Former NYC Mayor Giuliani: 'Mixed Bag' on Whether Americans Are Safer Today

Rudy Giuliani reflects on 9/11 and weighs in on the latest in the 2016 presidential race.
9:24 | 09/11/16

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Transcript for Former NYC Mayor Giuliani: 'Mixed Bag' on Whether Americans Are Safer Today
And that Giuliani joins us right now fifteen years later what's up my mind. Let you know those words are just as true now is due were then. I've been to San Bernardino and I've been to the of the places that that is and attacked him. After that event I have proven and wondered. Half a block away from the first bomb the one off of Liverpool station its high flows through. A number of these since then and it's still. Cut I come away with the following lesson resiliency. Is one of the three or four best defenses against terrorists. And here's the best example of that something I never believed would happen. Twice as many people live the moment had today and before September 11 in the days after September 11 I was working really hard to get businesses back. Maybe even threatening look what. And American Express decided to come back Merrill Lynch decided to come back I will always. Appreciate that because it was like a it's like a steppingstone to I'm building by most measures Americans are safer today do you agree with that. I've always thought it was a mixed bag. Not necessarily mean today but from the beginning we're safer in certain ways we're not a safe and other ways here's a problem that we have. It's almost two wars. We're always fighting the last war. And they sure your new one for us terrorists driven more cunning at that. We're always fighting the last battle the attack in the airplane so yes these are airplane safety much greater today. Absolutely bizarre cargo safety must save the day. Can tell you that and all week dealing with a different paradigm meaning there we were doing was one major group al-Qaeda. Having gone after the mosque here commune drug cartels I can tell you it's easier to go after a single organization. That is what we're facing today which is this Islamic nation which we think of just as hi sis in Syria and and Iraq but it has spread its tentacles all over the world 128 different countries al-Qaeda never had a capacity do that. These are among consists smarter people the better educated people. And if people who know us better. They did they come from France and Germany. And England and the United States the al-Qaeda people were Afghan warriors great war is horrible people the great warriors. They didn't have the ability to use the into that. They didn't have the ability to infiltrate. So in some ways we're safer in some ways when a much more dangerous situation. Courses coming right in middle presidential campaign and I got a travesty and a jump on those comments from Hillary Clinton the other night where she labeled half. But his supporters and India basket deplorable she said she would only say this show. She regretted saying if the worst happens and said what's really deplorable as a Donald Trump hired a major advocate for the so called all right movement to run his campaign. The David duke and other white supremacist seems to champion their values its deplorable the trump has built his campaign Marcy and prejudice and paranoia given a national platform to hateful views and voices. The response well today I'm not gonna respond that I I've never. Done politics on elect on September 11 even when I've run for president. I actually think did nicest thing the best thing to say about this campaign is I know Hillary Clinton and O Donald Trump much better neither one of them is a racist. Pantry one. To say that means they getting a little too excited in. In their campaign for both of them are good people. Hello this is a national security while coming out this week we've seen and mr. trump. It takes some heat for praising. Vladimir who knows it isn't is it appropriate to praise. The dictator who were pressing on people I tenacity I don't think he did and I and in and I he clarified the next day he says clarified during the there during the debate. What he said was and I really don't wanna talk politics but let me just explains what he said was just because you flat has leaders ms. get a better deal we've got to know Donald truck. Theo said if he's as nice things I'm innocent nice flow as having Reagan and Gorbachev. I mean Reagan and Gorbachev. Dealt with each other and was the Soviet Union that. And Gorbachev was a killer just like. Putin's a killer. The dead end of the Cold War without firing a shot because Reagan was capable walking at a rate of it as trump made clear the other night in Pensacola. He's perfectly capable walking out of the deal does not in the best interest if that is states would be the first step you looked at the deal. And generally when you know I've I've known Don over 28 years when he walks out of a deal. They come back on his terms just like they did with Reagan and and and make of it so I think you have to see that in the context in which it's it's made. He he has been negotiating ability. And then this is all prefaced by a day in which he talked about my major increases. In our armed forces going up to 6000. 600000 troops instead if going down a 420. Going up to 350 battleships instead of the lowest since the first world war. Increasing our air force modernizing our nuclear fleet. So he'll be negotiating with. Put in the way Reagan did from a position to strengths rather than the president has negotiated with them to the extent that he does they did of hysteria. For position awakens in running away from twelve red lines of the usual in this and giving up the defense of Poland and Czech Republic. Rescinding the relationship was there are those intelligence officials to say that food is playing. Donald Trump your response I say he's played Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama oral over the world I mean before they came into office putting the sitting there Russian. Now he's now he's in Ukraine under O bomber and Clinton. Now he's in serious brought in by Obama. Obama is going to empower him not not. Donald Trump Donald Trump wants to negotiate wouldn't push back into a position. Which we can deal with them effectively you also mentioned strengthen places in Iraq and Syria deported Jews today you're making me do it is just ask one more question on this because it is -- it is critical these are critical issues and they are and they and they emerge from September 11 they usually do emerge from September 11 and one of the things Donald Trump also set on Thursday and again. Is that we should've taken. The oil. Of Iraq is even if you could do that practically most experts say you couldn't wouldn't that just be theft well no I'd hate it he said take it so that. In the Islamic state then would not have had it available he said lethal force back there and take it out. We were forced back there and take it and make sure it's distributed and a proper way. And the basis not legalism of course Sicily to war with Africa until the war is over and of these legal. That oil becomes a very critical issue for for a first of all that oil wasn't there we would have the Islamic state so when he says things like. Obama aren't Hillary with a founder of the Islamic state he doesn't mean he doesn't mean he doesn't mean literally Eddie follows it by saying. They would get the MVP award. That oil is what makes the Islamic state so rich. Had we held that oil made sure that it was equitably distributed within. Iraq. We would've minute been able to he says usually taken it. Should we stayed fresh sales necessary that we should secure it so doesn't get taken by terrorist forces that we can have some say some control over the distribution of one of the major problems is between the Kurds. And that Sunnis and the Shiites is the oil and the distribution of now what that if we're gonna have lost that many people in Iraq we should have something to say about how that oil is distributed that would have been the reason I would have done it. Maybe I would have anticipated but it certainly would have been good if this had been done. If we had secured that oil would not be dealing with ice is today they would exist. Finally the four guys want to ask you manifest front page story in the New York Times yesterday. The quoted several of his former advisor saying they're worried about your legacy. Because if your support for Donald Trump what's your response so odd in order tell them. A missing a mall tonight I get to get a little people it. Almost died with me on September 11 we were to building together we were missing for twenty minutes in governor protecting. Was really shocked when I called them and should we thought you were missing. The governor I've formed a great bond over that by the way. So we all get together tonight. I'm sure someone will be there who who are not anonymously leaked the story as you remember anonymous leaks from your days back in the White House they always happen. And I'll just say them worry about my legacy after a bit. Right now on fight from my point of view from what I believe. And everybody has a right to their fighting for my country. I believe there be a major difference between the two of them in terms of our economy and most importantly. How we deal with terrorism I don't like the way this administration is dealt with terrorism I think they've produced too much on defense and they've been too many terrorist attacks. In the last year San Bernardino happen Weston a year ago you just start counting them from San Bernardino one in December of last year. We're talking about a major escalation. In terrorist attacks in a major proliferation and terrorist attacks that this administration. I believe has encouraged by going on defense where we're sitting back waiting for the next attack. We should be on offense when Hillary said I'm not to put any troops in. To muzzle humor in Basel stop trying to deal with them I mean now they know now they know you're a patsy. Mr. mayor thanks for joining us thank you.

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{"duration":"9:24","description":"Rudy Giuliani reflects on 9/11 and weighs in on the latest in the 2016 presidential race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"42009547","title":"Former NYC Mayor Giuliani: 'Mixed Bag' on Whether Americans Are Safer Today","url":"/ThisWeek/video/nyc-mayor-giuliani-mixed-bag-americans-safer-today-42009547"}