can give them. Yeah that's the word what do people fear the most is that he will never lives they season. And that's what people fear because we watched him after apt to. Win in the Electoral College we've watched him continue to attack to demonize. We have not seen this big a lot of presence of of of you know the next commander in chief of that the Italian states but but guess what. I still have hope I have a whole. I believe that one that we might see. A new Donald Trump America I'm that Clinton inning my money on. But I do believe that perhaps he will wake up to the fact that he's president the United States of America and thank you both very much appreciated.

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{"duration":"7:56","description":"Democratic National Committee interim Chairwoman Donna Brazile and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich reflect on the 2016 election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"44498735","title":"Gingrich Says Biggest Worry About Trump Admin. Is That Members Might 'Lose Their Nerve'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/gingrich-biggest-worry-trump-admin-lose-nerve-44498735"}