Rep. Jim Jordan won't say if Trump asking China to investigate Biden is appropriate

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, discusses the impeachment inquiry into President Trump on "This Week."
11:54 | 10/06/19

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Transcript for Rep. Jim Jordan won't say if Trump asking China to investigate Biden is appropriate
They should investigate the Bidens. Likewise, China should start an investigation into the Bidens. What happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine. There's president trump on Thursday. We're joined by the top Republican on the house oversight committee, Jim Jordan. Thank you for coming in. You bet. Do you know it's appropriate for president trump to ask China and Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden? You really think he was serious about thinking that China is going to investigate the Biden family? He said it right there in public. I think he's getting as senator Rubio said he's getting the press all spun up about it. This is the president who is tougher on China than any other president. He wants to make sure they start abiding by international trade norms. Tougher than anyone. He said directly -- He put tariffs on China. You think he said -- now he thinks China is going to investigate. He was making a statement to underscore how wrong it was what took place with hunter Biden. That's all he's doing. The president asked China to investigate. We're not supposed to take the president at his word. You guys would think after the last three and a half years, you would figure out the way this guy -- He said in public what he said in private to the Ukrainian I wish there would be the same outrage for what the president said -- the same outrage we saw when the Clinton campaign and the democratic national committee hired a foreigner who worked with Russians to dig up dirt on the president, put it in a document that was given to the department of justice and then the FBI used that document to go to a secret court to spy on the trump campaign. You guys weren't outraged about that. The president makes a statement about China -- I'm just -- He's been tougher on China thing any other president -- Should I conclude from that you don't think it's appropriate for the president to ask China to investigate the Bidens? I think he's just making -- I'm answering about the statement. You asked me about the statement. I'm saying he's not really -- I don't think anyone in America really believe that the president of the United States thinks China is going to investigate -- The president -- He's making a statement. He's asking for it. The president is asking for it. He didn't say he was joking. He wasn't laughing. It wasn't a joke. You don't think this president has been the toughest president on China? That's not what I'm asking. You think this president who wants China to abide by trade norms -- okay. You can think that. I just don't think that's -- I'm asking if you think it's appropriate for the president to ask China to investigate. I think he's saying what's on the mind of so many Americans. That's not what I'm asking. He's saying what's on the mind of so many Americans. How does the vice president's son get a billion dollars from a bank -- a subsidiary from the bank of China? How does he get that deal after he flies on air force two to China? He's pointing out the facts. That's not the fact. It's not China go investigate the Bidens. It's not a fact. It's not true. The Chinese have denied it as well. I still haven't got an answer to the question. Is it appropriate for the president to ask China to investigate the Bidens? I think he's got you guys all spun up. You're not answering. I don't think -- Why can't you answer yes or no? Do you think it's appropriate? Because I don't think that's what he did. I don't think that's what he did. It was right there on camera. I think senator Rubio had it exactly right. I think our side says this is exactly what -- this is what most Americans say this is what the president was doing. You would think after following this president for a few years, you would understand how this guy communicates. This is what he's doing. You're still not answering the question. If the president is asking China to investigate, is that appropriate? Is that an abuse of power? When the president is -- this is why it relates to Ukraine. When the president is trying to make sure there's not corruption, if we're going to be sending the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people to the Ukraine to help them fight Russia to help them get their country moving in the direction they need, I think he believes we should make sure it's not corruption there. It's not president trump's fault that Joe Biden's son was hired by a company that Mr. Volker told us this Thursday in the E interview, the special envoy to Ukraine, it's not president trump's fault that his company was hired by a company that had a long history of corruption, I think the president when he's trying to decide how American tax dollars will be spent, it's his job -- when the vice president's son is hired by this country that ambassador Volker told us was linked to the government in Ukraine, I think that's the president doing his job. You think it was appropriate for the president to ask Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. Do you know any other time the president called on foreign leaders to investigate areas of corruption that didn't involve one of his political rivals? George we heard from the ambassador that there was no linkage between any type of security assistance, the money and the investigation. We have the transcript. Even the democratic chairman said -- before they got the transcript they said there was going to be a quid pro quo. After reading it they said there was not a quid pro quo. The two people on the call who know it best, president trump and president zelensky, said there was no pressuring. It was done in a professional manner. Let's show -- ambassador Volker told you a lot of things. Let's show some of the texts right here. On July 25th, this is the same day as the president's phone call. Ambassador Volker, good lunch, thanks. Heard from white house. Assume president Z convinces president trump he will investigate, we'll nail down a trip to Washington. Then on September 1st, are we now saying the security assistance and the wh meeting are conditioned on the investigations. It's very direct the white house meeting is being conditioned on the investigation. Ambassador Volker told us exactly the opposite. He said there was no quid pro quo and no linkage to the security assistance money. This is Adam Schiff's partisan unfair process he's going through. Releasing selected texts. Why doesn't he release the full transcript? I asked hakeem Jeffries that question. Ask Adam Schiff. Why won't he do it? The president released the call. Unprecedentsed. He released a call with a foreign leader. That hasn't been done very often. Why won't Adam Schiff do the same thing? There were 67 pages of text messages. Why a few highlighted by the Democrats, the same Democrat staff that met with the whistle-blower before he filed the complaint and Adam Schiff wouldn't tell us that. The same Adam Schiff who did the false statement at the start of the hearing a week ago. The hearing. The same Adam Schiff that met with Michael Cohen before he testified. This is -- I think Americans see this. I asked congressman Jeffries about Adam Schiff. You talk about ambassador Volker. He seems to under cut your entire premise with something he said Thursday. I have known former vice president Biden for 24 years. The suggestion he would be influenced by his duties for money has no credibility to me. I know him as a man of integrity and dedication to our country. That seems to under cut the entire premise of what you're talking about. It reinforces it. Mr. Volker's testimony on Thursday said there was nothing -- we conducted ourselves in the highest professional manner. Everyone involved. Mr. Volker knows more about this subject matter than anyone. He had a -- he understood that zelensky was different. His focus was to get zelensky and president trump together. He knew when they get together they would hit it off. There would be a connection. In the end the best interests of the United States and the Ukraine would be served. Throughout that process he was very clear. That's why it's so wrong what chairman Schiff is doing by not releasing the full transcript and giving you and the media the full context, and more important the American people the full context. He said throughout that process there was never any quid pro quo. When sondland made his statement, he said it's crystal clear there is no quid pro quo of any kind. When he made that text message, you guys never highlight that one. You know what ambassador Volker told us about that message. He said we knew that was the truth and he was speaking for us all. That had been the case throughout the negotiations. Ambassador Volker also said quite clearly right there he believes Joe Biden is a man of integrity and did not do anything wrong. If you believe him there, believe what he said throughout the seven hours he testified. If Adam Schiff would release that, you would see that is the case. We've asked him to release I have to go back to this. You still haven't answered the threshold question. Was it right for president trump to ask China to investigate Joe Biden? Why can't you say yes or no? I'm telling you what he said. When you're the president of the United States, China, he knows isn't going to investigate it. He's putting out to the -- You're telling us not to believe with our own eyes what we see. You're telling me the guy who has been tougher on China -- it's not going to happen. He is highlighting -- you think that's going to happen? Whether or not that's going to happen. He's asking for that to happen. Why did hunter Biden get that deal with the Ukraine? Because he was an expert in the Ukraine? Because he was an expert in You're throwing out accusations -- The president is pointing out what so many Americans see. That looks unfair. That looks like -- So you're throwing out the charges that have been discredited by the Bidens, but you're not answering the question. I'm not throwing out any -- You're not answering the question. Is it right for the president to ask China to investigate? I'm not throwing out any charges. I'm asking the fundamental question. Why did hunter Biden get the I don't know the answer to that questions. I know the Ukrainians did an investigation and the Ukrainians found no wrong doing. You know what ambassador told us, he said the company had a long history of corruption. We can't see that because Adam Schiff won't release the transcript. All the president is doing is highlighting what the American people are wondering. Why did the vice president's son get that deal with Ukraine, the energy company and why did he get that deal? Your only defense to what the Democrats have said is an abuse of power, that the president was joking and we shouldn't believe what we saw with our own eyes? I'm talking about common sense. Do you think that president trump thinks China is going to investigate? I believe he asked them to To highlight and underscore a question on so many people's minds.

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{"duration":"11:54","description":"House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, discusses the impeachment inquiry into President Trump on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"66093202","title":"Rep. Jim Jordan won't say if Trump asking China to investigate Biden is appropriate","url":"/ThisWeek/video/rep-jim-jordan-trump-china-investigate-biden-66093202"}