Airport gym allows passengers to wait with weights

Roam Fitness has opened at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.
2:08 | 05/08/17

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Transcript for Airport gym allows passengers to wait with weights
So much you're flying the friendly sky. Air travel is stressful delays crowded flights passengers are unhappy. Some airports due to make things better. How about an indoor Finn rush. Forget the unhealthy snacks don't belly up to the bar here Rome fitness passengers can now lift weights while they wait. It's a first airport many of its kind Rome into the Baltimore Washington international airport is a full GM. Inside a security zone this for serious exercise if you really want to get a good work out in. The beats and stress and anxiety but you know plane. Passengers here surprised to learn that with attorney I'm dollar day pass they can burn some calories before boarding. I was delay it. Bad time. Even Schumacher rhymed eat at you might early suddenly he's gained three and changed I wanted to get some eaten in a dishonest and about one. No work now closed no excuse. Romo Wrentham TU included in the cost of your date parents. Last year about 15% of US flights were delayed. A lot at sitting around eating tempted by junk food and alcohol. Grumbling about the terrible service. World fitness is part of a new trend in airport innovation wellness facilities are popping up all across the country. Oh walking path and Dallas Fort Worth airport yoga studios in San Francisco. Dozens of airports have on the ghosts bonds travelers can get a manicure or and the signs people are going to stop making travel plans around the experience and I think that's the key what that. Experience. People want to travel to be an enjoyable experience they gain. Rome fitness says they're seeing repeat customers travelers lake Stevens Schumacher who say. They'll change their plans they know they can get in a quick workout before taking off so well flights will still be race or jam packed. Maybe the passengers will be more healthy and happy Karen Travers ABC news Baltimore Maryland.

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{"id":47281753,"title":"Airport gym allows passengers to wait with weights","duration":"2:08","description":"Roam Fitness has opened at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.","url":"/Travel/video/airport-gym-passengers-wait-weights-47281753","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}